DWP Planner Powerlist 2023-24: World’s Top Wedding Planners & Designers Revealed

The DWP Planner Powerlist has been at the forefront of recognizing the world’s best wedding planners and designers who make a difference year on year with their outstanding work. For the past three years, the Planner Powerlist has caused a stir in the industry with everyone waiting in anticipation to see who topped the charts and made it to the coveted list in the year!

This year through the Planner Powerlist 2023-24, we would like to honour and recognizes some of the top names in the industry who have made a difference with their contribution to the wedding world. These are names that are forces to reckon with and have carved their own niche.

Take a look at this magnanimous line-up!

DWP Planner Powerlist – Asia Pacific & Indian Subcontinent: https://dwpinsider.com/blog/dwp-planner-powerlist-2023-24-indian-subcontinent-the-asia-pacific/

DWP Planner Powerlist – Middle East & Africa: https://dwpinsider.com/blog/dwp-planner-powerlist-2023-24-middle-east-africa/

DWP Planner Powerlist – Europe, Russia & CIS: https://dwpinsider.com/blog/dwp-planner-powerlist-2023-24-europe/

DWP Planner Powerlist – The Americas: North, Central & Latin America: https://dwpinsider.com/blog/dwp-planner-powerlist-2023-24-the-americas-north-central-latin-america/