These Are The Biggest 23 Trends For 2023 Weddings, According To The Experts

2022 is well-known as the year of the wedding boom! Around 5 million weddings took place around the world this year after the pandemic halt. But how does this translate to weddings in 2023? The transition means the biggest shifts in the ways we operate- from planning to choosing the destination to selecting the right vendors- the way we took decisions before is no longer relevant. 2023 wedding trends are all about re-inventing the wedding to have a personalized experience for everybody.

We reached out to a host of wedding experts globally to find out what trends we can expect to take hold in 2023 and beyond.

From sustainability to opulence extravaganza, intimate weddings and alternative entertainment, we have a lot to guess about the quickly changing wedding world. Read on as we unveil the future of weddings right here on DWP Insider with the help of these experts!


Destination Weddings Are A Big Yes!


Picture Courtesy: @matteocoltro_weddings⁠ / Planning & Design: @weddingsintuscany⁠ / Flowers: @puscinaflowers⁠


The after-effects of the pandemic have directly led to an increased influx of destination weddings. Whether it’s inside the home country or traveling far and wide to an exotic location, prepare yourself to witness some breathtaking and never-seen-before locations.

“Destination weddings have become more alluring as travel improves. Brides and grooms will be searching for sunnier climates in 2023. Also with a focus on sustainability, couples will not opt for single-use plastics or materials that damage the planet in the future. Whether it’s local food or sustainable wedding souvenirs, couples are using their big day to reduce their ecological footprint.” Says Nancy Barkley, Honeymoons and Get-A-Ways, USA.

“Destination Weddings and traveling with bigger guest groups are back. Few-day destination weddings with welcome, wedding, and after-wedding events. Combination of wedding celebrations and shared travel experiences, itineraries for and with the joining guests.” Shares Daniela Erni, Create Your Story, Singapore.

“Destination weddings will continue to be a trend for couples looking to create the ultimate guest experience.” Adds Kia Marie, Founder, Kia Marie Events, USA.


Focus On Sustainability


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Once again, topping the charts is the core focus on sustainability and eco-conscious decisions. Being kinder to the environment is at the forefront of everyone’s minds at the moment, especially within the wedding industry, with couples seeking out different ways to make their celebration greener than before.

“Single-use plastics and materials that damage the earth will be difficult to find in 2023 and beyond. Couples are using their special day as an opportunity to reduce their impact, whether that means locally-sourced food or sustainable wedding favors.” Shares Fabrice Orlando, CEO, Cocoon Events, Morocco.

“Consciousness and more thoughts on sustainability, using local talents and staying authentic to the destination with a nod to tasteful cultural touches.” Explains Christina Holt, Founder, Wedding Concepts, South Africa.

“Sustainability, couples are thinking more about the environment, they will hire companies that recycle, compost and that compensate for their environmental footprint. Sharing experiences is important, not only for a wedding but the experience to be together for 3 or more days, sharing experiences.” Adds Guadalupe Alvarez, Penzi Weddings, Mexico

“Sustainability and being conscious of waste and climate impact is a big trend in weddings that will continue into 2023. Making intentional choices not only with vendors but items to reduce the waste that comes with a wedding is a focus for couples. Having an amazing celebration is important, but being conscious about impact is also important.” Says Jamie Chang, Designer, Mango Muse Events, USA.

“Sustainable Weddings: As environmental concerns become increasingly important, more couples are looking for ways to reduce their weddings’ carbon footprint and create sustainable events. This includes sourcing locally-grown organic food, selecting venues that use renewable energy sources, and opting for eco-friendly decor.” Reiterates Jacqueline Vizcaino, Tinted Event Design and Planning, United States.

“Eco-friendly weddings are also becoming a trend as people are growing more aware of the environment. Couples want to feel close to nature and many are choosing to get married in all-natural settings like the forest, requesting a small picnic banquet following the ceremony with vegan dishes has become popular. We are starting a new trend where couples getting married in the forest can plant their own tree together. That way when they visit it in a few years’ time see how it has grown!” Sums up Lena Hansen, Nordic Adventure Weddings, Denmark.


Phenomenal Backdrops


Planner: @_mary_michelle / Florals: @tictockflorals & @eddiezaratsian/ Photographer: @renezadoriphotography // Design: @bazevents, Photography @pulseproduction / Florals: @le_dany


When it comes to the floral arrangements, it looks like bigger is better. The floral visions of couples will be grander than ever before. Inculcating delicacy and infusing romance, flowers will be an integral part of the wedding whether it’s an intimate one, indoors or outdoors.

Muriel Saldalamacchia, Founder of The International Wedding Planner, a renowned wedding industry specialist from France says- “Ceremony aesthetics will be the biggest trend: phenomenal backdrop and view are key. Needless to say, flowers will play a key role as well in this “I do” moment including lots of effort on chairs and stationery for the ceremony. Also, details are back and this makes me very excited and inspired!”

Why decorate it with just flowers when you can add a neon spin to it? Evelyn Paz, Owner, Event Flow by Evelyn Paz, Mexico adds- “Flowers will never lose their charm and will always be most of the time, the center of attention to people. But lately, lights and neons have started to steal it. Not only with the so-known neon signs, but also neon mixed with flowers or being an ornament for the wedding design themselves.”

Adding to the sentiment, Dalia Taha, CEO, by.daliataha Events & Wedding planner from Qatar adds- “More architectural design and massive flowers.”

“Flowers are back, bright and beautiful, luxurious deep mauves, hot pinks, bright yellows. They are solid colors that create visually exciting photos.” Adds Jane Magnus, Director, Byron Bay Luxury Weddings, Australia.

“Grand, exquisite and creative floral arrangements especially for the ceremony or the entrance of the church/wedding venue.” Tells Marie Alsleben, Founder, Marie Alseben Wedding Planning & Design, Germany.


Opulence Extravagenza


Picture Courtesy: @lemariage


Looks like we are in for a treat! 2023 will be the year of all things glam, all things opulent and all things over-the-top!

“Hosting larger gatherings again and across multiple days – spending extended quality time with family & friends pre and post-wedding. Opulence is back – but we are seeing a trend of being less wasteful and more considerate of its interpretation.” Says Christina Holt, Wedding Concepts, South Africa.

Retro – Everything old is new again, especially with designs focusing on the eras of the 70s to the 90s. You’ll see the influence in event design, lighting, photography styles, locations, experiences, and activities. Bold colors – Blush and bashful became a staple for fashion and florals and jewel tones made events feel svelte and sophisticated, however vibrant colors are coming through with tremendous impact and influence in event decor and attire. Functional Installations – Walls for treats, escort cards, or favors are still making big waves at events as another form of fashion meets function. This is a wonderful way to bring in more design concepts that are reflective of the clients’ personalities and visions. Adds Terrica Skaggs, CEO, Terrica Inc., USA.

Maximalism is also a trend we’ll be seeing more of in 2023. This doesn’t apply to everything for a wedding, but when it comes to decor, lighting, music and food and beverage, these are areas where couples are going big. It’s partially a reaction to the lack of everything over the past couple of years, but also being able to create something grand, special and out of the ordinary is something couples are looking for. Tells Jamie Chang, Mango Muse Events, USA.

Go big or go home (even for minimalists!). “More and more couples are pushing the boundaries with colors – it’s either color pops, the brighter the merrier, or seriously strict monochromes and neutrals, with tone-on-tone stationery, fabrics and flowers. Destination weddings to the Med. With more and more couples wanting a small guest list and being concerned over finances, Southern Mediterranean countries and islands are key destinations for 2023, allowing couples to get more for their money, and celebrate with their friends with week-long stays and fun multiple events.” Shares Elisabetta White, Founder, Elisabetta White | Intimately Inspired Events, UK.

“While the pandemic years were all about intimate, simple-to-point celebrations, 2023 will be all about over-the-top, extravagant weddings. The term YOLO – You Only Live Once, has taken on a whole new meaning. 2022 wedding trends show that millennials have started splurging on their weddings, and who can blame them? Now, more than ever, people want to celebrate life after so many months of doom and gloom. The rise of wedding streaming for loved ones tuning in from afar has become a must. Obtaining visas is still a challenge, ticket prices are skyrocketing, and older guests are still uncomfortable with traveling or with large gatherings thus making live streaming more of a necessity now than a novelty. More and more couples are looking for venues that are open spaces like gardens or well-ventilated spaces.” Adds Vithika Agarwal, Co-Founder, Divya Vithika Wedding Planners, India.

Surrealist Maximalism- “Bold and abstract shapes; surrealist maximalism at tropical venues which is colorful and whimsical.” Tells Eunice Bravo, Eunice Braco Weddings, Mexico.

“Extravagant floral displays with grand entrances will be in for 2023 weddings.” Adds Adaze Teme, Cherish August, LLC, USA.


Outdoor Weddings


Pictures Courtesy: @kilpat & @lakecomoweddings // @chrisandruth & @tietheknotsantorini


Sure the forces of the pandemic have pushed us to hold the wedding outdoors for safety reasons, but it seems like the trend is going to continue in 2023.

Rahul Kumar, Vivaah Celebrations, United Arab Emirates shares- “We see that ‘the outdoors’ will be trending in the coming year as couples and guests prefer vast open spaces, scenic landscapes and breathing fresher air while celebrating joyous occasions. A lot of couples come to us asking for venues in or around the desert, beach, rainforests, mountains etc. as they want to break away from concrete structures and limited spaces marked by boundaries.”

“Outdoor weddings are trending, especially in UAE, when COVID-19 made it harder to have indoor celebrations. Like getting married in a garden.” Adds Hanan Ali, Dusit Thani Abu Dhabi Hotel, UAE.

“Destination Weddings at outdoor venues with a local cultural touch.” Adds John Ali Raza, Dusit Thani Dubai, United Arab Emirates.


Pantone Color of The Year


Picture Courtesy: @psphotofilms


With Pantone color of the year 2023 out, we are going to see an explosion of this color along with other bold palettes. Say goodbye to muted tones and pastel shades. More and more couples are opting for daring and unforgettable color schemes that reflect their personalities.

“Last year, color returned, and in 2023 color will pop with pattern, texture, and design. The pattern on pattern, texture with color, think Vogue fashion spread! We’ll see wallpaper as table runners, and bridesmaids that match but with diverse colors and patterns.” Says Cathleen O’Connell, COJ Events, USA.

“Bright colors- Customized lighting with a careful study of the design at an intimate wedding.” Adds Michela Lupu, Miky Events, Italy.

Bold color schemes- Three Day weddings – especially for destination weddings and first look.” Tells Ami Bojang, Ami Bojang Weddings.

“Pop color schemes, analog photos and neon installations.” Says Olivia Sodi, Olivia Sodi Weddings and Events, Italy.


Offbeat & Natural Locations


Picture Courtesy: @yanaphotography


Call it the call of nature or the after-effects of the pandemic, there has been a surge in couples eying for offbeat venues!

‘Alternative Venues’ as called by Jacqueline Vizcaino, Tinted Event Design and Planning, USA. “More brides and grooms are looking for alternative venues that reflect their personalities. From lush gardens to art galleries, there will be no shortage of unique event spaces in 2023.”

Desert Weddings- “Couples are flocking to Cabo San Lucas for the boho, desert atmosphere. Large sand dunes, neutral color palettes and dried florals will take center stage. Old-timey details – what’s old is new again; we’re expecting to see couples incorporate more old-fashioned elements into their details and decor, such as pearl necklaces and tailed tuxes.” Adds Jen Avey, Destination Weddings Travel Group, USA.

Similar sentiments were shared by Shohan Chandiram, Cinnamon Hotels and Resorts, Sri Lanka and Kiran Mansharamani, Warq Events, Spain.

Beachside weddings and locations like Paris, Greece and French Riviera as per Rachel Kaplan, Oohlala! France Wedding Planner, France.


Alternate Entertainment


Picture Courtesy: @nextlevelmusicuk


As the focus shifts more to guest experience, entertainment is going to be huge with couples looking for unconventional entertainment that allows them to express themselves in their own way.

When traffic to our blogs All Your Wedding Songs in One Place! Entertainment Experts from Across the Globe Share the Ultimate Wedding Playlist with Songs for Every Ceremony  5 Exciting Entertainment Ideas For A Bespoke Celebration, soared high, we knew this is going to be huge!

“Nowadays, getting someone to play any instrument or sing is not enough! We’ve been watching different kinds of “performances” which maintain our attention without any blinking at all. Such as people dancing with fire – we can see them at the entrance of the recepción, during cocktail time, or during dinner time. Cakes floating from any part of the reception, being lit magically with mapping or getting something/someone out from the same cake! Shares Evelyn Paz, Founder, Event Flow by Evelyn Paz.

“Band and DJ only time is gone, people want an interactive form of entertainment, it comes as a mix of DJ and live musicians and singers as long as they’re in the crowd and not on stage anymore. Destination weddings are booming, enough spending for a ballroom that kicks you out at midnight WE WANT A PARTY!” Joyfully explains Fabrice Orlando, Founder of Cocoon Events from Morocco.

Wedding Alternate entertainment – Families are looking to go over and beyond to add unique artists and elements to top their celebrations. Second: having more and more popularity => live bands and creative/artistic happenings. From cocktails to late parties, entertainment will again win the bet of interest (and money spent). Adds Nikhil Jetha, Events & Wedding Experiences, India.

“Entertainment and emotions in the first line,” says Marilena Gizzi, G-Eventi di Marilena Gizzi, Italy.

Live Music- “While DJs have been reigning supreme, we’re noticing more and more couples wanting to book live entertainment, whether it be a pop band for the whole reception, a harpist for the ceremony or a local trio (such as Mexican mariachi or Jamaican steel drum band) for the cocktail hour.” Shares Jen Avey, Destination Weddings Travel Group, USA.

“More fun ideas during the party – fire dancers, and special entertainers that liven up the dancing.” Adds Anne Marie Kleis, AMK Events, Puerto Rico.


Focus On Guest Experience


Pictures Courtesy: @nuart_events & @orangeproductionasia


Whether it’s an intimate wedding or a big-fat one, one thing that couples have made clear is that they need an elevated experience for themselves and their guests that’s personalized and has a deeper meaning.

Eric Sugiono, Founder of Poetyque Events from Indonesia says- “When you expand the celebration beyond the wedding ceremony and wedding reception, you give yourself some breathing room to spend more than five hours of meaningful time with guests so you can create memories that truly last a lifetime. Elevating the guest experience is important. Everyone from your family members to your wedding party and other friends has come to a unique destination to celebrate the love you and your partner share, so give back to them a little by making the entire experience truly memorable.”

Christian Yaacoub, CEO, Christian Yaacoub Events, Lebanon also has similar notions. “Guest-centered weddings – where the focus shifts more and more to the guest’s ease and comfort along wth fun activities during the weddings.

“Experience will rule. 2023 couples are not just interested in the next huge arrangement of flowers upside down on the ceiling, they want diverse and unique experiences that delight and entertain their guests: a confessional used as a booth to leave a video message for the couple, hot air balloon rides at cocktails, a drag queen officiant. Thoughtful, grateful touches. Couples are wanting a big party but one with more heart and feeling now that we can all gather joyfully! We’re seeing more focus on the guests – what can couples do that will recognize the guest’s importance to them in their lives? We’re seeing more focus on personalized gifts, hand-delivered invitations, matre d’s escorting guests to dining seats, or personalized cocktails served to every guest.” Explains Cathleen O’Connell, COJ Events, USA.


Intimate Weddings


Pictures Courtesy: @andrewbayda_wed & @denys_poluliakh / Planning: @svadebnaya_imperiya / Venue: @fsmaldives


Again like last year, intimate weddings are going to rule this year. Maybe it’s just the warm fuzzy feeling or the stressless way of celebrating, but intimate weddings are not going anywhere. As Claudia Del Giudice, C&G Wedding and Event Designer, Italy says- “It’s going to be small weddings with sustainable touches.”

“During the pandemic, weddings were reduced in size, extravagance, and in circumstance. Despite the fact that the situation has, in some areas, returned to normal, the tiny guest lists appear to be long-term, and getting even smaller, allowing more venue and destination options. Having a smaller guest list is not always about saving money; it also allows the couple to pamper their favorite people.” Adds Nancy Barkley, Honeymoons and Get-A-Ways, USA.

Felicia Gantar, Felicia Events, USA tells “Not having a large wedding party is going to be the norm. Couples enjoy the day together as they get ready for the BIG day. They will not spend money on favors.”

“Natural look. Less is more. Weddings that will not step out of the location but are more connected to the location; that is why couples wish to have a more ‘done’ location, more perfect in design and look itself.” Tells Benjamin Kracun, Luka & Ben Weddings, Slovenia.

“More personality to intimate weddings.” Adds Petra Simões, Apoema Events, Portugal

Make the weddings memorable and instagrammable – Brides-to-be are inspired by creative ideas from social media, especially Instagram and TikTok. Traditional weddings such as Indian and Arabic will remain. Most couples want their weddings to be simple and yet sophisticated.” Sums up Lorna Nambtac, Radisson RED Dubai Silicon Oasis, UAE.


Organic Elegance


Pictures Courtesy: @layeredvintage & @juliakaptelova_photography


The natural white and greenery color palette has become popular since the growing popularity of organic weddings. We love the simplicity, romance, and softness of the combination of white and greenery. Add a lot of foliage and you got yourself an authentically organic wedding.

“Still some of the same as before in 2022- Micro stages and performance art, hanging florals and lots of foliage, lighting being a central element to design.” Tells Tara Fay, Founder, Tara Fay Evets, Ireland.

“More elaborate mid-size weddings with emphasis on elegant table settings. Floor to Ceiling treatments, meaning the dance floors will be the focus of decor with elaborate wrap designs, mirror dance floors and ceiling treatments over them. Organic elegance – touches of nature or natural but not fields of daisies!” Reiterates Susan Jaffe Reben, Pieces of Dreams Design, USA.

“Trends of 2023 weddings include colorful flowers, especially tropical. Organic style in the settings weddings in farms, villas, gardens and outdoor settings.” Says Anne Marie Kleiss, CEO, AMK Events, Puerto Rico.


Trending Themes


Picture Courtesy: @parazarme / Planner: @tonibreiss


Wedding themes come in all shapes and sizes. Inspired by your personal preferences and your event’s seasonality and location, the wedding theme you settle on will help drive the visual components of your day and ensure everything looks on-theme and cohesive

“Clients want a totally out-of-the-box experience, with a modern style. With more DIY weddings with clients wanting to be in control of everything, dry hire of venues will become even more popular. Weddings are less formal and officiated in a more modern style with lots more guest interaction.” Aptly puts Jonathan Waterman, The Complete Toastmaster & Celebrant & Officiant & MC, UK.

“Glamorous white monochromatic destination weddings with pearl core.” Highlights Dee Lee, Owner, Dee Lee Designs, USA.

“Wedding artwork created live at the celebrations along with exuberant florals for destination weddings.” Says Donna Gibb, Wedding Painting with Donna Gibb, Australia

“More destination weddings. Smaller in scale yet upscale weddings with minimalistic seamless luxury and style. Styled from gown to decor celebrations.” Tells Alise Mihimana, Boutique Event Planning, Latvia

“Destination Trend- idyllic sea beach. Decor Trend – a play of lights and whites. Guest list – More, the merrier.” Adds Pramod Lunawat, Marriageuana – intoxicating weddings, India

“Religious wedding, classical wedding, no matter the season as it has a timeless signature.” Tells Cassia Thomas, Cassia Thomas Weddings, France.

“The traditional ones like grand and elegant themes will definitely stay. However, for the unorthodox clients, they would most probably go for Disco Theme, Day of the dead Theme & LGBTQ+ inspired theme.” Adds Steffie Lee, I Do For You, Singapore.


Stupendous Chandeliers


Pictures Courtesy: @camilasarmento @incoloriluminacao // @joechedrawiphotography ⁠/ Planning @dwedding_events⁠ & @santorinievents⁠ 


Talk about a spotlight moment–and chandeliers are something brides will never say no to! With planners going all-out for elevating the decor to make it more opulent, chandeliers take the center stage in this extravaganza with their sheer grandeur and glitter look. If you are looking for ideas on how to incorporate these gorgeous pieces for your celebrations Michel van Dolderen, Chandelier Rental, Netherlands tells “Crystal chandeliers are in. Chandelier trees for chandeliers across tables and lying floor chandeliers are in.”


A Culinary Journey


Pictures Courtesy: @thefoodaffairsindia


“With food palates and culinary preferences constantly evolving amongst the Indian diaspora, we see that our couples and their guests want to try a bit of everything. Varied cuisines and food experiences across continents and cultures are of keen interest during the Food & Beverage planning for a wedding. Move over boring food displays and step into a culinary journey around the world.” Shares Rahul Kumar, Vivaah Celebrations, United Arab Emirates.


Kicky Fashionistas Will Be Out There


Picture Courtesy: @versace


Come next year, wedding fashion will take a turn for the glamorous. While Spring 2023 nuptials fashion was big on drama with bow details, embellished veils, and balloon skirts, we can expect the glittering styles and over-the-top silhouettes to get even bigger for fall. Think: opera gloves, high-neck styles, party-ready fabrics, and ultra-high slits that make up for the minimalist stint we’ve witnessed since the pandemic put a temporary stop on large ceremonies and celebrations and gave rise to micro-weddings and elopements.

“In my area of expertise, I see a trend of unique headpieces that are not veils at all, including gold leaf (on short or long hair). I see a trend of multi-color toned gowns in my alternative/creative market. My clients are starting to embrace their own ideas and get really creative with their outfits in colors and textures. One color tone I’m starting to really see is “Mermaid” with blue hues and more. More Cosplay styled and theme weddings. My fellow nerds are starting to emerge out of the forests and really take their pop culture (and underground) styles and add them to their wedding days! The latest revamped, The Princess Bride, Wizard of Oz and Renaissance.” Tells Jen Sulak, Weirdo Weddings Photography, USA.

“Colorful dresses and a private last dance.” Adds Kanchicha Klaikham, dusitD2 Hua Hin, Thailand.

“First Look. Love them or hate them! A “first look” is when a couple breaks with the old tradition of not seeing each other until the bride is coming to the aisle, but now the trend is that you can make “First Look Session” with your parents, bridesmaids, or groomsmen. If you are bringing your children into your marriage, consider including them in your first look it’s going to be an emotional moment for sure. Mismatched bridesmaids’ dresses are a new concept for 2023. Bridesmaids in different styles and colors, but make sure to give guidance: long vs short, print or solid, color palette, and examples of the overall vibe will all help your wedding party know what you are looking for. ‘Something blue’ & blue-lavender are set to take over as a key wedding color trend for 2023.” Adds Romina Ferraretto, Romina Ferraretto Events Planners, Argentina.

Unique color schemes – “pairing unexpected colors and exploring them in every detail of the wedding. Fashion-forward weddings – couples will be edgier regarding their wedding looks. Many designers are creating unique dresses and suits and couples are loving them and choosing them over a more traditional look.” Reiterates Sofia Ferreira, Brancoprata, Portugal.

Bridal Pant Suits – “Bridal Outfits moving away from traditional gowns and veils and not necessarily in white.” Shares Yvonne Wolf, Founder,  Yvonne Wolf Events, USA.

“Black or white-tie weddings are on the rise. We’re seeing an uptick in very formal weddings. For ladies we are also seeing a movement towards full wedding gowns with sleeves and necks. But we’re also noticing that 70% are also getting a second dress for after dinner. Ballroom weddings are back! Now that it’s safe to be indoors again, couples are leaning into the less stress of a ballroom reception versus an outdoor affair.” Concludes Kelly A McWilliams, Kelly McWilliams Celebrations Weddings & Parties, USA.


Beauty Highlights


Pictures Courtesy: @jeffstockwell & @lauragordon // Makeup: @teamhairandmakeup


Say goodbye to heavily overly contoured looks as the transition to more natural, timeless and classic looks with a nod to the 90s. Mar Romero, Territory Manager, TEAM Hair and Makeup Inc, USA shares some insightful beauty trends for brides-to-be in 2023!

Hair changes for the reception- Party ponies are all the rage. A quick hair change is all a bride needs to change into her party dress.

Showing off the skin with bridal beauty- With the trend of “less is more“ we are seeing a huge increase in brides having things done such as dermaplaning and deep exfoliation prior to their wedding. This allows the skin to really glow by adding very little face makeup. The naked face has been a trend for quite some time and now has more of a naked skin look with a pinch of blush and a touch of highlighter allowing prize to look like themselves and feel like themselves. The number one request we hear from Brides is “I just want to look like myself”.

No fuss, soft low bun updos- Low buns are back! From the trials we’ve done for 2023, so far 75% of brides are opting for a low simple bun. There’s something very elegant about a bride wearing her hair back and letting the face and neckline of her dress, along with her veil be the center of her bridal look story. Adding simple hair accessories, with larger, rhinestones or more of a geode stone is something we are also seeing more and more of.


Professional Vow Writers


Picture Courtesy: @natashafurduyphotography


One trend that we are driving is the use of professional writers to assist as people write their own vows, and wedding speeches/toasts, or try to write ceremony scripts as non-professional officiants.

“As more couples (and wedding party speakers) become aware of the availability of these services, we’re seeing increasing demand (and press). This is going to be a breakthrough year for this segment, which alleviates the burden and anxiety associated with writing and performing these parts.” Shares Brian, Franklin, Vows & Speeches, USA.


Furry Friends Are Invited Too!


Picture Courtesy: @luvroxphotography


How beautiful it is to have the most important people in your lives witness your wedding vows. In the modern days, pets are included in the picture. Having your pet at your wedding can make your day and create important memories.

“Couples are bringing not just their friends and families, but also their furry companions! More than ever before, we have noticed that couples from all over the world are bringing their pets, particularly dogs, to be a part of their wedding ceremony abroad! It’s very cute when they dress them up with a bow tie.” Advices Lena Hansen, Nordic Adventure Weddings, Denmark.


Live Food Stations


Picture Courtesy: @happycamperpizza


We can see the rise of food trucks, mobile bars, dessert wagons and interactive food stations more and more, which translates to more options for you to choose from and more chances to find something that matches your budget and wedding style.

“Food truck vibes for late-night snacks. Emphasis on the party/parties/reception vs the ceremony itself.” Says Mandy Delve, Now Destination.

“Live food corner for the reception, as pizza live, Hamberger live to create a special moment for your guest. Lights everywhere. Greenery and more natural-style floral arrangement.” Tells Camilla Marchetti, Simmi Studio, Italy.


Champagne Towers


Picture Courtesy: @champagnetowerhire


Time to pop the bubbly!

“Cakes are out. Champagne towers are here to stay and take over! Couples are tired of boring traditions for the sake of tradition and are instead looking to create their own special moments.” Shares Elisabetta White, Founder, Elisabetta White | Intimately Inspired Events, UK.

“Surely the trend of next year will be the cascade of champagne, already widely used this season but surely it will be more and more vista… in my opinion ELEGANT.” Tells Elsa Cafaro, Founder, Elsa Cafaro Events, Italy.


360-Degree Photobooths


There are three classic ingredients to a stellar reception: an open bar, a dance party, and a photo booth!

“The Photobooth obviously can not miss, with the use of social media increasingly frequent even among older people creating a scenic corner for guests is increasingly in demand.” And the music, I love madly the dinner show, to all my couples I recommend a fun dinner with lots of music.” Shares Elsa Cafaro, Founder, Elsa Cafaro Events, Italy.

“More stations around reception: beer, champagne, desserts, 360 photobooths.” Adds Thelma Morales, Sparks Wedding, Guatemala.


Tech Focused


Pictures Courtesy: @jspstudios


When the pandemic put a pause on traveling to destinations, there came a time when the destination itself came to you! With the help of projection mapping, we will see the transformative ability of this technology to create breathtaking experiences.

“Technology will also be a major focus at weddings in 2023. Couples may incorporate interactive video displays or projection mapping into their ceremony and reception. They can also utilize virtual reality-based programs to give guests a taste of the event before attending.” Advices Jacqueline Vizcaino, Tinted Event Design and Planning, USA.

“More technology. wedding websites, live streaming speeches, and audio guest books.” Adds Ami Bojang, CEO Ami Bojang Weddings.


New Traditions


Picture Courtesy: @michaelbriggsphotography


It wouldn’t be a wedding trend report if we didn’t explore new traditions that we can expect to see in 2023! The ‘first look’ is only going to grow in popularity, and we for one are here for it.

“Couples getting ready together is another new tradition we are seeing a lot this year along with nontraditional guest books, a private last dance.” As per Vangelis Giannouklidis, G-Touch Catering Specialists, Greece.




In short, in 2023 destination & luxury weddings will see witness the “wedding boom!” The $500-million dollar industry relies on connections and collaboration and with a pent-up demand for trusted wedding suppliers and planners, it becomes paramount to connect with the right set of people.

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