DWP Planner Powerlist 2023-24: Europe

Europe stands as an enchanting haven for couples seeking a mesmerizing backdrop to exchange vows, and it’s no surprise that the continent is graced with some of the world’s top wedding planners and designers. With their meticulous attention to detail and a deep understanding of the region’s charm, these professionals transform weddings into unforgettable fairytales. So, if you’re envisioning a celebration surrounded by historical grandeur or picturesque landscapes, Europe’s wedding planners are all set to orchestrate an affair that exceeds all expectations.

Alejandra Poupel, Alejandra Pouple Events

Alejandra Abaunza Poupel is the founder of Alejandra Pouple Events. The company is an international wedding and event planning company. They coordinate, design, and manage high-end weddings, corporate and milestone celebrations for a discerning clientele mainly in European locations in France and Italy.

Alex Fitzgibbons, Fait Accompli

Alexander Fitzgibbons is the Chairman of Fait Accompli. He and his team have orchestrated some of the world’s most remarkable celebrations and weddings at spectacular locations around the world. Around the world, their clients rely on them to deliver the extraordinary.

Andrea Nar Alba, Italian Weddings & Events

Andrea Naar Alba is the founder of Italian Weddings Events Ltd. With over 15 years of experience delivering magical events throughout Italy, one can truly appreciate the unparalleled service that Andrea and her team exude throughout an event. From her head office in the UK, she brings flawless wedding experiences to her couples wanting a unique event in Italy’s famous regions. There is no Italian gem unknown to her and it’s only the most first-class properties and vendors that work alongside her.

How do you define yourself outside work: “Quiet and reserved at times blending into eccentricity, I am a life enthusiast. Enjoy the simplest things where the universe is a place full of possibilities and discoveries.”

Favourite destination for planning weddings: “Italy, of course! And Spain.”

Favourite motivational quote: “Success is not how high you have climbed, but how you make a positive difference to the world.”

Bruce Russell, Bruce Russell Events

Bruce Russell designs world-class weddings and events – from multi-day destination celebrations to more intimate occasions in some of the UK’s most impressive locations and private homes. His innovative creativity, passion, and flair, coupled with a keen eye for detail and bespoke touches, see him curate unforgettable experiences which are enjoyed by an ever-expanding global portfolio of prestigious and discerning clients.

How do you define yourself outside work: “Working in a fast-paced, creative industry can be exhausting-outside of all that I ensure that I am present for my family and friends, and take time for myself.”

Favourite destination for planning weddings: “The next one! (I don’t have any favourites)”

Favourite motivational quote: “Asking for help is one of the bravest and best things you can do.”

Chenai Bukutu, By Chenai Events

Chenai Bukutu is the dynamic founder and lead planner of ByChenai Events. She started her eponymous boutique event business in 2017 to combine her love of hosting, celebrating and working closely with people. Her company specialises in bringing luxuriously personal weddings and events to life. They work with couples across the UK and internationally, creating weddings and events that are opulent without being ostentatious, and that truly reflect the style and the story of each of their clients.

How do you define yourself outside work: “I am a natural extrovert. A lover of good food, and good music, a creative city girl who understands the ingredients needed for an unforgettable party. I love nothing more than bringing an interesting bunch of people together around her dinner table for some of the most memorable evenings that often end with a killer playlist and a dance routine in the wee hours. Whilst London is my home, I am a Zimbabwean child who loves her culture and is inspired greatly by her heritage.”

Favourite destination for planning weddings: “UK, Europe.”

Favourite motivational quote: “You’re braver than you believe, stronger than you seem and smarter than you think.”

Daria Vlasenko, Daria Vlasenko Weddings

Daria Vlasenko is the founder and ideological inspirer of the Wedding Agency, Daria Vlasenko Weddings. A happy accident brought Daria into the wedding world, and since then it has been her personal mission to create memories for couples in love. Her team has planned opulent and sophisticated weddings in Europe and Ukraine.

How do you define yourself outside work: “A dreamer, an optimist. I am constantly looking for a balance in all areas of my life. I believe in taking chances. I love my family, dancing and skydiving.”

Favourite destination for planning weddings: “Italy, France, Portugal, Montenegro.”

Favourite motivational quote: “Carpe diem”

Elisa Mocci, Elisa Mocci Events

Elisa Mocci is a luxury destination wedding planner in Italy, based in Sardinia, Costa Smeralda. She is the founder of Elisa Mocci Events. Their story began in 2008 when Elisa opened the first wedding planning company in Sardinia and among the first in Italy. Today, the company is a reference point in Italy for excellent weddings and “Made in Italy” events for couples who choose the wild and natural Sardinia or the amazing and historical Italy as a destination for their event.

How do you define yourself outside work: “A brave entrepreneur, a traveller who loves isolated places and starry skies, an enthusiastic mom and wife.”

Favourite destination for planning weddings: “Italy, of course! As well as the Middle East, the desert, and French chateaux”

Favourite motivational quote: “Stay strong, have courage, be kind”

Enzo Miccio

After graduating from the European Institute of Design, Enzo Miccio began his career in the fashion sector, taking care of the organisation of fashion shows and events and the creation of photographic services. A lover of opera, Enzo Miccio along with his team plans and creates, in Italy and abroad, special events and luxury weddings with the theatricality of an opera.

Haute Wedding

Originally from California, Monica Delevaux has chosen to make France her home. She creates Haute Weddings, a boutique wedding company. Specialising in an English-speaking clientele, Monica has planned over 100 destination weddings in France for Americans, British, Australians, and ex-pat couples.

How do you define yourself outside work: We are an adventurous, travel-loving, nature-inspired, outdoorsy team that thrives on experiences and embracing the beautiful world we live in.”

Favourite destination for planning weddings: “French Riviera, Provence, and French Alps”

Favourite motivational quote: “Live life to the fullest because it only happens once”

Heather Jerue, Rendevous In Paris

Heather Jerue is the Founder and Director at Rendezvous in Paris. Their mission is to produce exceptional events for a demanding, perfection-driven clientele. Assisted by her fabulous team, Heather has produced hundreds of high-end weddings and exclusive events across Europe. 

How do you define yourself outside work: “A loving, joyful partner & friend!”

Favourite destination for planning weddings: “The south of France, the coasts of Italy”

Favourite motivational quote: “Don’t be limited by your fears. Be inspired by your potential.”

Jean Charles Vaneck, Sumptuous Events

Jean Charles is a luxury wedding planner based in Paris, France. He is the founder of Sumptuous Events. Known for his exquisite designs and fashion-forward aesthetic, Jean Charles serves an esteemed clientele worldwide. As one of the first male wedding planners in France, he has taken the wedding world by storm. His meticulous organisation and communication skills create events of sheer perfection which are inspired by his cultural adventures to more than 60 countries. With his vast design and project management knowledge, Jean delivers flawless services in lavish destinations.

How do you define yourself outside work: “I’m an introverted person who learnt to be at peace with myself, enjoying the bubble of comfort I created. I have accepted that I was different and found abundance and joy in simple things. Competition is my best drive, I want to prove to myself that I can do better every year.”

Favourite destination for planning weddings: “Paris is our favourite destination as it offers extravagant royal venues like castles and Opera houses”

Favourite motivational quote: “Everything is hard before it is easy!”

Johnny Roxburgh, Johnny Roxburgh Designs Ltd

With over 40 years, and more than 12,000 parties under his belt, Johnny opened the doors to Johnny Roxburgh Designs (JRD) in 2014. Having founded one of the most successful catering event companies in the early 80s and gaining a Royal Warrant in the process, Johnny now heads up his own boutique, a luxury party design agency based in London, catering to an enviable client list that spans royalty, celebrities, global companies and UHNWI.

How do you define yourself outside work: “A contemporary visionary”

Favourite destination for planning weddings: “Venice”

Favourite motivational quote: “I can always do better”

 Katie & Charlotte, Albion Parties

Albion Parties was founded by childhood friends, Katie Crichton-Stuart and Charlotte Aitken in 2010. Inspired by the latest trends in interior design, fashion, and travel their team is dedicated to delivering beautiful and immaculate weddings. 

How do you define yourself outside work: “I’m an avid skier, a passionate polo player, and I love travelling to luxury destinations. Often found in Italy with my Italian husband, I juggle life with finesse and try to bring my A-game to everything I do.

Favourite destination for planning weddings: “Italy”

Favourite motivational quote: “Don’t sit and wait for the opportunities to come. Get up and make them.”

Ksenia Afanasyeva, Wedding Residence, Russia

Ksenia is a wedding expert, designer, and planner in Moscow. Ksenia started her business back in 2003 when there was not a single specialised wedding agency in Moscow. Today, Ksenia’s wedding agency is located in Ostozhenka and is the only wedding residence in Moscow where you can come and order the entire list of services, try wedding cakes, discuss the wedding images of the bride and groom, see wedding sketches of the future celebration, and also meet the best presenters and photographers and videographers from Moscow. Over the years, Ksenia Afanasyeva’s wedding agency has received 12 wedding awards in various fields, such as: “Best Wedding Agency”, “Best Wedding Project”, “Person of the Year” and many, many others.

How do you define yourself outside work: “Creative author of original ideas, a person with an imagination that has no boundaries”

Favourite destination for planning weddings: “Ritz Carlton Hotel, Four Seasons Hotel and Hyatt Hotel.”

Favourite motivational quote: “Without an idea, there will be no grandiose wedding.”

Ksenia Ridolfi, KR Weddings

Ksenia Ridolfi Weddings is an agency located in Milan and has been organising exclusive weddings since 2010. Their weddings are distinguished by special delicate taste, sense of style, beauty, and class. They do a few selected weddings a year, for the most discerning clients.

How do you define yourself outside work: “Sensitive, kind, strong, and stubborn

Favourite destination for planning weddings: “Italy and France”

Favourite motivational quote: “Everything is possible”

Marie Alsleben, Marie Alsleben Weddings

Marie Alseben is the founder and owner of Marie Alseben Weddings, an organisation that specialises in exclusive wedding planning and event design based in Düsseldorf and Frankfurt am Main. They also plan, design, and coordinate high-end weddings worldwide, with a focus on stylish and modern celebrations.

How do you define yourself outside work: Beyond my role as a wedding planner/designer, I define myself as someone deeply warmhearted and sociable. I savour each moment, have a passion for travel, and adore basking in the sunshine. This personal philosophy extends to my work with couples. It’s not about the biggest budget or the latest trends for me, but about crafting a wedding that genuinely reflects the couple’s unique love story and bond.”

Favourite destination for planning weddings: Lake Como, Mallorca & St. Barth”

Favourite motivational quote: “Think big, Dream big, Believe big…and the Result will be big!”

Mark Niemerko, Niemerko Ltd

Niemierko is one of the UK’s premier luxury Event and Wedding Planning Companies, founded by Mark Niemierko. Niemierko specialises in weddings, civil partnerships, and other social events such as baby showers, bar mitzvahs, birthdays, and anniversary parties for a sophisticated, savvy and stylish clientele. Niemierko’s service includes a full range of wedding services tailored to each couple’s requirements.

How do you define yourself outside work: “Decisive, direct and deliver”

Favourite destination for planning weddings: “London”

Favourite motivational quote: “It’s only a wedding”

Matthew Oliver & Bertie, Matthew Oliver Weddings

Established in 2012, Matthew Oliver Weddings was founded by Matthew and Bertie. The organisation is based in Wiltshire, UK, and specialises in fashioning wedding creations around the UK and abroad. From Oman to New York, they’ve worked internationally and met some of the best top suppliers in the industry. They work closely with them to ensure the weddings imbue luxury and the very best that the country has to offer.

How do you define yourself outside work: “As a vegan and lover of all things big and small I’m constantly finding ways to help nature and support many charities in making our planet better. I’m also obsessed with fashion and enjoy a theme”

Favourite destination for planning weddings: “Italy”

Favourite motivational quote: “My theory is a wedding never occurs twice as it is a story, a story of your personality brought to life with design, style and theme.”

Monsieur Froonck

Froonck is the wedding guru in German-speaking Europe, thanks to the longest and deepest experience as a wedding planner and wedding consultant. He started his agency 20 years ago. He became a pioneer in the industry, evolving into a mentor for colleagues and emerging talents. Froonck has been a familiar face on television, achieving cult status with a few hit TV shows.

How do you define yourself outside work: “I love to smile and laugh, to dance and sing, to celebrate and eat. I am a happy person, positive thinking, intuitive, spontaneous, empathic, enthusiastic, sensitive, and sporty. I love to swim in the sea, walk through nature and meet animals. Always ready to travel the world. I adore meeting new interesting people from different cultures and exchanging. First of all, I want to spend most of my time and share my life with my partner.”

Favourite destination for planning weddings: “Switzerland, French Riviera, Greece, Ibiza, Mallorca, Berlin, Portugal”

Favourite motivational quote: “Show must go on” Freddie Mercury

Muriel Saldalamcchia, International Wedding Planner

Ranked among the world’s Top Luxury Planners, Muriel Saldalamacchia is an internationally acclaimed wedding planner who provides an unsurpassed guest experience to a discerning clientele in search of excellence.

How do you define yourself outside work: I am a results-oriented woman. From very organised yet friendly onboarding to utilizing helpful and efficient planning tools, I firmly believe that following processes is the key to guaranteeing success. Having a well-defined process provides reassurance while also fostering automatic behaviour, allowing my mind to stay unencumbered and exceptionally creative.”

Favourite destination for planning weddings: “Provence, Capri and NYC”

Favourite motivational quote: “I only swear by crafting overseas weddings with that special allure: Attention to detail, impeccable design, and cultural finesse.”

Olivia Buckley, Olivia Buckley International

Olivia Buckley is the Founder and Managing Director of her namesake company, Olivia Buckley International, one of the world’s leading event design, planning and production firms specialising in luxury destination events and weddings in Ireland and throughout Europe. She is highly regarded by clients and colleagues alike for bringing both style and substance to each celebration no matter the scale and brings years of experience in hospitality management and brand marketing, which is fundamental to how the firm operates today – with an unmatched level of attention to the finest of details.

How do you define yourself outside work: “We are what we repeatedly do. Therefore, excellence is not an act, but a habit. – Aristotle”

Favourite destination for planning weddings: “Ireland, the masterminds behind the world’s biggest festivities—Halloween and St. Patrick’s Day—because when it comes to throwing an epic celebration, nobody does it quite like the Irish!”

Favourite motivational quote: “The question isn’t who’s going to let me; it’s who is going to stop me.” — Ayn Rand

Peter Kelly Franc, Weddings By Franc

Peter Kelly is a renowned wedding planner and the CEO of Weddings by Franc. A creative design company, Weddings By Franc is known internationally for wedding and event planning. They design unique, fun, luxurious, and bespoke weddings for couples. They also plan corporate events and private special occasions.

How do you define yourself outside work: “I am a son, brother, great friend, husband, father of four, chef, artist, gardener, restoration junkie, antique lover, a sponge for learning and a big child at heart.”

Favourite destination for planning weddings: “There are so many countries but my real favourites are locations newly discovered or rediscovered.”

Favourite motivational quote: “Luck is when preparation meets opportunity” Franc 

 Rachel Birthistle, The Lake Como Wedding Planner

Rachel Birthistle is the Founder of The Lake Como Wedding Planner. The company was established in 2010, as a full-scope planning and design service for foreigners coming to Como. The company soon extended its geographical reach and has worked throughout Italy and Europe. This organic growth has recently seen the launch of Rachel Birthistle Events, a brand that has no geographical restraints and also offers design and production services to the events industry as a whole.

Silvia Galli, Sposiamovi Firenze Srl

Sposiamovi is a premiere Italian wedding planner, specialising in capturing the very essence of Italy’s rich history and captivating beauty. The company was co-founded by Silvia Galli. Based in Florence, Portofino, and Amalfi and available anywhere in Italy and France, Sposiamovi specialises in designing and planning distinctive Italian destination weddings, SposiamoVi has planned over 600 weddings throughout Italy to date, for a wide range of international clientele from the United States, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Lebanon, and beyond.

How do you define yourself outside work: Beyond my role as a wedding planner, I define myself as a determined individual with a passion for creating memorable experiences. I find immense joy in cherishing quality moments with my close-knit circle of friends and family. My commitment to excellence extends beyond the realm of event planning, I would say.”

Favourite destination for planning weddings: “Italy, Greece and France.”

Favourite motivational quote: “In any moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the right thing. The next best thing is the wrong thing. The worst thing you can do is nothing.”

Tara Fay, Tara Fay Events

Tara Fay specialises in the art of celebration and offers the best in luxury events in Ireland and beyond. They have a global reputation for inventive design, expert planning and seamless delivery of extraordinarily personal weddings and special events. Named a top wedding planner in the world, Tara started the first company of its kind in Ireland in 1997. 

How do you define yourself outside work: “Primarily I define myself as a mother, wife, friend and proud Irish Person. I am incredibly lucky as some of my best friends are within the wedding industry, and these connections are intrinsically important to me as we have shared many laughs and experiences.”

Favourite destination for planning weddings: “Ireland of course, Portugal, Spain, France & Italy”

Favourite motivational quote: “Every day is a new beginning”

Tony Marklew, Tony Marklew Ltd

Tony Marklew is an event imagineer. His early pursuits in theatre and fashion helped to influence his imagination and perception in creating the events which he now relishes. Indeed, whether it is complete hand-holding, searching for a perfect venue, planning and designing to simply styling and decorating the occasion, Tony’s enthusiasm and unique creativity are limitless.

How do you define yourself outside work: A people-pleasing creative who always dreamed of being magical”

Favourite destination for planning weddings: “Italy, Doha, Paris, London”

Favourite motivational quote: “Have courage…. and always be kind”

Vincenzo Dascanio, Vincenzo Dascanio Production

Vincenzo Dascanio is the founder and creative director of his namesake company, Vincenzo Dascanio Event Production. His company crafts ideas, ideas and events with purpose. Vincenzo is an enthusiast of bravery, curiosity, and ambition. He envisions a world where the essence and style of Made in Italy are shared globally through the creation of stunning spaces adorned with extraordinary blooms. At his core, there is a pure love of flowers.

How do you define yourself outside work: “Share and spread the beauty in the world setting the style with my own style. I define myself as a purveyor of beauty and inspiration. I am dedicated to setting trends, inspiring others, and fostering excellence in all endeavours.”

Favourite Destination To Plan Weddings: “Lake Como, Puglia, Sicily, Tuscany, Egypt & Cote d’Azur (France)”

Favourite Motivational Quote: “More is more.”

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