Where To Say “I Do” In 2023? Wedding Experts Reveal Top 23 Locations For 2023 Destination Weddings

It’s safe to say that we have come out from the dark tunnel of the pandemic, putting the complexities and fear aside. 2023 couples will be taking full swing in exploring new destinations and won’t hesitate to hop on a flight to travel far and wide to make their dream wedding come true. Sensational settings, the relaxed holiday feeling, excellent cuisine – it’s no secret that destination weddings are quite special, so we reached out to wedding experts from around the globe to find out which are the trending destinations. From the beautiful Mediterranean countries and wonders of the East to enchanting safaris in South Africa and epic western flair in the USA, here are a few destinations that you should consider while planning your destination wedding!




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The land of la dolce vita tops the chart this year with its exquisite flair. As Muriel Saldalamacchia, Founder of The International Wedding Planner from France, says- “La dolce vita is here to stay. From North to South, many different types of celebrations can be hosted here. This is also a land of hospitality, so couples and their guest cannot be disappointed.”

Especially Florence, says Rahul Kumar, Founder of Vivaah Celebrations in UAE. “The Italian romantic flair will never go out of fashion. With a rich culture, ancient architecture and exquisite private venues, the Tuscan region still marks the epitome of romantic celebrations. It is no surprise that Florence still remains our top favorite for a wedding destination.”

Our host destination for the 2016 DWP Congress, continues to remain a top favorite through the years!

So what makes this Mediterranean country so hot among couples?

Marie Alseben, Founder of Marie Alseben Wedding Planning & Design, Germany answers “With its luxury, historic villas, beautiful landscape, and the Venetian limousines, Lake Como is a destination to have the perfect classy, vogue wedding.”

“Italy: It’s a classic European chic destination with lakes and vineyards that are booming in Asia and wedding parties are eager to travel to Italy again after being in Asia for a long time.” Adds Daniela Erni, Create Your Story, Singapore.

“Italy is a luxury destination and it has a great tradition and history and a breathtaking view near the Amalfi Coast.” Tells Kia Marie, Founder, Kia Marie Events, USA.

“This great destination has become a trend when looking for a chic and historical venue that can make you feel royal. Having your wedding by the majestic lakes will make all your dreams come true.” Adds Eunice Bravo, Eunice Braco Weddings, Mexico.

“Is there any place more romantic than Italy? I don’t think so. It is the best place to say I do. Every part of this romantic country sets the stage for a breathtaking wedding. There’s also a fantastic selection of food and wine for your guests.” Asks Romina Ferraretto, Romina Ferraretto Events Planners, Argentina.

“Many of my couples were thinking about Italy to have their wedding experience. They LOVE the landscapes and wonderful feel of the country and the food.” Aptly puts Jen Sulak, Weirdo Weddings Photography, USA.

Speaking about places within Italy that are couple’s favorite, Michela Lupu, Miky Events, Italy lists:

Tuscany: especially adored by Americans for its beautiful landscapes, food and wine.
Lake Como: for the beautiful villas and luxurious hotels.
Amalfi Coast: for those who love the sea, breathtaking views and luxury.

Olivia Sodi, CEO, Olivia Sodi Weddings and Events, Italy says– “We are based in Italy and we can’t think of any other place in the world! Here is our chart:

Tuscany: our beloved territory: A timeless and picturesque scenario that ranges from the rolling hills of Val D’Orcia to the vineyards of the Chianti Shire, from the mountains of Casentino to the wild and chic seaside of the Maremma Region. Art, culture, landscapes, cities and tiny villages every few kilometers make it great for lots of activities for the days around the wedding. Last but not least, amazing food and one of the biggest selections of wine in the world!

Amalfi Coast: a place like no other where the sun always shines! No matter if in spring, summer or autumn, its light and warm colors are the best backdrop for any celebration.

Roma, the eternal beauty. What can you say more?”

“Langhe, because of the vineyard magic landscape. Amalfi Coast for the spectacular sea and Provence for the special weather.” Tells Camilla Marchetti, Simmi Studio, Italy.

Benjamin Kracun, Luka & Ben Weddings, Slovenia says- “Italy has some amazing and unique countryside locations for those who love food and la dolce vita lifestyle.”

“Tuscany is a region for a full wedding experience. Lake Como is a luxurious destination that couples are always asking for.” Highlights Claudia Del Giudice, C&G Wedding and Event Designer, Italy.

“Italy is absolutely the most beautiful place in the world for weddings, for too many reasons. Consider Italian small villages, if you want to have an authentic experience in which you can discover true traditions and have a typical experience. I think that this place has all you prefer: sea, lake, mountains, hills, and vineyards.” Concludes Marilena Gizzi, Founder, G-Eventi di Marilena Gizzi, Italy.



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The country of love has never failed to charm couples throughout times with its wonders, chateaus and high-end fashion appeal. As Jamie Chang, Designer, Mango Muse Events, USA says- “What place is more romantic than Paris? The architecture, amazing food and pastries, world-class museums and the ability to party until the wee hours in the morning are just some of the draws of having a destination wedding in this great city.”

“France and its enchanting Southern treasures: countryside or seaside, you have everything there, including the best weather from May to April. France has everything a couple looking for a great romance dream about.” Adds Muriel Saldalamacchia, Founder of The International Wedding Planner from France.

“Paris is a great experience for guests if they have never been shopping here. Fashion is always great and sightseeing is a wonderful experience.” Highlights Kia Marie, Founder, Kia Marie Events, USA.

“French Chateaus are irreplaceable for a timeless elegance.” Says Donna Gibb, Wedding Painting with Donna Gibb, Australia.

“Paris: a historical and romantic city like no other is one place that we can’t ignore.” Adds Kiran Mansharamani, Warq Events, Spain.




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Luxury comes in small packages. Guess this phrase is entirely true when it comes to Qatar. A gorgeous destination that has everything at the tip of your fingers is getting love from couples around the world. With its dazzling skyline, heartwarming hospitality, and global cuisine, Qatar can surprise you in ways you’d have never imagined.

We are heading to this opulent destination in March 2023 to bring the world of destination weddings together under one roof to put a spotlight on Qatar as a wedding destination. With the support of Qatar Tourism, the event is set to bring the top wedding planners and suppliers from around the globe to highlight the industry trends and carve a way forward for the upcoming year.

Nikhil Jetha, Events & Wedding Experiences, India adds “With multiple destinations, connectivity of flights being solid from most of the cosmo cities in India and luxury, make it a destination to host a wedding along with the grandeur of palaces against the backdrop of the beaches and bespoke hospitality and services.”




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Our 2022 destination for the DWP Congress has also made it to the list! The so-called “Island of the Gods: Bali” is downright picturesque, exotic, and magical.

“Bali was highlighted on the map after events as DWP Congress happened here last year. The infrastructure on the island has gone through a lot of “facelifts” making it even more desirable and ready to welcome those who seek quality and high service.” Says Alise Mihimana, Boutique Event Planning, Latvia.

“Bali’s exotic and tropical vibe with the typical Balinese style is deeply anchored in everyone’s hearts. It offers affordable estates or hotel buyouts for the whole wedding party.” Shares Daniela Erni, Create Your Story, Singapore.

“Bali, Indonesia is a nature-focused location, away from all the typical beach scene and boring traditional sites and venues.” Tells Christian Yaacoub, CEO of Christian Yaacoub Events, Lebanon.

Talking about 5-star properties in Bali that are famous Mar Romero, Territory Manager, TEAM Hair and Makeup Inc, USA shares- “The Conrad hotel and Soori Bali Hotel are amazing. The Soori Hotel has a black sand beach. It’s a beautiful contrast with a bride and a white wedding gown.”

“Definitely Bali – due to its beachfront views.” Expresses Steffie Lee, I Do For You, Singapore.



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Another emerging wedding destination that is catching all the action is Morocco! It’s a magical place for a destination wedding and offers many enchanting locations such as Marrakech or the stunning Atlas Mountains.

“Morocco! This place has always gotten its magic! But most people and couples are turning their sights to this place for their weddings, their honeymoons, or even just their shoots.” Tells Evelyn Paz, Owner, Event Flow by Evelyn Paz, Mexico.

“Because of the donkey and the Mercedes experience you get here! The donkey in the street by day and the luxury or the Mercedes style at night.” Adds Fabrice Orlando, Founder of Cocoon Events from Morocco.

“Anyone who has ever visited Marrakech can attest to the fact that it is an unforgettable place, from the multi-colored spices sold from big woven sacks in the cracks and crevices of the winding streets to the bustling markets and the blue and green hues of the Jardin Majorelle-Yves Saint Laurent Mansion and its surrounding gardens’ reflection of the city’s vibrancy, the former imperial capital is brimming with life. Down the alleyways, riads offer a sanctuary where we often get married because we find our calm in the center of the chaos. From the traditional riads that preserve the region’s spirit to, luxury designs centered on swimming pools or lush courtyards each offers something unique.” Adds Nancy Barkley, Honeymoons and Get-A-Ways, USA.

“Marrakech has great weather all year around (almost!) unparalleled hospitality, and choice between exquisite, luxury hotels and off-the-beaten-track desert campsites. Marrakech is like Marmite, you either hate it or love it, but for those who love it, there is no other place!” Shares Elisabetta White, Founder, Elisabetta White | Intimately Inspired Events, UK.



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Mexico has been lately the main preference, especially for Indian Weddings. The DWP 2018 was one fab event where we explored the multitude of choices the destination has to offer.

“Mexico is a popular choice for a wedding destination because of how much of a treat the whole experience usually is. Beach weddings have the simplicity, elegance and natural beauty that today is a trend. You have 5 starts hotels with all-in-concept and amazing experiences for the whole wedding guests. There are many reasons to plan a destination wedding in Mexico. The opportunity to say “I do” in a tropical setting with a beautiful beach around you is the best experience for couples.” Says Romina Ferraretto, Romina Ferraretto Events Planners, Argentina.

When talking about destinations within Mexico, Jen Avey from Destination Weddings Travel Group, USA sheds light on the following:

“Riviera Maya, Mexico – Mexico’s Mayan Riviera region is home to a vast number of luxury all-inclusive resorts perfect for hosting a destination wedding. This destination has long been a customer favorite due to its proximity to Cancun while offering a more secluded, intimate atmosphere than the Hotel Zone. Top-notch resort venues such as UNICO 2087 Hotel, El Dorado Royale and Hotel Xcaret have helped this region make a name for itself as one of the most popular destination wedding locations in the world.

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic – Year after year, we see thousands of couples choose to get married in the Dominican Republic, and 2023 will be no different. Airfare is typically affordable and the variety of venue options is hard to pass up. Many all-inclusive resorts on the island offer affordable wedding packages to help keep costs down, while still providing an upscale, tropical atmosphere for anyone’s dream beach wedding. The newly-developed gated community of Cap Cana is now brimming with resort venues, too, for a more luxurious clientele.

Costa Mujeres, Mexico – Just north of Cancun lies this newly-coined customer favorite of ours. Costa Mujeres is secluded from Cancun Hotel Zone but still accessible for those seeking lively nightlife and entertainment, so couples are really getting the best of both worlds. Families choose this area due to its soft white sand and calm, clear water, perfect for smaller kids to play in. Many resort chains such as Riu and Majestic have built new resorts here that offer the perfect mix of modern glam and tropical charm.”

“Punta de Mita, México is a great option for couples who want an easily accessible destination wedding that still feels remote and secluded. It provides a feeling of exclusivity and intimacy so you can focus on celebrating with your nearest and dearest, without any distractions.” Adds Eunice Bravo, Eunice Braco Weddings, Mexico.

Cabo – “This playground of sand, sun, and water is the perfect destination for those who want to get away quickly and easily accessed.” Beautifully expresses Terrica Skaggs, CEO, Terrica Inc., USA.




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This amazing country at the end of Europe is what couples are eying this year.


“Italy and France are always top of the couple’s choices, but now we are seeing a growing interest in Portugal, especially Sintra and the Douro region. These regions are quite iconic and extremely different from anything else we normally see at destination weddings.” Explains Sofia Ferreira, Brancoprata, Portugal.


“Still an underdog in the wedding industry but definitely not to underestimate: Having the ocean, beaches and beautiful landscapes, sunshine, amazing food, warm-hearted people and fantastic cost-effectiveness.” Tells Marie Alsleben, Founder, Marie Alseben Wedding Planning & Design, Germany.


“Lisbon, because it is beautiful, historic, it is happening and has the best sunsets.” Tells Guadalupe Alvarez, Penzi Weddings, Mexico.


“The breezy weather, sumptuous cuisine and stunning beaches are what add to the appeal of this place. Whether it is the cobbled streets or the charisma of architecture, the country offers some picturesque views. Influenced by the culture and dominated by the traditions, there are ancient crumbling castles, colorful Quintas, rolling vineyards, urban ruins, delicate gardens, coastal cliffs, soft sand beaches, rainforests, and more! Get a chance to experience your fairytale wedding. Lisbon is always a good option when talking about choosing a destination for your wedding. It is one of the world’s oldest cities, has a good temperature (Lisbon is the continent’s sunniest capital city, boasting an average of 2,799 hours of sunshine a year), has excellent gastronomy and the city itself is a big fan of the street art and a very convenient airport just 6.2km from the city center. It is for all of these reasons that Lisbon is a great place to wed. There are many options for adventurous couples who want their wedding day to be unique, fun and authentic. When it comes to elopement locations in Portugal, there is no shortage of options. Whether you’re looking for something romantic, adventurous, urban, intimate, or immersed in nature or history.” Explains Ami Bojang, Founder of Ami Bojang Weddings.

“Portugal – Because of its strategic location, it’s weather and the sea/countryside option.” Adds Petra Simões, Apoema Events, Portugal.


United Arab Emirates


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Dubai being at the center of the world coupled with exquisite services and panoramic views is an ideal destination for a big-fat destination wedding. Our 2019 Destination of the Year- Dubai dazzled attendees from around the globe with its panoramic dreamscapes.

 The UAE offers luxury at its finest and you are spoilt for choices in this dazzling city. For the ones seeking a luxurious affair, the city offers glitzy and glamourous wedding venues alongside towering confectionary delights, world-class entertainment and magical firework displays. Right from gigantic ballrooms with intricate ceiling patterns to pristine beachside options, from underwater proposals in the largest aquarium to professing your love from the top of the highest-standing structure in the world, the UAE never ceases to amaze you!

John Ali Raza, Dusit Thani Dubai, United Arab Emirates and Hanan Ali from Dusit Thani Abu Dhabi Hotel reiterate the same.

Be it the breathtaking architecture of Abu Dhabi or the natural beauty of Ras Al Khaimah or the glistening lights of Dubai, you will be spoiled for choices.

“Dubai, United Arab Emirates is always a luxury and very interesting location.” Adds Vangelis Giannouklidis, G-Touch Catering Specialists, Greece.




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Whether you prefer to get married indoors or out, in a barn or a manor, by the beach or in the woods, there is a venue for that, and for every season under the sun. With options to pick from 50 states and some of the best wedding planners and suppliers from the globe, this is a place you just can’t ignore! Check out the recommendation from our experts below:

“Florida is easy to access with two main airports. It offers an array of venues- from hotels, and country clubs to laid-back island retreats. The islands here are quite popular as long as it is accessible. They offer a relaxed wedding weekend with lots of choice of activities surrounding the big day.” Tells Susan Jaffe Reben, Pieces of Dreams Design, USA.

“Guatemala for sure – for its unique, colorful aesthetics and good weather year-round. As well as Costa Rica for its location, beautiful beaches and weather.” Adds Thelma Morales, Sparks Wedding, Guatemala.

“With all the recent openings of glamping resorts coupled with the national parks and beauty of the state, you can now easily have a luxury wedding in the Utah desert. Whether you’re in Moab, Zion, Bryce or Big Water (or another beautiful area) it’s a great place to gather and celebrate with an unforgettable backdrop. Hawaii is always a top location because it’s beautiful, tropical and easy to get to for US citizens (no passport required!). The friendly people, great food, wonderful beaches and the warm atmosphere always makes for a vacation and a destination wedding everyone loves.  Says Jamie Chang, Designer, Mango Muse Events, USA.

“Hawaii- It is a tourist hot spot. You can have a wedding, vacation, and honeymoon all in one. There is so much to do on the islands.” Adds Dee Lee, Owner, Dee Lee Designs, USA.

Yvonne Wolf, Founder, Yvonne Wolf Events, USA suggests- Los Angeles, California- the weather is always beautiful and you have mountains and beaches.”




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“With large expansive resorts offering all-inclusive options, large wedding celebrations have always seen Turkey as a value-for-money destination considering the highest level of hospitality and service. This destination enjoys pleasant weather all year round and easy flight connections from major cities around the world.” Adds Rahul Kumar, Vivaah Celebrations, United Arab Emirates 

“The hospitality, combined with culture and breathtaking venues – Turkey has the perfect venues and suppliers to meet any couple’s dream wishlist. Whether you want a palace, a mansion, a fort, beaches, mountains, or nature – this destination has something for everyone!” Says Divya Chadha, A Klass Apart, India.




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The 2014 & 2021 Host Destination- Greece lures couples from around the globe with its exclusive charm. The white-washed stone houses dressed in electric blues and fluorescent pops of pinks from the bougainvillea, this Mediterranean gem offers the best of both classic and exotic.

“Greece – many requests are coming in for various greek islands, beautiful scenery, antique buildings, delicious food and tanning sun.” Tells Daniela Erni, Create Your Story, Singapore.

Speaking of locations within Greece, Vangelis Giannouklidis, G-Touch Catering Specialists, Greece shares- “Athens, Greece (sea, great food, archeological sightseeing, nightlife, friendly people) Santorini, Greece (see the volcano, wonderful sunrise and sunset, great food, friendly people.)”

“Santorini is a gem! Beautiful properties on the rocks and with the most outstanding of backdrops, for when the ceremony and reception take place, and generally great weather.” Adds Jonathan Waterman, The Complete Toastmaster & Celebrant & Officiant & MC, UK.


South Africa


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“South Africa is trending- Cape Town is constantly voted in the top 10 cities in the world to visit – combining this with safari experiences in the bush, the stunning scenic Cape Winelands, and some of the world’s most luxe locations. Safari weddings are fabulous for smaller groups and in the most phenomenally luxurious boutique lodges – housing everyone in a National Park with exclusive access to game viewing and 5* celebrations. Chic European destinations such as Italy & France remain top contenders for historic settings and their sense of culture.” Explains Christina Holt, Founder, Wedding Concepts, South Africa.

“Capetown, South Africa, because you can find many venues with many different views here (from the mountain, winery, cityscapes, beach view.)” Adds Eric Sugiono, Founder of Poetyque Events from Indonesia.




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People celebrate their weddings in the Caribbean as much to get away from it all as they do to revel in that famous Caribbean party spirit. We’re talking rum punch, beach BBQs, scuba diving and off-road 4×4 adventures. From the beauty of the Bahamas to the serenity of St. Lucia, there are a lot of options if you fancy a celebration in an isolated location.

St. Martin: The “Friendly Island” will also charm you with its joyous, multicultural atmosphere, festive nightlife, and fusion cuisine of French, Creole, and other exotic flavors. With 37 beaches on the island, treat yourself to a culinary or action-packed adventure, or just some rest and relaxation in the Caribbean sun.

The Bahamas: “The Bahamas is a tropical paradise that offers couples endless possibilities and breathtaking scenery. Whether you exchange vows on a private white sand beach or in a charming old-world chapel, the Bahamas will surely make your special day one to remember.” Explains Jacqueline Vizcaino, Tinted Event Design and Planning, United States.

St. Lucia- “Everywhere you look in Saint Lucia, you’ll find beauty. The lush greenery of the iconic Pitons rising over the sea or the idyllic sandy beaches are just two of the sights you’ll see. While there are plenty of luxury resorts, this Caribbean island has a laidback vibe with an emphasis on enjoying nature. Your guests will be kept busy whether they’re snorkeling or hiking.” Highlights Nancy Barkley, Honeymoons and Get-A-Ways, USA.

St. Barths- “St. barths have great views and feel like a summer vacation. Lots of excursions and things for guests to do.” Adds Kia Marie, Founder, Kia Marie Events, USA.

Dominican Republic– “Due to gorgeous beaches, newer & high-end resorts such as Cap Cana.” Says Mandy Delve, Now Destination.

“Caribbean has it all! The beauty of the beach, tropical flower setting, fantastic weather as well as the gorgeous resorts that service the clients.” Sums up Anne Marie Kleis, AMK Events, Puerto Rico.




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As  Steffie Lee, CEO, I Do For You, Singapore says- “If you imagine a winter wedding fairytale, think Switzerland.” A romantic destination with 7000 lakes, and 208 mountains, no wonder a lot of couples are dreaming of getting married in Switzerland!

This landlocked paradise is filled with breathtaking nature. If you are looking for a unique destination for your wedding, Switzerland is a perfect choice. The breathtaking scenery offers a unique background for your lasting memories. The stunning locations such as castles, mountain huts, romantic hotels, and lakeshore spots surrounded by palm trees will add a memorable touch to your special day.




“Trancoso Brazil: South of Bahia, Sun and Beach, incredible location with a casual atmosphere. The town is aligned with French Polynesia, on the same latitude. It’s a dream wedding for everybody!” Tells Cassia Thomas, Cassia Thomas Weddings, France.




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The party is not getting over anytime if you are getting married in Spain. Getting married in Spain usually means a big party with great entertainment. Whether you plan a ceremony on the turquoise beaches of Malaga, amongst the Moorish architecture of Andalusia, or before the renowned masterpieces in Barcelona, there’s an incredible range of wedding locations to explore.

“Ibiza: Turquoise ocean, breathtaking sunsets, fancy beach clubs – that’s why couples love Ibiza and you definitely don’t get disappointed.” Tells Marie Alsleben, Founder, Marie Alseben Wedding Planning & Design, Germany.

“I have a couple that is obsessed with going back to Barcelona, Spain and soaking in all that the city has to offer for their marriage/event. They were obsessed with the waterscapes, landscapes and cityscapes that they could experience in the area.” Tells Jen Sulak, Weirdo Weddings Photography, USA.

“Marbella, Spain as it has great food and wine, stunning locations, great nightlife, also many amazing cities and towns to visit nearby.” Adds Tracey Manailescu, Founder Tracey M Events, Canada.




Pictures Courtesy: @tarafayevents

There’s a reason why Ireland is called the Emerald Isle. It’s precisely the breathtaking nature spots of the country that fascinate most people. From its pristine Atlantic coast beaches, serene lakes and streams, natural parks, rare Irish species, green pastures, mountain ranges, and dramatic cliffs, Ireland is undoubtedly a nature-lovers haven.

“Ireland is famous for its spectacular castle locations and great local welcome and world-class suppliers.” Tells Tara Fay, Founder, Tara Fay Evets, Ireland.

“Ireland is doing the most to gain its share in the wedding market. They are very welcoming and are strategic in getting the wedding community’s support in bringing weddings there.” Adds Kelly A McWilliams, Kelly McWilliams Celebrations Weddings & Parties, USA.




Florals: @iamflower.co, Planner: @theweddingblissthailand, Venue: @conradkohsamui


Vithika Agarwal, Co-Founder, Divya Vithika Wedding Planners, India puts a spotlight on Thailand. Our DWP Congress destination of the year for 2017 has a lot to offer! Between waterfalls, jungle, and sea you certainly will not be bored here! This country is known for its beautiful beaches comprising thousands of meters of fine white sand, turquoise and clear sea. If a beach wedding is on your mind, Thailand is the perfect destination for you. From Krabi and Phuket to the secluded lands of Ko Samui and Phi Phi islands, you are 100% sure to find your perfect spot here!

With the picture-perfect pristine beaches, amazing weather year-round, lively entertainment, mouth-watering cuisine and amazing Thai hospitality, you will be spoilt for choice. With the plethora of venues available for planning your destination wedding, you can choose from the numerous breathtaking islands from the most popular to the most secluded to plan your dream wedding.



Picture Courtesy:@ptaufiqphotography, Planner: @lf_weddings, Floral & Design Consultation, Wardrobe Stylist: @deniselillieengagements



Croatia is among the most popular holiday countries in Europe too. Crystal clear Adriatic sea and beautiful nature make an irresistible combination that drives so many people to visit Croatia each year. This small European country is emerging as one of the leading wedding and honeymoon destinations, which is no surprise considering its historical cities, vibrant culture, breathtaking scenery and fairytale islands, which all combine to make it a gorgeous location for a wedding abroad.

Weddings in Croatia are truly magical and worth considering when they offer immensely beautiful natural backdrops, 24-hour nightlife and Croatian wedding traditions that are beautiful and so culturally rich. Croatia is home to many coastal resorts and luxury villas across the coast, islands and major cities that would be a perfect fit for a dream destination wedding.



Picture Courtesy: @wessimpsonweddings


Renowned as the mythical birthplace of Aphrodite, Goddess of Love and Beauty, the romance is almost palpable around every turn, no matter what time of year you land down on this gorgeous isle. There are so many reasons to get married on the ‘Island of Love’, from gorgeous locations such as Limassol, Pissouri and Papos, your wedding day will feature a gorgeous backdrop of the glistening Mediterranean sea and golden sandy beach.

Cyprus is one of Europe’s leading destinations for weddings, blessings and honeymoons, and is famed for its wonderful climate, beautiful scenery and a myriad of options for venues, ceremonies and celebrations. From sun-drenched vows and sacred ceremonies to newlywed adventures, Aphrodite’s island is love personified.




Picture Courtesy: @adegrees


Yet another emerging trending destination, Jordan is preferred by couples who love to have a royal touch. With unique archaeological sites, the backdrop of the Dead sea, Petra and Wadi Rum, Jerash and others; you have multiple options. If you are looking for a unique destination wedding location in the Middle East with a great blend of outdoors and indoors, look no further.



Picture Courtesy: @ooreethirah


White sand beaches, crystal clear blue sea, beautiful reefs, and gorgeous water villas; it’s no wonder why many people consider having a Maldives wedding. Considered as the preferred destination wedding and honeymoon destination by celebrities,  tt truly is a barefoot paradise that offers plenty of options for the perfect destination wedding. From sunset cruise weddings to exchanging vows right on the beach, there is no doubt that a wedding in the Maldives will be unforgettable.

Mae Madanlo, Chief Business Development Officer, Zeldiva Luxury shares tips on making your wedding planning easy along with 10 luxury resorts where you can make your dream wedding come true. “Being an amazingly stunning destination, the Maldives has a number of locations where you can get married.”




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Another African country that made it to this year’s list is Zimbabwe. There are multiple venue options when it comes to planning a wedding in Zimbabwe. Lovers of adventurers can opt for an exclusive safari wedding or a waterside wedding beside its picturesque lakes. Couples love to tie the knot against the backdrop of Victoria Falls. Zimbabwe is a treat for lovers of adventure. So if you and your guests want to visit breathtaking natural areas, exotic wildlife and ancient sites that offer a fascinating insight into the continent’s history, this is the place.



We hope you enjoyed the list! If you are looking for 5-star properties in these destinations, check out DWP Insider which covers all your needs in one place!

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