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Ten Things You Should Discuss With Your Partner Before Getting Married

Marriage is a huge commitment and involves a lot of decision-making. Making that commitment can be a daunting task. However, with the right tips and guidelines it can be made simpler. Here are ten things you need to discuss with your partner just to make sure that you two are on the same page.


What Kind Of Wedding Do You Want?

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After getting engaged, it becomes obvious that you want to get married. However, this does not always result in a marriage. It could be possible that you want to have a lavish wedding with relatives and family while your partner prefers to have something low-key or a court marriage with family and close friends. This is a topic that you need to discuss with your partner to ensure that you both are on the same page.


What Are Your Thoughts On Having Children?

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This is one of the most important topics that you must discuss with your partner prior to your nuptials. Discussing this topic is essential because, if you both are not on the same page, then it could lead to heartbreak and a miserable marriage.


Where Do You Wish To Live?

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There is a high possibility, that you and your partner wish to live in the city today. But this could change and your partner may wish to live in the countryside or move back to their hometown. This is a topic that needs to be discussed early on. Discussing this topic will help you understand each other and align your desires and goals.


What Is Your Dream House?

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If one of you wishes to live in a lavish bungalow and the other in a penthouse apartment, then this is a topic that needs to be discussed. While it is highly unlikely that this could cause your relationship to break, it is better to know what your partner’s expectations are. This makes the marriage more honest and transparent.


How Do You Plan On Splitting Your Finances?

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This is probably one of the most important topics of discussion. In some instances you may split the cost of the bills equally. Usually, the fairest way to do this is in relation to how much you earn. This situation can bring up many other questions, like deciding to have a joint account or having separate bank accounts to manage expenses. Planning out your finances will also help you spending your money judiciously and saving up enough to start your family.


How Do You Feel About Your Sex Life?

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Talking about sex with your partner might be tricky or even awkward in the beginning. But it is one of the most important topics that you must discuss with your partner. Having this discussion will help both you and your partner understand whether the marriage or the relationship makes you both happy. A healthy discussion will also help you understand what partner sexually expects from you.


What Is Your Opinion About Pets?

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This is point is often not given much importance. However, it should not be neglected. If you are someone who is fond of pets and your partner is the opposite, and can’t stand them, you need to know!


What Is Your Dream Holiday Destination?

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You should also be clear with your partner about what your holiday destination preferences are. This also brings up the question on whether you get the time for these vacations. In such cases a little bit of compromise can help you both get refreshed and enjoy each other’s company.


What Importance Does Career Hold In Your Life?

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The importance of career varies from one individual to another. For some people a job is just a job, while for others it is their identity. Depending on these choices it becomes essential to communicate your preferences to your partner. You should be clear about how attached you are to your job as there might be situations in your marriage where you might have to give up your job, or may become the sole breadwinner of the family.


How Much Alone Time Do You Prefer?

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While this is regarded as a minor detail in a relationship or a marriage, giving each other space and a little alone time may work wonders. This could include going on bike rides, sitting alone by the beach, and so on.

Therefore, ensure you discuss these topics with your partner. This is because clear and transparent communication helps pave the way to a happy and harmonious marriage.