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#MothersDaySpecial: 5 Ways To Include Your Mother In Your Wedding

Happy Mother’s Day! There is probably no other cheerleader for a bride on her big day like her mother. They are your first and original bridesmaids (without even asking). It is rightly said that A mother’s love is the fuel that enables a normal human being to do the impossible.” And for her, her daughter getting married is a huge milestone. So we thought to share 5 ways to include your mom at your wedding to make her feel more special.


Give Your Mom a Special Wedding Day Gift

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It is likely your mom has put her heart and soul into your wedding day. You can recognize all she has done for you with a special gift.  It does not have to be elaborate. The more sentimental the better. Some ideas for a gift for your mom on your wedding day include a handwritten note, a framed picture of you and her, or even a special “thank you” speech at your reception. Let her know all that she means to you.


Make Time for Mother-Daughter Pictures

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One of the sweetest times you will have to spend with your mother on your wedding day is when you are getting wedding-ready: having your hair and makeup done, putting your dress on, and doing the “big reveal” for your bridesmaids. This intimate moment is a perfect opportunity to carve out one-on-one time with your mom. You can ask your wedding photographer to do a special mother-daughter photoshoot of your mom helping you get ready for your special day.


Something Borrowed: Wear Her Jewelry

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If your mom has a sentimental piece of jewelry that she saves for special occasions, ask her if you can wear it on your wedding day (if she hasn’t offered it already, that is). She’ll be beaming with pride to see you wearing her prized possessions as you say “I do.” For an even sweeter option, ask if there are any family heirloom jewels or brooches you can wear or include on your bouquet.


Plan a Mother-Daughter Dance

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Pick a song the two of you love, like that Rolling Stones classic you grew up dancing around the kitchen too, or something more poignant like Lee Ann Womack’s “I Hope You Dance.” Start off with just the two of you, then invite the rest of the mothers and daughters at your reception to join.

Take A Walk Down The Aisle Together

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This isn’t just a job for dads! Embrace the girl power and honor your mother by asking her to walk you down the aisle. There are no rules that say who can and can’t walk you down the aisle for your ceremony. If you know this is an honor your mom would love, ask her to take on the role.