How To Successfully Plan A Ski Wedding

If two people are in love and they love snow collectively, there’s nothing that can stop them from having a ski wedding. What better way to celebrate this love than by getting married in the mountains? A ski wedding combines romance and adventure, offering a unique and unforgettable celebration for ‘outdoorsy’ couples. Whether you are a seasoned skier or love the mountains, a ski resort can provide the perfect setting for your wedding day, with the natural beauty of the mountains as the only backdrop you could need.

Ready to hit the slopes? Here’s what you need to know to plan that perfect ski wedding!


Select The Resort That Meets Your Needs


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There will probably be a few factors that will be key in deciding which ski resort is the ideal location for your winter wedding. Things you’ll want to consider will probably include: How easy is it to get to? Can we/do we want to have our legal wedding here? The costs involved. Are there activities for non-skiers? In general, ski resorts will have a coordinator who works with you and your wedding planner to ensure the day runs smoothly.


Pick The Season Carefully


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While it may seem like winter would be the obvious choice for this particular destination wedding location, ski resorts are actually stunning year-round. Luckily mountain weddings are more popular in the summer when lodging prices are lower than in the peak winter months. That being said, winter months at ski resorts are magical, with snow falling and happy skiers and snowboarders buzzing around the mountain. If you’re planning a winter ski resort wedding, you may want to consider getting married on a weekday—crowds can be tough to navigate (or avoid) during peak-season weekend days.


Dress Code?


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The pressure to fulfill every wedding dream is real, but so is the weather. You can’t remind yourselves and each other enough that you’re getting married on ski terrain. From solid-soled shoes to cover-ups, ski boots for you, sunglasses, and more, you and your guests must adapt your usual wedding attire to accommodate the weather. For you both, flexibility is key. Long trains and tight-fitting clothes won’t work. You both need to be able to move with ease and stay warm! Slips and falls, cold guests, and photos of you trying not to look cold are the last things you want.


Hire A Photographer


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You don’t want to have all the fun and miss out on those amazing pictures with snow in the background, yeah? Discuss with your photographer what kind of pictures and videos you want. The photographer usually also has to ski down with you in order to capture the details, so ensure that he/she is okay with that.


Be Prepared for Plan B


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No matter how well you plan, when it comes to mountains, there’s a certain level of unexpectedness that comes along the way. In the winter, the biggest risk factor is, of course, snow or ice. Sometimes, there are roadblocks so guests might face difficulties in the logistics. It’s best to check the forecast a day before as well as there can be winds that might lead to shifting the ceremony inside. Ski weddings can be relaxed and casual but also sophisticated and elegant, depending on your style.



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