A Chic Summer Wedding At La Foce, Tuscany

Anna & Anthony dreamt of a spectacular celebration in the Italian landscape and with the help of Parade Wedding, they exchanged their vows in one of the most iconic Italian venues, which had a bewitching Italian flair among the Tuscan landscapes. The stylish couple from NYC tied the knot over a 3-day celebration from June 10- June 12 in Italy in a truly bespoke way.

The welcome dinner was at Dopolavoro La Foce, the wedding day at La Foce, and the farewell brunch at La Chiarentana. It was a dreamy symbolic ceremony in one magnificent Italian garden for true lovers of refined yet majestic decorations.






How They Met


The couple met via Tinder. “I was in NYC for a meeting, where he lived, and is from I was living in Boston, in New York for what felt like a minute (sorry that is so cliché). By the time Anthony messaged me on the app I was already home. I never thought I would actually meet him. I thought he was so handsome and likely had plenty of options in NYC, so I brushed his message off.” Shares the bride.
“A few weeks later he told me he was coming to Boston to visit his friend for a weekend. I thought maybe I would see him at most at a bar while he was there. A few days prior to his arrival,  he asked me for a date midday Saturday. While I was surprised, I agreed.
I ended up meeting Anthony out the Friday night before – with my roommate, and him with his friends. At the end of the night, he dropped me and my roommate off in an Uber, and I told him I’d see him tomorrow, for our originally scheduled date. I remember him wanting to kiss me goodnight, and wouldn’t let him.


The next morning arrives and I was incredibly hungover. I very seriously considered canceling the date. My friend Naida convinced me to go, and drove me to the date in the Back Bay of Boston, at a restaurant, Beehive. After we finished brunch, we went to a restaurant, Barcelona, in the South End. We had copious amounts of this rosé. The bartender was pouring this particular bottle of rosè far above the glass to aerate it. To this day, I haven’t been able to find the rosé he was pouring us – but I will never stop searching.
After that weekend in April, I remember telling my mom about Anthony. I didn’t know what else to say besides “he just thinks I am the cutest, and best person he was ever met”. Something I’ve never felt enough to articulate. She looked at me and said, “well you are the cutest.” It was the way she said it that I would never forget. I think it was the moment I subconsciously knew Anthony was it, I just didn’t recognize that at the moment.
I spent the summer in Montauk with Anthony. I can drive you down every part of that town and name a memory or the song that was on if we were in his car. By that August I had moved to NYC. permanently, for a “job.” I’ve been with Anthony since I was 22. I’m 30 now and am proud to have spent so much of my life with him. This might sound strange or corny, but Anthony is my New York City. Every part of the city – down to specific parts of various sidewalks, I could tell you how I felt, at that time, in what year, about my relationship with Anthony. Down to lyrics in a song that I was listening to in that exact spot, I was standing in.


Anthony and I have had ups and downs – some really low points. The above isn’t meant to sound disingenuous – I know I am telling a delighted story. But that’s what I believe to be a healthy relationship. Not every peak negates a valley, and it never will. What I believe negates those inevitable lows, is feeling excited to tell people how you met your partner, and not being able to stop that story until you arrive at where you are today.”





Favorite Moment


While describing her favorite moments during the day, Anna shares- “All of it. What I will always remember was Parade meeting me in my bridal suite at the beginning of the day, at my request, because I knew how much better the team would make me feel if I got to see their excitement watching everything coming together, while answering my last-minute questions. I loved all the vendors. They felt like guests at the wedding. They seamlessly blended into the party. I was beyond comfortable with the entire wedding through dinner and dancing. I got to thoroughly enjoy every moment because of Parade, and that is all I could have asked for. I don’t think our friends or family will ever forget their experience.”





The Decor


You can truly see the pursuit of beauty in every single detail of the arrangements designed for a stylish couple in such a suggestive venue. As the couple belongs from the USA, the team at Parade Wedding created a perfect balance between Manhattan glam and authentic Tuscan luxury to create a one-of-a-kind setting with a classy and sophisticated style.

For the farewell dinner, a long table was set under the trees. The boho-earthy tablescape was looking elegant, with rustic furniture and chandeliers. It was adorned by colorful floral arrangements and leaves, backed by white table linen. Whimsical center candles, blue-colored place card holders, and modern white flatware upped the ante.








Bride’s Tip


Here are some experience-based tips for brides-to-be from Anna. “If you’re a bride hiring a wedding planner/stylist – just remember this: You do not cut your own hair because you are not a hairdresser. Let your planners create. Especially Parade. I trusted them to design and plan my wedding overseas. I picked a venue without seeing it in person because of their presentation of options, and the detail they provided for each option they presented. I felt so comfortable with Parade that I deferred and defaulted to 99% of their vision and vendors. Regardless of the time difference, they were responsive as if we were in the same country and coast.


Anthony and I were able to enjoy the best weekend of our lives with friends and family that have blended throughout our 7 years together. I love Anthony. I love our places and our moments.  Our wedding was beautiful, and I’m so glad it happened exactly as it did.”





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