Get Ready For A Luxurious Arabian Fusion Night With Dalia Taha As The Opening Cocktail Event Partner

We all are waiting with bated breath for the 9th Annual DWP Congress in Qatar and we guess you all are wondering how will your first experience be! Introducing our Opening Cocktail Event Partner- By Dalia Taha, a wedding planning company based in Qatar who will dazzle you with her stunning vision of design at Waldorf Astoria Lusail.

Dalia Taha is an Engineer & designer by profession who spends her day at construction sites as a project coordinator. Her attention to detail and her passion for art and design led her to establish an international event and wedding planning company – ‘by.daliataha’ in 2015 in Qatar.



We had an exclusive chat with her on trends focusing on the GCC market, and what’s new in luxury weddings and give a sneak peek of what’s in store for you at the DWP Congress.



What are some of the new luxury wedding design trends in 2023-24 in the Arab market?



“We may witness architectural and interior design elements in the Arab market in the coming year. Building new structures based on elementary designs, wood and texture type will allow each event to have a unique look and give a touch of luxury and creativity at the same time.”


What makes Qatar unique for luxury weddings? 



“Known as the luxury destination for the red carpet, Qatar is considered one of the rich and prestigious countries that provide all the high-end facilities of places, hotels, resorts, hospitality and quality suppliers. All these elements help make Qatar unique in luxury and royal weddings.”


How is luxury wedding changing in recent times as per your experience and what are clients looking for the most?



“Before luxury weddings were known for the abundance of flowers, the hugeness of the place, the combination of colors, design, and other elements. But now customers demand more simplicity and elegance at the same time, fewer crowds, even the number of guests changes over time to be less and limited.”


How does it feel to be associated with the 9th annual DWP Congress as Welcome Reception Partner? 



Dalia creates wonderful masterpieces for wedding inspiration in Qatar and worldwide. Bold colors, florals, and luxurious details are what Dalia is known for in the Arab market. She says- “It is an honor for me to be part of this big global event presented and hosted by our country Qatar.”


What can our attendees expect to see at the DWP Congress Welcome Cocktail? Give us a sneak-peak of what’s in your mind. 



Well, without giving away much, she shares- “A luxurious Arabian fusion night showcasing the spirit of Qatar.” 

Dalia brings her education and experience in engineering and project management and her love of art into the world of events and weddings. So far, she has successfully coordinated and executed more than a hundred weddings with her unique signature of merging arts and engineering into one beautiful piece of work. Her designs are inspired by different cultures, astonishing her clients with memorable and dreamy occasions.

As we get closer and closer to meeting everyone in Doha, the excitement is only building up more and more! Get ready to meet Dalia Taha, among other brilliant partners and sponsors, and experience the magic of the 9th annual DWP Congress from 14th-16th March!


All Images Credit: @by.daliataha