24 Trends For 2024: Here Are The Top Wedding Trends For The Year, According To Experts

We are back with a new year and a new wedding season! As we step into 2024, as always there is excitement in the wedding world with the anticipation of how this wedding season can be made more amazing and stunning than ever before. 

This year promises to elevate the art of destination weddings to new heights, with couples embracing even more innovative and personalized touches. What’s going to be in vogue for wedding designing, which destinations will gain popularity among couples, what colors and patterns are going to rule – the questions are too many but that’s what we are here for! To gain insights into these trends, we reached out to wedding experts across the globe. We asked, you answered and here we are – presenting the ‘DWP Insider 24 Trends For 2024’!

From tech-infused celebrations to intimate and personalized weddings, 2024 has a lot up its sleeve. So, dig into our blog on DWP Insider and unveil the enchanting surprises that come your way!

Destinations That Continue To Top The Charts

Popular Destinations will continue to rule the charts with couples going for top choices from Europe to evergreen destinations in Asia and Middle Eastern treasures to the hot destinations of the Americas and not to miss the exotic appeal of the African dream! There is no stopping 2024 couples traveling far and wide for the most special days of their lives. 

For Europe, 2024 planners from around the globe believe Italy, France, and Greece will continue to rule the destination wedding preferences with a surge in demand for Spain,  Scotland, Portugal, and Scandinavia. Iceland as a destination is also gaining popularity! 

Image Courtesy: @jzevents

“Italy continues to be one of if not the top, wedding destination as people seek, dolce vita‚ it not only lends natural romance and rich history but creates an experience for guests to travel and share in a timeless location that has meaning to the couple” shares Jennifer Zabinski from JZ Events, one of the top US-based wedding planners in the world who has planned weddings in Paris, San Francisco, Florence and too many fabulous island getaways to name.

Image Courtesy: @juliaandevita

Besides the breathtaking shores of Lake Como and the breathtaking landscape of Tuscany Italy, Greece continues to reign the charts. Greece, particularly Santorini, has been making significant efforts to enhance its tourism sector, with the wedding scene emerging as a standout attraction in the coming months,” adds Gideon Hermosa, the top wedding designer from the Philippines known for his venue transformation globally!

Image Courtesy: @gideonhermosa & @houseofhermosaph

When it comes to Asia, Bali as a destination leads the way! Tropical islands in SE Asia where there is sun & sea, such as Bali – this paradise island has been and always will be in the top 3 locations for destination weddings. The Island of the Gods offers more than just top-notch 6-star service, world-class cuisines, a myriad selection of resorts, hotels, and villas of any size, style, and price range, breathtaking sceneries from forests, to rice fields to endless white sand beaches, it is a place full of life, vibrant colors, deep-rooted traditions, parties, family, multi-culture – above all my top pick because of the beautiful generous Balinese people.” Shares Evelyn Mills, one of the most celebrated Asian wedding planners from Hong Kong who has done multiple weddings in Bali!

For the Middle East, UAE and Turkey will rule the charts with Abu Dhabi emerging as a hot destination for 2024! With the right balance of luxury and tradition, this emirate in the UAE is best positioned to offer venues for some of the most luxurious weddings amidst desert sanctuaries or opulent palaces thereby transporting guests back in time to the old ages. This coupled with the marketing strategies from the tourism board to attract wedding tourism makes this a promising destination to watch out for.” Adds Rahul Kumar from Vivaah Celebrations, one of the leading wedding planners in UAE!

Speaking about Turkey he further adds, “We believe Turkey will continue to be a favorite amongst families and couples looking at hosting large celebrations.” 

And of course, Mexico’s charm is hard to match and the destination will continue to reign as a top destination of choice for American couples and beyond! 

And as Zimbabwe prepares to host the DWP Congress get ready to discover this unique destination with the stunning backdrop of Victoria Falls! 

Embracing AI & Tech-Infused Celebrations This Year

Image Courtesy: @anne.jang

Step into the future of love with one of 2024’s hottest trends- Tech-infused celebrations that will elevate your big day to unforgettable heights! In 2024, couples are embracing the future by incorporating cutting-edge AI technologies into their big day.

Gideon Hermosa pointed out saying,We will witness a growth in AI-generated and AI-aided designs in the upcoming years. The previous year shows how technology can significantly enhance events, providing that extra boost. As with everything else, event designs and styling continue to capitalize on technological advancements, using elements such as laser projections, LED lighting, and screen animations. AI is set to play a crucial role in transformative and diverse design ideas come into reality, making the execution much more straightforward.”

“Technology integration will become a prominent trend as couples find innovative ways to enhance and share their wedding experience, whether with guests who are attending in-person or joining them virtually. This trend also involves live posting of photos and real-time commenting on video guest books. Couples are also using AI design technology to help them visualize and better communicate their wedding theme and decor vision to their wedding planners and designers, and thereafter explore the feasibilities and practicalities of realizing their ideas. Couples are also opting to go digital using QR codes for digital invitations, seating plans, guest lists, menus wedding programs, etc., as well as opting for audio and/or video guest ‘books,” shared by Evelyn Mills.

Adding to the point Nancy Barkley from Honeymoons and Get-A-Ways, shares her insights, “Technology can make your wedding more fun and memorable for everyone involved. It also allows you to connect with your guests in new and creative ways. Interactive apps, help keep guests entertained and informed. With wedding websites, photo-sharing apps, and even virtual reality experiences that let them explore your venue and theme.” 

Image Courtesy: @jeremie_hkb

She also spoke about increasing the use of drones for weddings, saying “Drone photography helps with getting amazing aerial shots of your wedding location and celebration with a drone camera.”

Break Boundaries By Exploring The Unique & Unexplored In 2024

Image Courtesy: @alagoevents + Planning By: @tali__photography
Image Courtesy: @jiwaphotography + Planned By: @chic_co_events

“In the world of luxury weddings, the choice of destination is crucial. In 2024, the trend is leaning towards exclusive and secretive locations. From a private beach on a remote tropical island to a dreamy estate in the heart of Tuscany or even in my charming city, Miami, couples will be looking for unique and exclusive locations to enjoy their special day,” Shares Indira Fodor.

“Finding a far-flung unexpected location (especially one that takes no more than one mode of transportation to get there) and pairing it with a novel theme, adds a unique, unforgettable experience for all is what we are predicting as a 2024 destination.” Adds Jennifer Zabinski.

Personalization Speaks Volumes At Your Intimate Wedding

Image Courtesy: @thehouseontheclouds & @coreytenold
Image Courtesy: @hannahpickle & @sipmiusa

In the ever-evolving landscape of weddings in 2024, couples are increasingly prioritizing authenticity and individuality by adding a personalized touch to their wedding ceremony.

“We are seeing so many personal touches from couples, including pictures of their own cats’ heads on napkins, fun choreographed first dances, menus with the couple’s favorite foods, and tables named after the couple’s favorite things to do. People are realising that the day is all about them, and actually, guests love to turn up at a wedding and think, wow, this is really them. This is especially being pushed via social media, with so many ideas popping up on how to personalize your day, and move away from the standard traditions,” says  Hannah Rose from Hannah Rose Weddings & Events.

Further adding to the point, Elisabetta Redaelli from Lilly Red mentions, “Personalized textiles are another way to add a custom touch, that makes it yours and unique.”

Tassia Davis from Beautiful Bride Events, says, “Consider incorporating meaningful elements such as personalized vows, family heirlooms, or a special tribute to loved ones. Personalization adds a special touch to your wedding and creates a memorable experience for both the couple and their guests.”

Bid Adieu To The Ordinary And Embrace A Symphony Of Creativity

Image Courtesy: @gideonhermosa & @houseofhermosaph

2024 is expected to redefine the traditional concept of wedding decor. This year shall witness the use of innovative and creative elements along with breathtaking florals.

“While florals remain a timeless feature in wedding designs, they will now be complemented by various decorative elements, that add visual interest to tablescapes. Expect the incorporation of fruits, local crafts, and personal items from the couple, creating a personalized and dynamic atmosphere,” insightfully shares Gideon.

Creating Memories, One Guest At A Time!

In 2024, experts predict a surge in the trend of creating engaging and memorable moments for guests that go beyond the traditional celebration.

Image Courtesy: @yolandemarxphoto

“Immersive experiences are trending at weddings- extending past the wedding day itself and truly connecting couples and their guests to the destination,” as highlighted by Christina Holt from Wedding Concepts South Africa. 

Tara Fay from Ireland additionally elaborates saying, “These couples have been the guests for lots of their friends’ weddings, especially where there are destination weddings. They are mindful of the accommodation options for their guests, and the costs for them.  They want to ensure that not all events are mandatory. They are mindful of their own free time and want to ensure that their guests do not feel under any pressure to attend a multi-day event and spend more on a hotel room that they are comfortable with.”

Image Courtesy: @ptaufiqphotography

Adding an element of creativity, Tiffany Bell, from Luxe Destination Weddings, says, “More couples are focussing on creating a personalized wedding day which extends to the overall aesthetic of their big day! Couples are getting more streamlined and specific with providing their guests direction on a guide of style to wear such as cocktail attire, beach formal, etc. They are now going one step further to ensure their wedding is cohesive by creating a color scheme, and additional guidance to ensure their wedding vision is upheld throughout.”

Capturing Love In Every Frame

In 2024, the essence of weddings transcends traditional norms as couples embark on a journey to immortalize their special day through unique and creative photography styles. 

Image Courtesy: @davidcphotography

“Documentarian Style Photography and social content will be a top priority in 2024. Couples want fewer posed portraits and more candid content. A dedicated team of photographers, videographers, and content creators, will be brought on-site to capture and post the event in real time,” remarks Jennifer Zabinski from JZ Events. 

With the help of social media, couples can hire social media photographers and videographers. Evelyn Mills, says, “They can create content of your wedding day on their mobile phones so that couples can post videos and pictures of their special day on their social media accounts. It’s faster, more creative, more interactive, and in many instances, more cost-effective.”

Image Courtesy: @davidcphotography

Another interesting development is editorial-styled wedding photo shoots. David Christopher from David Christopher Photography mentions, “We will be leaning even more into the fashion editorial style for wedding photos that look effortless and chic. Influenced by celebrity culture, wedding photography has gone way beyond the traditional elements and couples now look for a specific experience and lighting techniques that will bring them celebrity-style visuals of themselves such as the ‘Hollywood pap flash’ look in the evening. This comes from looking at more trend-led wedding blogs and content creators on social media channels.”

Sustainable & Chic

@Image Courtesy: @flyonthewall_wedding_photo & @gabrielasphotographyandfilm

In keeping up with the trend set in the previous year, 2024 too will witness a continued emphasis on sustainable and eco-friendly weddings.

“As environmental consciousness continues to grow, sustainable weddings are expected to gain prominence in 2025. Couples will be more mindful of their carbon footprint and will opt for eco-friendly choices in every aspect of their wedding, from invitations and decorations to food and favors. This trend is driven by the desire to create a meaningful and eco-conscious celebration that aligns with the couple’s values and reduces the impact on the environment,” says Tassia Davis from Beautiful Bride Events.

To further add to the idea of sustainable weddings, Danila Stela from Danila Stela Events, mentions a unique way to resume wedding celebrations- Greenhouses. “Couples are increasingly drawn to the unique and botanical atmosphere that greenhouses offer for wedding destinations. Greenhouse weddings take advantage of the lush, green surroundings and the abundance of plants and flowers. The natural beauty of the greenhouse creates a stunning backdrop for ceremonies and receptions.”

The trend of organizing sustainable and chic weddings has more to it. Nancy Barkley says, “This trend is not just about going paperless or using recycled materials. It also includes locally sourced and seasonal food, and pre-loved attire- Rock a vintage look with second-hand wedding gowns, suits, and accessories, that have a history and a charm.” She further talks about renting furniture and using biodegradable confetti and favors, and mentions, “Save money and resources by renting items like tables, chairs, and linens, instead of buying them. Celebrate with green alternatives like flower seeds, or potted succulents that your guests can take home and grow.”

“Couples will seek more eco-friendly alternatives and incorporate sustainability into various aspects of their wedding, starting with gentle diamonds as engagement ring alternatives, using environmentally friendly materials for decorations and guest favors, cutting down on unnecessary printing, opting for locally sourced and organic and plant-based food and beverages, serving pre-plated meals as opposed to wasteful buffets, and generally finding creative ways to reduce waste and minimize their carbon footprint,” says Evelyn Mills.

Tiny Affair, Big Love: Celebrating Micro Weddings

Image Courtesy: @photosbyreem + Planned by: @bastonishedevents

In 2024, the wedding landscape is witnessing a shift towards more intimate and personalized celebrations with couples increasingly drawn to the charm of micro weddings.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has reshaped the way we celebrate weddings, and the trend of intimate micro weddings is expected to continue in 2025. Couples will opt for smaller guest lists, focusing on quality over quantity. These intimate gatherings allow for more personalization, attention to detail, and meaningful connections with loved ones. Additionally, micro weddings are often more cost-effective and provide an opportunity for couples to prioritize experiences and create lifelong memories,” says Tassia Davis from Beautiful Bride Events.

Love Blooms In Bold & Bespoke Splendor

Image Courtesy: @josevilla

The year 2024 is set to witness a bold and vibrant revolution in wedding aesthetics. Couples are embracing a departure from soft hues and embracing bold colors.

“No two weddings are alike! Couples are expressing their unique personalities and tastes through vibrant color palettes. So, brighten up your wedding with rich and vivid colors like deep blues, emerald greens, and bold purples,” says Nancy Barkley.

Image Courtesy: @gregfinck + Planning by: @lakecomoweddings

Julie Bonenfant of Noces Du Monde further adds to the point and comments, “In 2024, weddings are embracing the renaissance of bright and flashy colors, which are making a comeback in a big way. Palettes of red, orange, and yellow tones, for a new energy. Pastel colors are not trendy anymore. Vibrant shades provide a dynamic backdrop to every wedding.” 

Likewise, Simone Tostes from Aonde Casar-Destination Wedding by Simone Tostes makes a similar statement and says, “Expect to see a rise in weddings featuring a mix of textures and bold color palettes in 2024. Couples are moving away from monochromatic schemes, embracing vibrant and contrasting colors alongside varied textures like velvet, metallics, and natural elements. This trend adds depth and visual interest to the decor, creating a lively and dynamic atmosphere.”

Image Courtesy: @tali__photography

“This is not just for florals but also for table linens, stationery, and all décor. Couples having pandemic weddings opted for more subtle color palettes and then coming out of the pandemic we were just starting to see colour. Now it’s a full-on kaleidoscope with couples being more confident with their choices,” says Tara Fay.

Pantone Color Of The Year: Peach Fuzz

Image Courtesy: @connieandstewart
Image Courtesy: @drenushaxharra &  @tietheknotsantorini

Capture the essence of joy and timeless charm in your 2024 wedding with the enchanting Pantone Color of The Year, Peach Fuzz. As couples explore vibrant and daring hues for their special day, Peach Fuzz emerges as the perfect choice to infuse your wedding canvas with happiness and unlimited cute vibes. 

Since the color is new and has just been announced as the color of the year, experts believe it will be used quite frequently among couples who wish to get hitched this year. Faustine from Fleurs Design believes it to trend and says, “Fuzz peach as it is the new Pantone color of the year!”

The color will also have an impact on fashion trends for 2024. “With the announcement of Pantone color of the year, we will see the fusion of Peach Fuzz as a neutral paired with bold tones of green, reds, and hues of blue. A fresh approach in using unexpected bold use of color with pattern play in the design or fashion will be trending this year,” says Jennifer Zabinski.

Dress To Impress, It’s A Guest Fashion Fest

Image Courtesy: @annaroussos & @thanosasfis

As we step into the wedding season of 2024, a remarkable trend is expected to take center stage- an unwavering emphasis on guest fashion themes. Guests are expected to bring their A-game, with fashion becoming a vibrant theme that adds an extra layer of excitement to the festivities.

Valentina Ring, says, “The wedding aesthetic is being taken to new heights with so many couples now partnering with professional stylists to curate their wardrobes for their wedding weekend, including multiple outfits on the wedding day to show off their personality. More nontraditional bridal outfits, more sophisticated bridal party choices, and more over-the-top and playful dress codes for guests – are IN.”

Image Courtesy: @latxina & @matthew_oliver_weddings

Matthew Oliver further adds, “We are seeing more couples creating themes for each day, and asking guests to deliver on the fashion for the weekend. Guests are given look-books with complete design ideas for their fashion inspo.”

Adding A Dash Of Flair & Drama With Drapes

Image Courtesy: @serenamorandiphotography & @maaikekolnerphotography

2024 is also expected to bring in a little drama and flair in terms of weddings. Brace yourself for the enchanting allure of dramatic drapes, set to grace the wedding scenes with an air of elegance and sophistication. 

Brooke Avishay from Orange Blossom Special Events, says, “Dramatic fabric draping! Fabric draping adds texture to otherwise bland walls in a ballroom or tented space. Lighting can also create this dimension but I think fabric draping will become huge in 2024 – and beyond.”

“I predict that there will be an increase in having simple ideas such as draping or candles but implemented on a large scale for maximum effect. We have seen some great examples in 2023 but I believe this year this will become a bigger trend,” says David Christopher.

Besides these, Linen draping is also all set to become popular among couples. “Linen draping is making a comeback, and no not the “typical curtain” you see at conferences, however, striped draping, spider draping, to create a messy linen style look and feel,” says Rebbeca Glen from The Wedding Fairy.

Nature As A Canvas

In 2024, weddings are set to immerse you in the perfect union of love and nature. Prepare to declare your love and commitment with the splendor of the natural world as your enchanting canvas!

Image Courtesy: @riccardociceri & @margaritacasati

“Nature as the canvas – stunning scenery & landscapes are the new favorite backdrops for ceremonies and cocktail hours,” says Christina Holt.

With couples enjoying special moments in the warm embrace of nature, Faustine says, “Some people would love a natural atmosphere with very organic decor, natural texture, and flowers. Nature will come inside for a magical day, with some little lights for a romantic touch.”

A few destinations that offer stunning natural backdrops include Tuscany and Northern Europe.

“With its renaissance and fine art, Tuscany offers more than just a wedding. You can also enjoy nature’s gift of an idyllic countryside backdrop,” says Ariel Leanne.

Image Courtesy: @miikahamalainen

“As nature is surprising us with spectacular northern lights and heavy snowfalls and unique scenarios, couples dream of having their wedding surrounded by spectacular nature, and Northern Europe is the perfect place,” adds Diana Da Ros from Diana Da Ros International Wedding & Events Agency.

Celebrate Your Love With A Local Twist

Image Courtesy: @vivaahcelebrations

In 2024, weddings are embracing a trend focused on incorporating cultural and local experiences. 

“We have seen families choosing local or cultural experiences at destinations and fusing them as part of the event schedule during the wedding celebration. For example, a hot air balloon ride for guests followed by lunch at the landing camp is a great way of unlocking the adventurous participation of all guests whilst making for some of the best photo and video content. Each destination has its own exclusive experiences that can be explored and incorporated as part of the wedding celebrations,” highlights Rahul Kumar from Vivaah Celebrations.

Image Courtesy: @marina.kliug.illustrator

“More interactive entertainment. We have more and more requests from our couple to make the wedding experience more interactive with local performances, some interactive elements like a photo booth, champagne wall, local calligrapher to write the guest’s name, garden games, or small local workshops for guests to do during cocktail hour. One of the big requirements we have from our couple is that they don’t want their guests to feel bored,” says Cyrielle Mohara from Chic & Co.

Christina Holt also highlights the local experience specific to South Africa, “Local entertainment highlights such as specialist bands, drumming circles, children’s choirs, and interesting highlight adds that “wow” element for just a few moments. This is what we are all about in beautiful South Africa. This is what clients want to experience.”

Say Hello To Custom-Tailored Menus

Image Courtesy: @sheiseverli
Image Courtesy: @blackpeppermintfoodco

In the dynamic realm of contemporary wedding trends unfolding in 2024, a captivating trend will take center stage— the infusion of customized tasting menus.

Customization is essential, as couples want to create a menu that reflects their personal tastes and preferences. This involves working closely with chefs and event planners to design a tailored menu that satisfies the most discerning palates,” mentions Indira Fodor.

Big Cakes

Image Courtesy: @bastien_blanc_tailleur
Wedding by: @sarahhaywoodweddings + cake by: @bastien_blanc_tailleur

No wedding celebration is complete without a spectacular and delectable wedding cake. In 2024 weddings, the spotlight is sure to fall on big and glamorous wedding cakes!

Julie Deffense Artistry from Luxury Wedding Cakes says, “Epic, elaborate wedding cakes set in prominent positions as a central feature. Luxury brides are often extremely appreciative of the arts, and I’ve noticed a giant increase in a couple’s interest in creating a one-of-a-kind artistic masterpiece to wow their guests. Surrounding their cake with floral structures, twinkling fairy lights, glittering chandeliers – the more extravagant and ornate the cake and its settings are, the more wow-tactic the impact.”

Apart from being huge, these cakes would also bring in a unique twist of sugar beading and other intricate details inspired by bridal gowns and the fashion world. Julie says, “A lot of my high-end brides have custom, couture gowns commissioned by the best international fashion designers in the world. A lot of my inspiration comes from the fashion world, and my brides seek me out because I’m willing to spend months hand-beading a cake with a pair of tweezers, using a custom beaded gown as inspiration.”

White Is Coming Back In A Big Way

Image Courtesy: @state_photography & @gregfinck

2024 weddings are all about couples joyfully embracing bold and bespoke hues. However, amidst this vibrant tapestry of colors, the timeless elegance of white is making a comeback.

Rita Toufec Najem, from Solnu Events, says, “I see white trending again! After the neon and one-color invasion theme, I see a full white setup coming back.”

Sharon Massoura, Weddings In Paphos also says, “Couples, although destination weddings usually are quite colorful, we are finding that weddings have gone back to being classic white and simply shades of green. I feel that these will take weddings into a different league. We can expect to see white is the new wedding color for abroad.”

Christina Holt, mentions, “Moody is trending! A move away from blush & whites is thankfully making a comeback.”

Tie The Knot In A Fashionable Style In 2024

Image Courtesy: @zuhairmuradofficial & @germanlarkin

Embrace style and elegance in your 2024 wedding by looking for the perfect bride or groom in your ravishing outfits. This year, there will be a fashion trend for both brides and grooms.

Kajal Patel from EventsbyKajal mentions, “Brides will collaborate with renowned fashion designers to seek one-of-a-kind creations featuring intricate handcrafted details, luxurious fabrics, and couture craftsmanship that exemplify timeless elegance.”

“The New York Bridal Fashion Week Fall collections showcased a revisiting of late 90’s fashion trends.  From the voluminous ballgowns, we saw on rom-coms, to the ever-trendy wraps and peplum bodices, to more traditional sleek gowns juxtaposed with oversized bows, the influence of the era will be seen in bridal fashion across the board,” says Jennifer Zabinski.

Even groom fashion is all set to grab the spotlight this year. Talking about it, Tara Fay mentions, “In the past few years it has all been about the bride and the bridal stylist. Grooms now want to get in on the act and they are not just happy with having a second jacket for the after-party. They want a stylist and to ensure time is allocated to their wardrobe and grooming.”

Let’s Party!

Image Courtesy: @parazarme

This year, weddings are expected to place a heightened emphasis on creating a lively and enjoyable atmosphere for both the couple and their guests. The idea is to have more parties for a more memorable experience.

Diana Da Ros also adds saying, “Why having fun for just one day? Wedding celebrations are becoming multiple-day parties, not just on consecutive days but more parties during the year, in different seasons and locations, especially if the couple has friends and relatives in different countries. A sort of year-round celebration, having civil, religious, and symbolic wedding ceremonies on different dates and locations.”

Let’s Ditch The Formality & Dive Into The Fun

Image Courtesy: @parazarme

Along with embracing bold and edgy bridal looks, 2024 will also witness a departure of traditions and a more casual and fun wedding day! There will be no room for formalities.

“Couples want to celebrate with their loved ones but are letting go of traditions that feel outdated or not right for them; this is being reflected in their choices for outfits, vow wording, decor, catering style, vendors, and much more. Weddings are becoming less and less structured, and we’re delighted to see this trend continue shining in 2024. Formality just for formality’s sake is very much OUT.” says Valentina Ring

Get Ready To Groove, As We Say, “I Do”

Image Courtesy: @freyasteelephotography
Image Courtesy: @juliuspaull & @anniedarrphoto

Step into 2024 with a delightful blend of nostalgia and fun as the resurgence of retro weddings takes center stage. 

Talking about retro weddings, Evelyn Mills shares interesting insights saying, “Nostalgia has always been a part of weddings and this year we celebrate what once was old is new again with a throwback to Retro. Retro is back so look out for colorful cakes, pink Cadillacs, movie-themed parties, instant Polaroid photos, photography-styled videos, and DJ’s spinning vinyl records. It’s all about fun and nostalgia! Caution is thrown to the wind this year as couples go full-on fun!”

Turning Weekends Into Forever: Where Love Meets Leisure

Image Courtesy: @cameracrew.in

2024 will also witness a surge in weekend weddings! So, all the future brides and grooms-to-be, get ready to enjoy your special day which will be the perfect blend of romance and weekend magic!

Full weekends are definitely on the rise and are a trend for 2024, from night prior drinks to post-wedding day brunches and celebrations, including BBQs and casual post-wedding celebrations. Many venues have also noticed this and will now offer hire for the full weekend. It’s such a great opportunity to relax, extend those celebrations, and not have to feel like everything is rushed into one day, especially if guests have had to travel,” shared insightfully by Hannah Rose.

Quiet Luxury

Image Courtesy: @ericabrencistudio & @ivash_photography

In the ever-evolving landscape of weddings, a new and refined trend is emerging: the concept and idea of quiet luxury events. The realm of 2024 weddings is all set to witness this growing trend. 

Simitakops gives her insights on the topic and states, “Quiet Luxury continues to reign supreme. I have had clients who could easily afford over-the-top celebrations who have opted for curated menus and luxurious experiences for their guests instead. They prefer intimate centerpieces, bespoke details, and craftsmanship over labels and loudness, desiring to focus on the celebration of their relationship instead of social media optics.”

Adding to it, Cyrille Mohara believes Monochrome and clean aesthetics are likely to trend this year. She says, “Following the quiet luxury trend, designs tend to be more simple and refined with very clean and modern aesthetics which makes it more luxurious.”

Final Thoughts

So, destination weddings in 2024, will witness couples embracing a new wave of innovative ideas. They will infuse their special day with a personalized touch, creating an enriching experience for both themselves and their guests.