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Fun Wedding Guest Book Ideas For All Couples

Apart from wedding photos, couples usually arrange a guest book for their loved ones to sign. It’s a timeless way to memorialize the day and the people present to celebrate with you, but at times, these tend to be sidelined to a bookshelf sooner or later. Although, more couples now are moving away from the traditional guest books to unique and functional alternatives. And we’re all for it! Allowing you to get quirky and infuse more of your personality, an interactive guest book makes for a fun experience and serves as a chic decor element in your new home. Here are a few lovable ideas to inspire you.


Old-School Ways In Modern Days


wedding polaroid guest books

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The vintage polaroids have made a comeback and become a popular trend, especially among the youth. And since it would take your photographer weeks to send your edited photos, polaroid snaps are perfect for creating instant memories to reminice right after. You can also include them in your photo booth so your guests will have one to keep for themselves. A second alternative is this cool rotary phone that allows guests to record sweet messages for the couple to listen to. Different from the tradition of writing down your wishes, this idea is one of our favorites!


For The Literary Lovers


wedding guest book alternatives

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This one is for all our reading hobbyists out there. If you love books but don’t really want to go the traditional route for guests to sign, here’s a creative twist you might like. Ask your friends and family to flag encouraging and lovely words to create a meaningful, long-lasting memento. A typewriter is another vintage device that adds a unique vibe and makes for a fun and engaging way to share messages. This is a fun activity for guests to be party of, and is more exciting that a hand-written note.


Get Creative With A Blank Canvas


creative wedding guest books

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Looking to get a little artsy with your guest book? Give them a blank canvas! Invite your guests to express their creativity using blank cards and a few colors. You can have these cards hung up on the wall later as a unique decorative element you can look back at. You can also do the same with quilt squares and have them stitched together to create a personalized quilt you can use. You won’t just get a one-of-a-kind cover, but have a close reminder of your wedding day and the people who love you that were there to celebrate with you.


Saying It In Song


musical guest book ideas

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Music enthusiasts will love this special idea! Celebrate your love for music by setting out a handful of vinyls from your favorite artists or one of your wedding song for your guests to sign their name. Setting up a customised blank score for attendees to leave their prints on is also a beautiful idea that we love. And if you’re musically inclined, you could try to play your signature love song with these prints!


Hearts & A Shadow Box


shadow box wedding guest book

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A shadow box display with heart shaped tokens allows guests to sign their love and drop it in so you can have the framed pieces sit in your living room as a sweet memorabilia. And if you’re looking to get more creative with these, customise your own mad-lib cards for guests to fill out so you can read them in the years to come. We also love the idea of a customised calendar for your friends and family to write their messages on. This way, you get to start every day with sweet notes from the people you love.


You Mean The World


unique wedding guest book ideas

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Adventurous couples that love traveling the world together can get a customized globe or map for guests to sign. Have the leave suggestions for your travel bucket list so you can cross them off through the years together, a fun little activity that (literally) goes a long way!


Message In A Bottle


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Messages in a bottle is the perfect idea to incorporate into a nautical-themed or beach wedding. Friends and family can drop notes into each bottle for you to read during your upcoming anniversaries. A similar alternative to this is getting wine bottles signed to open each one in celebration of a milestone anniversary in the future, making them more special and nostalgic.


With these guest book ideas, we’re sure everyone will have the best time creating personal memories not just for you, but for themselves too! Get crazy with your own twists to these if you wish to, and give your guests an experience they won’t forget.


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