Floral Spring Wedding Inspiration For A Seasonal Reset In 2023

Spring wedding season is getting closer, and the preparations for it are in full swing now. Flowers, quite literally, bring your wedding to life, especially if you’re planning a spring wedding. Flowers are intertwined into your wedding, from the bouquet you hold to tabletop arrangements, there are various spaces where you can incorporate florals. With FLOWERS as one of the biggest trends for spring weddings in 2023, here’s this year’s inspiration for your gorgeous spring wedding in 2023!


‘Cause There’s Never Too Many Flowers


Wedding Planner: @fadifattouh / Picture Courtesy: @candid.image


Talk about the massive floral structures and we have this stunning inspiration here. Spring weddings can’t be justified without flowers and if there’s never enough flowers concept exist in your dictionary then have your aisle setup embellished like this with minimalistic furniture decor and a huge ceremonial backdrop.


Sweet Delights


Pictures Courtesy: @kaiacakesandco


Talk with your cake baker about designing a single-tiered cutting cake, featuring 2023 trends like dried, edible flowers, translucent isomalt designs, three-dimensional brush strokes, gold foil detailing and seas of pearls. We totally love this edible flower bouquet idea by Kaia Cakes. You get your florals and dose of sweetness in one!


Astonishing Piece of Dresses


Pictures Courtesy: @normanandblake & @moniquelhuillier


Don’t forget that bridal party fashion also informs the vibe of your big day! While we’ll always adore a floral-print bridesmaid dress, we can’t help but recommend these pastel-printed jumpsuits. Spring wedding dresses in sexy silhouettes are also trending during bridal fashion week. Bridal fashion week was an array of wedding gowns adorned with sequins, florals, and beading.


Let’s Take That Drive


Picture Courtesy: @yana_korn


It’s official—we’re ready for spring weddings. If there’s one thing we all love about spring, it’s the blossom. And here’s a creative idea to use them. Sometimes you just want to hop into a floral-filled vintage car and embrace your true self. The focus was set on light rose colors, stylish highlights, soft textures, and edgy shapes to create a unique attitude of celebration.


You Deserve A Perfect Backdrop


Pictures Courtesy: @carousel_weddings_events & @shadesproduction


The feeling of a spring wedding is romantic, elegant, and timeless. Together with the venue’s architectural elements create a refined environment with a pastel color palette that truly stands out amid the ceiling arches. Pastels are another classic spring color scheme and pale pinks and purples mixed with touches of bare minimum foliage are incredibly romantic.

We Love Blooms!


Pictures Courtesy: @allentsaiphoto & @colonialhouseofflowers


With so many flowers in season during the spring months, your options are nearly endless when it comes to your bridal bouquet. Bold and bright colors look fantastic for the wedding bouquet. Bright colors create a jubilant environment for you and your guests. Some colors you can consider are; light pink, turquoise, cerulean blue, spring lavender, neutral blue, magenta, mustard, fuchsia, and yellow.


Feature Image Credit: Photography @sabatinomaistofotografo @enzorando / Planner @ciralombardoevents