Floral Hairstyles With A Whimsical Flair For Every Confident Bride

What’s the ideal hairpiece for a winter bride? Flowers! Wedding hairstyles with fresh flowers can be worn however you envision yourself coming down the aisle, whether it be an updo, a half-up hairstyle, or wavy locks. Selecting your wedding hairdo can resemble completing your whole bridal beauty appeal, so you should give it the attention it deserves. Do you want to make a statement? Then, for an extra touch of elegance, add fresh flower accents to your hairstyle!

If you’re the kind of bride who loves to make things elegant yet modest, you don’t have to don a complete crown of flowers. Then, all you have to do is give your hairdo the ideal amount of freshness, color, and floral accents. And as the star of the show, you are ready to make an impression at the wedding.

Of course, not all floral hairstyles have fresh blooms. Choose a hairpiece made of silk, metal, or crystal if you want something a little more sturdy that will stay in place while you dance the night away. Are you ready to witness all of these beautiful inspirations for yourself? This blog is for every bride who wants to wear romantic bridal hairstyles with floral embellishments.


The Bold You


Pictures Courtesy: @bellakotak & @carolineopacicphotography  


Let’s raise strong women, get to know them, and strive to be strong women. We adore it when women incorporate vibrant flowers, especially if they are having a destination wedding in a tropical area where gorgeous exotic blooms like these are appropriate. Dramatic flowers in striking colors can be used to finish the hairstyle, which will make you look elegant and beautiful. It’s time for your bridal entrance to reflect the fearless, resilient, and brave woman you are.


Own The Crown


Pictures Courtesy: @nisharavji & @carololiva_photography 


Flower crowns were a classic fashion accessory associated with peace and love, both of which were movement values, in the late 1960s, a time period that is essentially synonymous with hippie culture. Although the hippie look was a counterculture at the time, it had an impact on mainstream fashion, which led to the return of flower crowns as a popular wedding accessory.

A whimsical vibe is emitted by coral-hued blooms and beaded headbands. The way the blooms were kept off the bride’s face and at the nape of her neck to anchor her free-flowing hair is something we really like.


Half-Up, Half-Down Flowers


Pictures Courtesy: @bystephanievelez & @thewhiteflower 


The half updo has a timeless charm, even though there are so many ways to customize it to meet your personality and wedding design. In ten years, you won’t look back at your wedding pictures and regret wearing your hair half up to complete your bridal style and enhance your beauty.

One lovely hairdo would be to wear delicate florals while walking down the aisle with glossy half-up, half-down hair. The way the greenery highlights this bride’s swoon-worthy features has seriously left us in awe.


Braided Blooms


Pictures Courtesy: @_lfedphoto & @kayfishphoto 


Oh la la! This hairdo, which includes braids to add aesthetic impact, has won our hearts. Face-framing tendrils and a flowery swag that fits to one side of the head add boho romance to this simple fishtail. And that is the way to infuse a modern wedding with a hint of old charm.


Romantic Updo


Pictures Courtesy: @annapretoriusphotographypreth & @katiedalee  


There are many wedding hairstyle trends that come and go, but the bridal updo is one that never fails to look beautiful. By adding flowers, this bridal updo can become even more glamorous, creating a stunning appearance. And the tiny buds and dusty, romantic tones had us drooling.


Feature Image Courtesy: @giuseppe_giovannelli