Experts Forecast Top 21 Locations For 2021 Destination Weddings

Pandemic- ✓         Stress- ✓          Restrictions- ✓  Now it’s time to bounce back again!

With 2020 almost coming to the end, we are OPTIMISTIC, we are ENERGETIC and we are READY to enter the mesmerizing world of destination weddings all over again. When it comes to browsing destination wedding locations, the world truly is your oyster. However, some spots are more popular than others.

When planning a destination wedding, you’ll want to consult the pros. An expert wedding planner can help choose the location, the venue, and navigate the ins and outs of working in a foreign country. Regardless of where you have your sights set for your upcoming destination wedding, be sure to check for safety and travel bans before asking friends and family to travel across the world. To help you answer the question of where in the world you’ll wed, we reached out to expert planners across the globe to share their top destination wedding locations for 2021 weddings. To keep it simple and straight, we asked them three questions – unique aspects, legal requirements, and tips/advice that will help you to narrow down your dream wedding destination.

Here, 21 destinations across the globe to consider for your 2021 wedding!


1. United Arab Emirates


Picture Courtesy: @eventchicdesigns / Venue:@atlantisthepalm

Expert: Jardel Da Silva, CEO, Eventchic Designs, UAE

Unique Aspects: Dubai is very diverse since the people living here are mostly ex-pats. Thus, locations such as wedding venues and ballrooms are very dynamic and offer a different mood. The wedding venues are very beautiful and distinguishable. Almost every location is accessible. Dubai caters to all of our needs and lets us order in instead of going out. Usually, anything that you may wish for can be sourced locally and the prices are very competitive. The extravagance and glamour that you will witness in almost second to none. A great example is Burj Al Arab which is commonly known as the “7-star hotel” and the icon of Dubai.

Legal Requirements: Getting legally married in Dubai is quite difficult and here are some of the requirements that are needed (this includes but not limited to)
– Bride’s approval
– Valid Passport
– The couple should have a valid visa residence visa in Dubai, but if any of the spouses only has a visit visa, then he or she will have to undergo a proper medical examination before getting married in UAE.

However, you can still plan and enjoy your wedding in Dubai or any other Emirate, by having a symbolic wedding ceremony, conducted by a wedding celebrant and held in a location of your choice. A symbolic wedding ceremony/wedding blessing would usually take place outside during the day, in a beach or garden setting.

Tips/Advice: For anyone that wants an outdoor wedding or reception, the best time of the year to get married in Dubai is around November to April which brings the most pleasant weather. You have a lot of options for venues when getting married in Dubai. With an abundance of luxury five-star hotels in the area, all offering excellent services and fantastic sceneries, it is difficult to suggest one specific venue. However, when choosing a venue, my advice is to pick the venue that matches the atmosphere, ambiance and experience that you prefer. Last but not least, don’t hesitate to hire a wedding planner. Planning a wedding can be a daunting task and extremely stressful especially in a destination unknown. The most important thing to choose a wedding planner is their experience and how long are they working in the industry. You can get recommendations from the hotels, past clients or even by looking at their social media.


2. Thailand


Picture Courtesy: @tylerrye_ / Planner: @theweddingblissthailand

Expert: Nanya Tanthapaiboon, Founder of The Wedding Bliss Thailand 

Unique Aspects: Thailand is full of natural beauty. The beaches are stunning of course, but you can also hold your wedding at a jungle lodge, a mountain retreat, in a botanical garden, or even at a private villa. The land of smiles is also popular as it’s a cost-effective choice.

Thailand was ranked third in the Global COVID-19 Recovery Index (GCI). Now the Thai government is preparing to welcome tourists. It has private beaches like Koh Samui, Bangkok, Phuket, Krabi that the couple can consider to host weddings outdoor. Along with privacy, this country has been equipped with impeccable hygiene standards and the medical industry is also booming to cater to emergency needs. Thailand is also an excellent choice for eco-friendly weddings.

Legal Requirements: Foreigners who are wishing to marry shall appear in person with their respective passports and arrival card at their Embassy in Thailand to complete declarations attesting that he/ she is single and free to marry under Thai Law and the registration shall be effected by a Thai Diplomatic or Consular Officer.

Tips/Advice: Hire a local wedding planner and enjoy your day!


3. Indonesia


Picture Courtesy: @innazcommunique

ExpertInnayat Khubchandani, Director of Innaz Communique, Indonesia

Unique Aspects: Beach, the island of Gods and the people. Bali is very versatile, every couple is sure to have a venue that they love. Whether you choose to have a beach wedding on a private island, the jungle, or on a cliff, the scenes around will form the perfect background for your wedding pictures. It is for everyone and can accommodate all budgets.

Legal Requirements: None at all, at the end of the wedding ceremony, the country will provide you with a marriage certificate.

Tips/Advice: Make sure you have valid visas, be ready to have some fun in the sun and work closely with your local vendors.


4. Greece


Picture Courtesy: @fyeforyourevent

Expert: Thomas Politis, FYE- For Your Event, Greece

Unique Aspects: Even though 3 things are not many, the Greek hospitality in liaison with the Greek cuisine and taste is a sense that will be unforgettable to the couple and their valued guests. Additionally, we strongly believe that Greece is an ideal destination since a visitor can combine the element of the sea and the mountain at the same time but also individually covering all tastes.  There are so many domestic destinations that can be visited at all seasons. Many historical monuments and sightseeing can become the wedding backdrops making a moment unique. For example, imagine yourselves getting married having the Temple of Poseidon in your background.

Legal Requirements: The legal minimum age for marriage is 18 years old. You’ll also have to go through a waiting period between your application for marriage and your wedding date.

  • A valid passport
  • A birth certificate with the Apostille stamp certifying the copy
  • An official Apostille translated into Greek, which can be certified by a lawyer, a foreign ministry’s translation department, a certified translator or the Greek consulate from your home country
  • Proof of freedom to marry, or affidavit of marriage, notarised, in both English and Greek
  • A decree of absolution of your previous marriage, if applicable
  • A copy of the local newspaper where your intent to marry was published

Tips/Advice: As per our experience the preferred season with the highest demand for weddings in Greece is from May to September. Although in the latest years, October has shown some increase in demand as the weather has been warmer and nicer giving the opportunity to host outdoor events. As COVID-19 is something new to all of us, the scenario of planning a wedding in November is open but our strongest advice is to follow the measures and necessary precautions by the authorities. On a different note and generally speaking, November is a beautiful month of Fall with beautiful colors and weather conditions. Our main advice is to choose a domestic destination.


5. Italy


Planner: @biancobouquetweddings / Picture Courtesy: @davidbastianoni

Expert: Costanza Giaconi, CEO, Founder & Wedding Planner, Bianco Bouquet // Elisa Mocci, Destination Wedding Designer, Elisa Mocci Events // Michelle Jacobs, Owner and Lead Wedding Planner, Elegante by Michelle J, UK

Unique Aspects: “Nature and its incredible landscapes, they are different in all regions. Art and historical venues: castles, villas, Italian gardens, churches, and amazing food!” Says Costanza.

Michelle, who has a niche specialization in Italian weddings for Jewish couples highlighted why UK and US-based Jewish couples choose Italy for their destination wedding. “The beautiful locations and properties, the fantastic food and the ability to blend the Italian wedding traditions with our Jewish traditions.”

Legal Requirements: “It depends on the country of origin of the couples. Generally, they only need Nulla Osta from their embassy in Italy. Some countries like the USA or Australia also require the Atto Notorio and all documents must be translated.” Tells Costanza.

“Most of my couples choose to handle the legal requirements via a civil wedding at home as their Rabbi (usually flown to Italy from home) will not have the right to perform a legal ceremony in Italy. But the Jewish marriage ceremony – the Chuppah –  is the “main event” as far as Jewish weddings are concerned.” Shares Michelle

Tips/Advice: “Choose to hire a local planner to avoid language barriers and misunderstandings. Think about logistics: many venues are amazing but not always easy to reach!” Emphasizes Costanza.

“Outdoor weddings are super, we have beautiful, dreamy natural landscapes, from Italian gardens to the countryside. Choose a date between May and October, it’s the most beautiful moment of the year for weddings; the weather is warm and sunny mostly all the time. Avoid August, in some regions, it’s too hot. If the couple is dreaming of an unforgettable experience, Italy offers several activities in an authentic “weddingweekend.” From kitchen classes, olive oil or wine tasting, al fresco rehearsal dinner or funny boat trip by the lake or sea… Italy is the place-to-be for glamorous, high-end and discerning couples from all over the world.” Highlights Elisa


6. France


Planner: @rdvinparis / Picture Courtesy: @forthephoto

ExpertHeather Jerue, Founder & Director, Rendez-vous in Paris

Unique Aspects: Incredible historic venues, world-renowned food & wines! France is a country known for its elaborate receptions and festive soirées!

Legal Requirements: Legal ceremonies are complicated, with 40-day residency restrictions, however, we hold romantic and meaningful religious and symbolic ceremonies regularly!

Tips/Advice: Hire a knowledgeable wedding planner, with privileged relationships, who can get you into exclusive, historic, famous, and/or secret venues, and who can give your guests experiences they can’t plan for themselves!  Think variety, when planning your wedding weekend. France is known for its culture and art, history and luxury, sensuality and romance. Give your guests a taste of the modern and the history over several days of wedding events. Don’t hesitate to splurge on an amazing photo/video team. We are lucky enough to have some extremely talented vendors, based in France. They will capture the incredible memories you’ll make, so you can share, relive and pass them down.


7. Bermuda


Planner: @dasfete / Picture Courtesy: @victoriaangelaphoto

Expert: Linda Mitchell, Destination Wedding Travel Advisor, Luxury Destination Travel

Unique Aspects: Bermuda is charming, unique, safe and full of many diverse wonderful venues like Unfinished Church, beautiful intimate coves, Commissioner’s House and museum and diverse types of hotels for wedding guests. Bermuda is easy to get to, an island in the mid-Atlantic with a brand new set to open international airport. Flights from many gateways, nonstop and connections. Bermuda’s colors of vivid azure blue cerulean waters with iconic pink sands create an amazing backdrop to your events, allowing for more minimalist decor.

Legal Requirements: Intended couples must be over age 16, but if under 18 have parents permission to marry. A completed Notice of Intended marriage form along with applicable fee filed 3 months or less from the wedding date. A local member of the clergy from one of the many places of worship as well as 2 witnesses age 18 pr older must be present at the ceremony. Alternatively, a Civil Ceremony can be performed by Bermuda Registrar in the Registry General’s Marriage room or a designated location throughout the island.

Tips/Advice: Bermuda is beautiful year-round – however for a more tropical weather event, choose May – September. For a sub-tropical event choose October – May. January and February tend to be the least desirable months for outdoor weddings. Enlist the help of a Destination Wedding Travel planner to help you and your guests with travel plans including host hotel room blocks and contracts. Know the traditions and culture and include them in your celebration! The Gombey dancers, a Moongate (good luck), two wedding cakes (bride’s and Groom’s) Bermuda Cedar ceremonial planting, Horse and Carriage ride to ceremony.


8. Ibiza, Spain


Picture Courtesy: @marina.scholze / Venue: @7pineskempinski_ibiza

Expert: Johanna Carlsson, Head of Events, Deliciously Sorted, Ibiza

Unique Aspects: Ibiza has everything, beautiful beach-side locations, secret garden restaurants, cliff-top villas, vineyards and olive farms, the most exclusive restaurants in the world and of course the most famous nightclubs in the world!
Ibiza is so conveniently located! Only 2 hours from London, with direct flights to all of Europe during the summers and even direct flights to the US – it’s such an easy location to get to for couples and their guests!
There are no limits here, no requests too big or small, let your imagination flow! Ibiza is such a creative place, there is nothing we can’t provide for our clients, even the craziest ideas can become a reality.

Legal Requirements: Assuming that neither of you is a resident in the Balearics (if you see below), there are a few options; a Catholic ceremony in a Catholic church, an Anglican church blessing or a spiritual ceremony. Firstly, if either of you is a Catholic, you may marry in one of the Catholic churches legally in the Balearics. We can put you in touch with the Catholic church coordinator who will book the church for you and handle the paperwork for you. You will also need to enlist the help of your local priest who will take you through the paperwork you need to do in your home country and a ‘preparation course’. If neither of you is Catholic but your preference is a traditional church wedding, you could choose the Anglican church for a blessing. This ceremony produces a marriage certificate although not legally binding, so you would need to combine it with a civil ceremony in your home country. We can put you in touch with the Anglican church coordinator over here.

The remaining option is a spiritual ceremony and this option offers you complete freedom and flexibility in terms of the
location and style of your celebration. You may also choose a celebrant (who performs the ceremony). This option also requires you to hold a civil ceremony back at home to legalize your marriage. Any Spanish residents may marry in the local Town Hall following an application to the Civil Register in Ibiza or Mallorca or, of course, in the Catholic church if one or the other is Catholic. A legal civil ceremony is open to same-sex couples, following recent changes to legislation as is of course is a spiritual blessing.

Tips/Advice: Hire a wedding planner! There is a myriad of suppliers and venues on the island, and not all of them are present on social media, hire someone with local knowledge to help you find those providers and venues that will fit your style and preferences best!
We always recommend to arrange an event the day before and/or the day after your wedding as well – it’s such a nice way to bond with your guests! As all of your friends and family are flying out to share this beautiful day with you both it’s always a great idea to make sure they are looked after the day before and after. A boat trip to Formentera, a relaxing dinner or drink reception at a garden restaurant, a hangover BBQ at your villa, or maybe a paella at a local beachside venue – there are so many ways of giving your wedding weekend that extra touch.
Visit the island in advance, there are some venues here on the island which are absolutely stunning that not everyone knows about – so be sure to do your research and come out and visit us in the offseason to view the locations in person, it’s always very different than seeing them in photos.


9. Turkey


Picture Courtesy: @nilyumweddingbodrum

Expert: Nilden Gezer, Co-founder, Nilyum Event Design & Wedding Planner, Turkey // Cemre Tepeler, Parter, KM Events, Turkey

Unique Aspects: Nilden beautifully starts by saying “Here, East meets West.” She further adds- “Being easily accessible from different points of the world. it has a wide flight network with direct flights of Turkish Airlines from the airports of many different destinations, especially in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia during the long summer season to Bodrum, Antalya, Istanbul.”

Nilden shares- When you first come to Bodrum, the writing of a famous Turkish poet welcomes you:
“Hello there,
When you come uphill, you will see Bodrum,
Do not think that you will go as you came ..
Those before you were like this,
They always left their minds in Bodrum … “

Similar sentiments are shared by Cemre as she says- “Turkey is in the center of the world. Due to its geographical position, it is close to Europe, and not too far from the East Coast-USA. It is suitable for a destination wedding as couples invite their friends and family from all over the world, they can fly easily and directly to Turkey.”

Lux Turkish Hospitality and Tourism is another reason pointed by Nilden. “Extremely modern luxury marinas, shopping areas, entertainment venues, luxurious boutique hotels and world-renowned luxury brand chain hotels and many other places identified with Bodrum await you for these epic beauties. The bazaars where you can shop and have fun during the day, restaurants and cafes where you can sit and have a rest, and many famous entertainment clubs where you can have fun until morning offer a pleasant reason to come to Bodrum. Different hotels offer couples who want to get married the opportunity to have wonderful weddings with the warmth of the Aegean and the Mediterranean by offering very beautiful outdoor facilities/areas. You will give your guests different experiences with daily yacht tours and historical tours, a diving experience, hiking trails, sea sports, and many more.”

On a similar note, Cemre points “Turkey has a lot of options. If you are looking for a beach wedding, Bodrum-the new St.Tropez-has a variety of beautiful beach wedding venues to offer. You can find the modern touch, beach feeling as well as history and Middle Eastern vibes in this all-in-one country.”

Nilden emphasizes rich historical texture with its magnificent nature, turquoise sea, and lace-like bays make another point for choosing Turkey for your wedding. “Turkey’s marvelous nature, rich vegetation, and climate diversity have an incredible deep-rooted history and culture. In the Aegean and Mediterranean regions, thousands of green tones of various trees merge with the turquoise sea.  Bodrum, home to lux marinas and yachts, is the starting point of the blue voyage with gulets and exclusive luxury yachts. All coasts of the Aegean have been the subject of mythology. And its centuries-old history has been home to civilizations and states such as Caria, Leleg, Pers, Dor, Helen, Roman, Byzantine, and Ottoman from Antiquity to the present, and the historical texture of those days; museums and Bodrum Mausoleion Monument Museum, one of the 7 wonders of the ancient world, continues to bring it to the present day.”

“Turkey has unique and remarkable venues that are rare to find in any part of the world. In Istanbul, a Bosphorus bridge view that connects Asia and Europe together is a breathtaking view for a wedding as well as historical palaces from the Ottoman empire that could be used for weddings.” Adds Cemre.

Legal Requirements: “1- Marriage License Certificate (Certificate of celibacy)
2- Birth Certificate (Translation from Notary Public)
3- Original and Photocopy of Passport and Notarised Turkish translation of Passports
4- 5 Passport Photographs
5- Health Report (signed and stamped) obtained from the Local GP (in Turkey) or
from the State Hospital.
When the couples reach us, we, as a company, accompany our couples for all these procedures, to easily complete the transactions.” Tells Nilden

Tips/Advice: “Before choosing wedding venues, they should definitely work with an experienced and reliable local wedding planner and benefit from their experience and suggestions. Local wedding planners are always the people who know the region and venues best. They take care of all details on your behalf and share accurate information with you.
*They should reserve the hotel and wedding planner selection starting 1 year in advance, and allow a sufficient time interval for preparations so that all wedding details are planned well.
*Couples planning their wedding in southern Turkey; they should determine the most appropriate time. Especially considering that 5-star hotels in the south generally have open-air event areas; It is also useful to choose the dates of late May, June, July, August and the beginning of September when the risk of precipitation is low. Together with the wedding planners, they can discuss the appropriate time with the chosen place,” shares Nilden.

“The venue, the most important part comes from selecting the right venue. You have to make an inspection as feeling the venue is much more different than viewing a picture of it and find the right one that matches your expectations and the number of guests.
-Consider the guest experience. While planning your wedding night, don’t forget to provide a unique destination experience to your guests. This will make the wedding week an unforgettable getaway for your guests as well.
-Customize the details: The details are small but when they come together they make the wedding week even more beautiful. In a destination wedding, the customized details should start from the first moment your guests step into their room and continue till the end. Think of the ways to customize some decoration details as well and make sure that they are made only for you,” tells Cemre.


10. United Kingdom


Planner: @radhikaandyou / Picture Courtesy: @katiejulia_ / Venue: @englishheritage

Expert: Radhika Nathwani, Wedding Planner, Radhika & You

Unique Aspects: The UK has many beautiful properties from manor houses in the countryside, heritage sites, boutique properties to iconic landmark venues, central London hotels and resorts. The options are endless. Depending on your personal style, there will definitely be a property perfect for you and your other half.
The United Kingdom is full of history and culture to experience for you and your guests. There is so much to do and to explore across the country which definitely makes it a top choice for a destination wedding and great for the guest experience too.
The UK is very multicultural and the wedding industry itself is made up of suppliers that can cater to various types of wedding celebrations and cultures.

Legal Requirements: If you are living in England or Wales, you can get married or form a civil partnership if you are 16 or over, not already married or in a civil partnership, or not closely related. In England and Wales, you must give at least 28 days’ notice to the local Register Office before the wedding can take place. Both partners must be resident for 7 days in England or Wales before a notice is given and notice must state where the marriage will take place. Plenty of advice can be found on the Gov.UK website which is particularly helpful if you are living abroad: www.gov.uk/marriages-civil-partnerships

Tips/Advice: There are so many venues across the country, so really spend time researching your options to ensure you don’t overlook any golden gems. If you are looking to have a legal civil ceremony in the United Kingdom, do check if the property allows for a legal ceremony to be held there, as a venue must currently be approved by the local authority to conduct such ceremonies. With any destination, the weather is never guaranteed and so we would always recommend for you to have a plan B if you are planning for an outdoor ceremony in the UK.


11. Zambia


Picture Courtesy: @stepanvrzalaphoto / Planner: @lovefrommwai

Expert: Mwai Yeboah, Creative Director/Founder, Love From Mwai, UK

Unique Aspects: It has the 7th wonder of the world- The Victoria Falls- which can make this an ideal destination for a wedding and a honeymoon combined with many beautiful and extraordinary experiences. Beautiful Scene and a lot of options for spaces or areas to get married in. It has a unique and beautiful culture which can be infused in the wedding, friendly people, good food, peaceful.

Legal Requirements: A visa on entry or online depending on the couple’s citizenship
*Notice to the council of intention to get married if the couple wants to have a legal ceremony in Zambia
*21days before the wedding
*Non- committal letter from the registrar in the country of origin
*Affidavit form clearly stating full details of parties intending to wed, full details of Parents to parties intending to wed, and full details of witnesses
*The Above are required at least 21 days prior to the wedding
*The total price is USD 1,000.00 for the entire process

Tips/Advice: Embrace the culture and try and support the local artisans or vendors by using locally sourced items and vendors as this will help to elevate the community. Make sure you have anti-malaria tablets or injections before you travel. Have fun and enjoy the local experiences, Zambia is such a beautiful destination.


12. Malta


Picture Courtesy: @sarahyoungevents

Expert: Sarah Young, Director, Y Plan Events Ltd, Malta

Unique Aspects: Malta has one of the best climates in the world with close to 10 months of sunshine, moderate temperatures throughout most of the year and very little rain. Thus it offers the opportunity to get married outdoors in a variety of beautiful settings. Malta has two official languages which are Maltese and English – so the fact that everybody is English speaking makes communication easy for all.

Malta has a rich history dating back to more than 3,500 BC with its magnificent megalithic temples unequaled in the world, beautiful baroque citadels, ancient maritime cities and much more. Maltese islands are safe and easy to explore making it one of the safest destinations in Europe. Culturally rich and colorful, sun-drenched Malta surrounded by the deep blue Mediterranean sea is the perfect choice for an unforgettable wedding.  Malta is truly a Gem worth visiting

Legal Requirements: This depends on the passport nationality, birth nationality and country of residence. So I cannot list these down as they are tailor-made for each individual accordingly.

Tips/Advice: Malta is still competitively priced so one can get more out of their budget when choosing Malta as your destination country. Food is divine, very Mediterranean and of top quality so your wedding dinner will always be top-notch. A destination wedding means a more intimate wedding with your special friends and family so it gives you more time to enjoy everyone not only on the wedding day but during the duration of their stay.


13. Morocco


Planner: @cocoonevents / Picture Courtesy: @ptaufiqphotography

Expert: Fabrice Orlando, CEO, Cocoon Events, Morocco

Unique Aspects: Exotism – Amazing choices of unique outside venues and beautiful weather all year long.

Legal Requirements: Usually people manage their civil ceremony before coming to Morocco otherwise Embassy will provide all the information depending on nationality.

Tips/Advice: Don’t try to manage anything without a planner. It’s still Africa and you can get a hard time and in the end, you won’t save money. Visit your venue during the day and at night to understand the level of lighting products that you’ll need. You can be surprised. Try to imagine a scenario that goes with what the country can offer. Don’t try to reproduce what you could have done at home.


14. Brazil


Picture Courtesy: @callawaygable

Expert: Roberto Cohen, CEO, Roberto Cohen Cerimonial // Simone Tostes,  Founder & Destination Wedding Planner, Aonde Casar

Unique Aspects: “With Christ the Redeemer and Sugarloaf Mountain in the backdrop, Rio is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The jaw-dropping beauty of the landscape encompasses Atlantic rainforest-covered mountains, postcard-perfect lakes, occasionally stunning architecture and, of course, those golden beaches. It’s not surprising that visitors invariably fall in love with the place.” Says Simone

Legal Requirements: Legalization of marriage documents for foreigners:

Foreigners’ marriage documents, as well as other documentation, must be translated by a certified translator as soon as the person arrives in Brazil and the foreigner must be present.
In August 2016, Brazil adhered to the Hague Convention, which allows foreign public documents to be legalized in departments and offices authorized for foreigners.

Documents for the marriage of foreigners:
1)- Single foreign marriage documents:
– Original birth certificate, sealed and signed at the Brazilian consulate in the foreigner’s country of origin;
– Proof of foreigner’s address;
– Foreigner’s passport of the two;
– Criminal record certificate in the foreigner’s home country;
– Criminal record certificate from the Federal Police of Brazil.

2)- Marriage documents for divorced foreigners:
– Marriage certificate accompanied by the divorce decree or marriage certificate endorsed by the divorce, sealed and signed at the Consulate of Brazil in the foreigner’s country of origin;
– Proof of foreigner’s address;
– Foreigner’s passport;
– Criminal record certificate from the Federal Police of Brazil;
– The process is forwarded, first, to the Public Prosecutor’s Office and after the wedding date returns, it can be scheduled;
– Certified copy of all documents.

3)- Documents for the marriage of widowed foreigners:
– Marriage certificate accompanied by the death certificate of the deceased spouse sealed and signed at the Consulate of Brazil in the foreigner’s country of origin;
– Inventory sealed and signed at the Brazilian Consulate in the foreigner’s home country;
– Proof of foreigner’s address;
– Foreigner’s passport;
– Criminal record certificate from the Federal Police of Brazil.

Tips/Advice: “Save the date at least one year before and avoid high seasons. Check for visas and good vendors, authorized for the venues they are looking for.” Tells Roberto

“Keep an eye on the weather: One of the most common things is that the bride and groom forget to check the climatic characteristics of the destinations in the seasons they chose for the big day. Have you ever thought of organizing a dream wedding and a blizzard or rain would make it impossible for you and your guests to arrive?  This security is not just about the weather, but also about making sure you don’t need any extra equipment, like a snowplow for a wedding in the mountains, or umbrellas during your ceremony on a paradise beach.

Take it easy on the schedule: Just as it is respectful to leave a survival kit in the room, it is extremely necessary to let your guests enjoy the leisure, after all, the destination wedding is also for relaxation. So, take it easy on the schedule. Do not fill the to-do schedule as if you were on one of those agency trips, where the van stops at 7 am to pick you up. But of course, just as exaggerating is bad, so is not programming anything.

Hire a Destination Wedding Planner specialist: Having a local wedding planner is essential, after all, these professionals are trained and will not miss any details. However, visiting the destination in advance, as well as knowing your suppliers, is essential. The tastes can be very different and you can get bogged down with something you don’t like. Also keep in mind that the more remote your destination, the more expensive it is for you to ship your local suppliers.” Shares Simone


15. South Africa


Planner: @weddingconceptssa / Picture Courtesy: @mathiasfast

Expert: Christina Holt, Founder & Director, Wedding Concepts, South Africa

Unique Aspects: Cape Town is regularly voted amongst the most beautiful destinations in the world. Diversity & scenery: from scenic mountains to world-class vineyard, the ocean at our doorstep and urban city-chic – we have it all at our fingertips Safaris – the ultimate African experience in world-famous game parks and in 5* style. Cape Town has also been voted as the “design capital” of the world – paying tribute to its’ sheer amount of creative talent

Legal Requirements: You’ll need to provide the following:

*Proof of ID incl. your original birth certificates and a valid passport
*Color copies of the visa page of your passport or the page showing your latest stamp through South African immigration
*Letter of No Impediment: South African law requires foreigners to provide a Letter of No Impediment. This is a statement from your home country’s marriage registry confirming that a search has been done of national marriage records to prove that you are not already married.
*Residency: All foreigners must be “resident” in South Africa for at least 24 hours before the wedding.
*The Venue: Your wedding must take place in a religious building, a public office or a private dwelling in the presence of two witnesses.
*The marriage register must be signed under a permanent roof – something that you need to consider if you’re planning an outdoor wedding.
*Previous Marriages: producing your final decree of divorce if applicable
*All of your documentation (except for originals like your passport) should be notarized by a Commissioner of Oaths.

Tips/Advice: Don’t underestimate the number of wedding guests – South Africa is a very popular destination and most of your guests are likely to come to combine your wedding with a fabulous holiday. Plan a wedding weekend – a 3-4 day experience for you and your guests that showcase the sights and sounds of this beautiful destination.

An ocean-front cocktail evening with Afro-chic entertainment, a scenic Winelands wedding, bespoke activities like wine tastings, gourmet food at your rehearsal dinner, climbing Table Mountain, a private art tour and maybe a post-wedding brunch. Combine your wedding with your once-in-a-lifetime African honeymoon (or increasingly popular “buddymoon” – with closest friends). South Africa will leave a mark for life!


16. Mexico


Planner: @penziweddings / Picture Courtesy: @whitelab_mx

Expert:  Nancy Barkley, Owner, Honeymoons and Get-A-Ways // Guadalupe Alvarez, Director, Penzi Weddings

Unique Aspects: World Heritage city, number one small city to visit according to Conde Nast. Romantic, historic, beautiful and with amazing weather.” Shares Guadalupe

Legal Requirements: Birth certificate, proof of nationality, tourist visa all translated and apostilles.

Tips/Advice: “Incorporate the beautiful culture of Mexico in your wedding and activities for your guests. Use a certified wedding planner. This is so significant when planning a wedding in a different country so things don’t literally get lost in translation. Allow plenty of time for planning your destination wedding to ensure your venue choices aren’t limited and send out save the dates to guests as soon as possible.” Tells Nancy.



17. Maldives


Picture Courtesy: @fsmaldives

Expert: Mae Madanlo, Chief Business Development Officer, Zeldiva Travels and Zeldiva Luxury, Maldives

Unique Aspects: The Maldives is the perfect choice for a beach destination wedding as it offers the best pristine white beaches, the most beautiful sunset as a backdrop together with the unending view of the crystal blue lagoon ocean. The sound of the subtle lapping sea playing in the background and finishing off with local Boduberu performances by the locals makes it more memorable. A couple can choose to wed underwater too!

If a couple chooses to hold their wedding here in The Maldives with family and friends then they are not only celebrating a special occasion with them, they are also treating them with the best holiday. They will share a tremendous amount of quality time together in one island resort, explore the underwater marine life, enjoy a family sunset cruise, or fishing, or simply enjoy relaxing spa treatments while the children have a great time socializing at the best kids club in the world.

We understand that every wedding requires detailed planning that can be strenuous in time and money. Now, The Maldives is perceived to be a very expensive destination, obviously, we don’t agree with that. This beautiful nation has something to offer to everyone who desires to experience it, from the all-inclusive resorts to the most family-friendly, adults-only island, or the ultra-luxury. You see, The Maldives today is the best choice because not only it has everything that everyone is looking for in a tropical beach destination, except shopping, it gives a complimentary tourist visa of up to 30 days for all nationalities without any restriction. This gives every wedding couple the ease that all their guests will not have a visa issue for entry to their chosen wedding venue.

Legal Requirements: There are no pre-requisite wedding requirements here in The Maldives being that it is a Muslim country that only allows a ceremonial wedding which is non-legal binding.

Tips/Advice: The very first thing we will recommend is to speak to a concierge or wedding planner that has local knowledge of the Maldives as a destination. Secondly, discuss all your preferences, requirements, likes and dislikes that relate to your special day, be as open as you can with your concierge as this will of great help to get the best suitable recommendations. The Maldives will soon have more than 300 resorts and looking at them one by one can take a toll on the couple. And lastly, it is important to mention every specific special request that a wedding couple would need during the event since almost everything in The Maldives is imported. It may take time to bring the items if not available in the capital city.



18. United States of America


Picture Courtesy: @joanngregoli

Expert: Joann Gregoli, Planner, Elegant Occasions by JoAnn Gregoli

Unique Aspects: Getting married in the States, vary from state to state. Hosting a wedding in the United States offers couples a variety of options. From seaside weddings to city weddings to farm weddings.

Legal Requirements: The requirements for getting married in the United States vary from state to state, but most require 24 hour waiting period, once a wedding application has been applied for

Tips/Advice: Be aware of the weather patterns and avoid hurricane season in the coastal regions. Always have a rain back up plan when planning a wedding. City weddings, be sure to host an event that takes in the lights and sounds of the city. Rooftop events are the perfect backdrop to host an event in any of the US cities.  Also, consider boat rides around the city to capture the true essence of the city.


19. Portugal


Planner: @fashionmomentseventos / Picture Courtesy: @aguiam_weddingphotography

Expert: Dóris  Costa, Wedding Planner, Fashion Moments Eventos, Portugal

Unique Aspects: Fantastic weather with breathtaking sunsets, different types of landscape with an infinite range of backdrops – monuments, beaches or vineyards, amazing Portuguese cuisine

Legal Requirements: If you want a civil wedding you will need:
. Proof of residence (a passport if you’re a temporary resident)
. A certified copy of your birth certificate issued within the last six months.
. A certificate of no impediment issued from a consulate in Portugal, or officially translated into Portuguese if issued elsewhere.

Tips/Advice: Choose a wedding planner that you have empathy and trust.
. Start booking as soon as possible.
. Take time to relax and enjoy the days before and after the wedding in the chosen destination.


20. Australia


Picture Courtesy: @dianekhouryweddingsandevents

Expert: Diane Khoury, Director & Founder, Diane Khoury Weddings & Events

Unique Aspects: Location – The natural location and position of Australia make it truly unique for weddings. The landscapes, the cities, the beaches, the food, the views. It is a spectacular location for a magical wedding. Something for everyone – A key element of destination weddings is making sure that your guests will be happy and enjoy the location. This is where Australia stands out from the rest, our beaches, city and vineyards are all within a couple of hours from each other. All your guests will have something to keep them occupied with. The people – Australia is a magical multicultural melting pot. Because the country is so multicultural the people of Australia are always so welcoming and you will be greeted with a smile where ever you go. The bonus of having a multicultural country is the amazing food and traditions that come with it.

Legal Requirements: Not be married
– Not be marrying a parent, grandparent, child, grandchild, brother or sister
– Be at least 18 years old, unless a court has approved a marriage where 1 person is 16-18 years old
– Understand what marriage means and freely agree to marry
– Use specific words during the ceremony
– Give notice of intended marriage form to an authorized marriage celebrant at least 1 month and no more than 18 months before your wedding
– Be married by an authorized marriage celebrant

Tips/Advice:  Plan a trip to the destination and venue at least 6 months in advance to finalize all planning and styling elements
– Review the weather of the specific location in Australia that you decide on. Australia is a large country and the temperature vary dramatically depending on where you are getting married
– Choose a wedding planner that is familiar with the city and you know can execute what you need. This will help you so much as they will be your eyes and ears in Australia
– Have fun, Australia has so much to offer for you and your guests. Make the most of the trip and explore our beautiful country.


21. Romania


Planner: @destinationweddingromania / Picture Courtesy: @ioanaporavweddings

Expert: Elena  Neagu, Destination Wedding Planner, Destination Wedding Romania

Unique Aspects: Romania’s natural landscape variety: From the majestic Carpathian Mountains with towering trees and shimmering lakes to soft vineyard hills, lavender fields and up to the beautiful sandy beaches at the Black Sea.
Romania offers enchanting sites, with inspiring cultural cocktails that blend Oriental poetics, French sophistication, medieval thrill, and contemporary esthetics. The wedding venues are within budget reach and style preference of any couple: imposing castles, historic manors, country chic barns, traditional villages, natural beauties blending in the woods, lakeside charms or city ballrooms, you can definitely find your own wonderland.
Romanians know how to eat well, love their wines, and party hard until morning! So rest assured, you and your guests will enjoy our way of feasting and celebrating!

Legal Requirements: Legal civil ceremonies are possible only if one or both partners are residents of Romania. We can hold symbolic weddings and the most common religious ceremonies in Romania are Orthodox, followed by Catholicism.

Tips/Advice: I advise couples who want to explore something new to give Romania a try. Have in mind the budget you want to spend and what wedding style you prefer. We have several international Airports: capital Bucharest for South of the Country and seaside, Cluj Napoca airport for Transylvania, and Iasi for Moldavia. Keep in mind the most beautiful wedding venues are situated from 30 min and up to 3 hours drive but rest assured it’s well worth the drive!




Now that you know what’s going to be the hottest destinations for 2021, it’s time to start planning ahead! Since the destination wedding is not in the location you know, it becomes very important to hire a wedding planner from that destination who’s going to help you with every single detail to make your dream wedding come true. Finally, as we always say- No matter where you and your partner choose to celebrate, don’t forget to FOLLOW YOUR HEART! Stay positive, better days are on its way!