DWP POWERLIST 2022: Top Wedding Planners & Designers From Middle East & Africa

Gems of the Wedding World from the Middle-Eastern region!


Ali Bakhtiar Designs, UAE & France



About You- With over 25 years of experience in weddings and events, interior design, and architecture, Ali Bakhitar Designs is an international company focused on high-end projects for clients all over the globe, with offices located in the South of France, on the unique Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat Peninsula, and in Dubai, UAE, alongside major collaborations with the biggest names in the industry in different parts of Asia, Europe, and the Americas.

Signature Wedding Style- Artistic structure with an aesthetic touch by Ali Bakhtiar.

Destinations- United Kingdom, France, Russia, Maldives, United States, Italy, Greece, India, Brunei, Iran, Malaysia, Thailand, Azerbaijan, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar, and the U.A.E.


Baz Events, Lebanon



About You- Baz Events is an award-winning, leading design company that conveys the understanding of classics and the latest trends in design, rich experience and deep-rooted business processes, originality, and a great passion for our job, with the ability to intensely understand every client to offer a fusion that suits them best. For us, creating a concept is art, and in art, there is no place for an accurate approach! Hence, our style does not just bring a festival atmosphere. We offer originality, sophistication, and an upstanding reputation for accuracy, quality, and uniqueness. It creates an original, exceptional history, evokes a whole range of feelings, and gives unforgettable impressions.

Signature Wedding Style- High-end luxury weddings and events.

Destinations- Qatar, Lebanon, India, UAE, KSA, Greece, Cote d’Ivoire, Egypt, and Zimbabwe.

Notable Clients- Sheikha Al Anoud Bint Hamad Al-Thani.


BE Group TLV, Israel



About You- Born in London and educated in the United Kingdom and Canada as well as in Tel Aviv, Lisa is fluent in English and Hebrew. Lisa combines an extensive background in law, as both a UK barrister and Head Legal Counsel and Foreign Qualified Attorney at Israel’s leading law firm, with over eleven years of experience in the luxury events industry. A certified member of both the UK and Israel Bar, she has pioneered well-drafted agreements in both English and Hebrew, many of which have become benchmarks within the luxury events industry. Lisa has developed an exclusive and highly attentive customer experience for every BE Group client.

Signature Wedding Style- Elegant and clean yet opulent and rich in flowers. The boutique design is architecturally sketched for each event. Intricate lighting and tailored construction features. Details are everything. When creating an event, the most meticulous attention is paid to both the smallest of details as well as how these come together as an entirety.

Destinations- Israel, United Kingdom, Italy, Greece, Spain, United States.


Bibi Hayat Events and Design, Kuwait



About You- After working in the events and design industry for over 17 years, Bibi has created and curated over 400 events. She has been invited to speak at numerous prestigious conferences around the world, reflecting on design and the actual challenges of running a business. Bibi is passionate about design, entrepreneurship, and creating a holistic lifestyle experience through flowers, food, style, and decor.

Signature Wedding Style- No such thing as a signature style. We are always evolving and growing. Constantly inspired, but with BBH it is always quality over quantity with an approach that is more interior-based to events.

Destinations- Doha, Riyadh, Kuwait, Dubai, Oman & Bahrain.


Caractere Events, Lebanon



About You- Back in the day, I used to be a lawyer who loved to party late, which led me to give up my main profession and pursue a new career in the nightlife, restaurants and event field. When it all started in 1998, we were the only company in Lebanon and the whole region specializing in this domain.

Signature Wedding Style- Crazy, daring and alive!


Carousel Events, UAE



About You- I am the Founder and Creative Director of Carousel Weddings & Events. I founded Carousel over 15 years ago as a corporate event planning agency, designing and executing some amazing corporate events. One year later, we were asked to plan a wedding for a beautiful multicultural couple, and it was a wonderful experience from start to finish. Over the next 15 years, Carousel has proudly created some of the most stunning weddings and events in the UAE and the region for brides and clients from across the world. I am also a mother of three beautiful boys and have called Dubai home for the past 35 years.

Signature Wedding Style- Elegant and timeless. I try to avoid following trends, and I believe that while trends are fleeting, style is timeless.

Destinations- UAE, Gulf, and Europe.


Cocoon Events, Morrocco & France



About You- As a veteran of radio and television, Fabrice is well-known among his clients and colleagues. He has amazing attention to detail, an eye for luxury, and a taste for the truly magnificent. With his extensive network of contacts all around the world, he has created some of the most memorable events known throughout the global events community for royal families, political statesmen, A-List celebrities, Fortune 500 CEOs, and presidents. Fabrice believes that imagination has no limits. If you can imagine it, Fabrice will create it. His mission is to provide dazzling and inspirational events that will leave guests captivated, and he takes great pride in the smiles and happiness of guests during events.

Signature Wedding Style- Destination Weddings with a scenario and usually crazy productions. I am in this creative period where I am back in my songs writing days style and I want our events to tell a unique story like in a movie. So a lot of twists in our productions. 🙂

Destinations- Bali, Rome, New York, Marrakech, Paris, Monaco & Luxembourg.

Notable Clients- Adriana Karembeu, Elizabeth Hurley, King Of Malaysia, Alain Delon, Kate Moss.


Events By Adam Afara, Qatar



About You- Adam Afara, celebrity event designer, is the founder of Events By Adam Afara. He is a driven, passionate, creative, innovative, and successful designer, these are a few qualities that best describe him. He believes that the passion and the drive that he has for his profession are something that you are born with, something that comes naturally from the heart. This gives him the creative flow to design and the vision to implement his talented ideas.

After discovering his talents at a very young age, he was inspired to enrol in schools that specialise in Events & Wedding Planning, thus, he earned many certificates throughout his career to define his specialties, such as Floral Design, Stage Décor, and Interior Concepts & Themes. Adam worked with countless high-profile clients and artists, such as singer-songwriter Lady Gaga, designing the flower set for her music video “G.U.Y.” Skillfully and masterfully, he also created the music video set design for Beyoncé and Chris Martin of Coldplay’s “Hymn For The Weekend.”

Signature Wedding Style- Magnificent.

Destinations- Mexico: Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Tulum, USA: Las Vegas, Miami, Tampa, Arizona, New York, Washington DC, San Francisco, San Diego, Qatar: Doha, Jordan: Amman, Morocco: Casablanca, UAE: Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Al Ain, Canada: Québec; & Italy: Lake Como.

Notable Clients- Lady Gaga, Beyoncé, Haifa Wehbe, Jennifer Lopez, actor Charlie Sheen, film and television actor Darius McCray, hip-hop artist Akon, composer Yanni, television host Debbie Matenopoulos, Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, Cindy Crawford, Kim Kardashian, and Denzel Washington.


Ghada Blanco, Lebanon



About You- Ghada Blanco is a pioneer in the luxury wedding industry. With over 30 years of producing cutting-edge and bespoke events across the Middle East, Europe, and Africa, Ghada has become one of the most recognized and sought-after wedding planners around the globe. As a recognized speaker for DWP Congress in several countries, travel fests, and many more, Ghada’s passion for her work and care for her clients allowed her to execute charming, stylish, and sophisticated weddings efficiently. Ghada’s resourcefulness and ability to navigate impossible situations, as well as produce successful avant-garde concepts and designs, have enabled her to serve a vast pool of clients, ranging from royal families to politicians, UHNW families, multinational corporations, and highly accomplished executives.

Signature Wedding Style- Big and extravagant, yet refined.

Destinations- Planned weddings and events in multiple destinations including Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Egypt, KSA, UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, Turkey, France, Italy, Greece, Spain, and Senegal.


Jandel Ltd., Ghana



About You- Afi Amoro is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Jandel Ltd. For over 27 years, she has been at the helm of the event management industry in Ghana. Under her leadership, Jandel Limited is the partner of choice for reputable companies and individuals looking to bring class, creativity, and innovation to their events. Jandel Ltd is also the company of choice for high-level state events and conferences. During the Christmas season in Ghana, Afi is affectionately known as “Mother Christmas” because she is the brains behind the design and build of unique Christmas light installations along principal streets of cities across the country.

Signature Wedding Style- My style is timeless Luxury with a touch of Africa. Our events are always classy and designed to look and feel thoughtfully curated. That means every piece of furniture–from the biggest to the smallest decorative accent–is considered in relation to the rest. We embrace excellent craftsmanship and classic forms over trending styles.

Destinations- Mexico, Liberia, Togo & Ghana.


KBY Designs, Israel



About You- I have been producing and designing events for over 22 years and have gained an international reputation for creating unique, memorable experiences. working with some of the most high-profile and exclusive clients in the world, including royalty, politicians, entrepreneurs, and celebrities. We have taken a fully integrated approach to event planning, focusing on the interconnection between elements such as theme, décor, entertainment, and cuisine. Our events are designed to be not only visually stunning but also to evoke strong emotional reactions from guests by incorporating personal touches and interactive elements. We are committed to providing the very best in event planning and are continually expanding our repertoire of skills and services to offer clients a complete and comprehensive experience. We are well known for our attention to detail and commitment to creating a truly exceptional event.

Signature Wedding Style- A pure reflection – our main Moto style. At our company, we understand that every couple and every event is unique. That’s why we pride ourselves on being able to adapt our style to reflect the individuality of each of our clients. Our team stays current on the latest trends and innovations in event planning and design, but we also understand the importance of tradition and classic elegance. We take the time to get to know our clients and their personal tastes, then use that understanding to create an event that is a perfect reflection of them. Our style is ever-evolving so we can deliver truly personalized and unforgettable experiences for every couple we work with.

Destinations- New York, Maldives, Germany, Australia, California, Mexico, Greece, Italy, France, South Africa, and Israel, etc.


KM Events, Turkey



About You- I am the founder of the leading luxury wedding and event company KM Events in Turkey, as well as the International Table Design Exhibition. I am also the leader of the wedding industry, as I am the founder and President of two main event associations in Turkey, the YEPUD Creative Events Association of Turkey and the TUED International Events Association of Turkey. I am also the first starter of destination weddings in the region. I have written and published a book ‘Weddings and İstanbul’ and the book was sold in Turkey and France.

Signature Wedding Style- Royal weddings in the region.

Destinations- Venice, London, Lake Como, Athens, Santorini, Baku, Dubai, Abu Dhabi.

Notable Clients- Pope Benedict 16th, George W. Bush, Tony Blair, Schoeder, Jacque Chirac, Berlusconi, and many other world leaders.


Le Mariage, Qatar



About You- Since founding Le Mariage, I’m on a never-ending journey to push new limits in art, design and development for this industry. Exceeding the extraordinary is my passion, each of my projects is treated like an exceptional timeless masterpiece that leaves a mark in this field.

Signature Wedding Style- It is a discipline of meticulous conceptualization of the space. it is about forming a sense of wonder and stirring emotions. A multidisciplinary exploration through the union of art, architecture and technology.

Destinations- India, Lake Como, Paris, KSA, Kuwait and Dubai.


MY Event Design, Jordan



About You- Meet Majeda. Famous for throwing fabulous parties in her own home, Majeda Kassir Bisharat was first approached to design and plan an engagement party for a friend. Since then, she has never looked back. In 2008, MY Event Design, a full-fledged event design, planning, and management company based in Amman, Jordan, was established. Majeda began her love affair with style and design early in life. After graduating from college in Jordan, Majeda continued her undergraduate studies in fashion design at Istituto Callegari in Treviso, Italy. Her undergraduate background has been a great source of inspiration throughout her event design journey—from designs and trends to runways and fashion weeks, everything about this industry creatively motivates her. She has found a way to seamlessly combine the two fields into one.

Signature Wedding Style- People always say that my signature style is in the tunnels that I create or construct from scratch. I always want to capture guests as soon as they walk in; first impressions are very important to me, so to me, the long tunnel that leads to the dinner party is always something I like to design and add. Another signature style for me is making sure that the event design is chic and trendy. The colors and textures of the season always find their way into the event in one way or another. Attention to detail is very important to me, especially when it comes to tablescapes and flowers. I have always had a passion for flowers, and I think it is genetic.

Destinations-  Italy, France, Lebanon, Jordan, and Egypt.

Notable Clients- Chiara Ferragni.

Neiman Azzi Events Management, Lebanon



About You- With 30 years of experience targeting directly the public, travel, and study appointed regions and cultures to achieve a reliable result, a result that prevents negative criticism. Thus, attaining success, professionalism as well as individuality with our creative team.

Signature Wedding Style- Scenoghrafical simplicity and elegance.

Destinations- Globally and for many different nationalities.

Notable Clients- Elie Saab international designer.


Occasions By Firas Issa, Qatar



About You-  I’ve always been fascinated by design and motivated to create something that can make other people feel like they are being represented and have their ideas and dreams showcased IRL. I love hosting, I love planning, and I love executing events, and that’s the biggest reason why I love my line of work I can curate and create weddings for different kinds of people. I’ve been in this industry for more than 30 years, and I still feel like every new project is a beautiful challenge and has its own reward.

Signature Wedding Style: Out-of-the-box thinking and adapting to every project is my approach to any event. Whether it’s a classical theme or a modern twist, the first thing we do comes at the design process from a different and totally new perspective. I can’t describe my signature wedding style, but trust me, you will know it when you see it.

Destinations: Jordan, Dubai, and Jerusalem.

Notable Clients: Her Majesty Queen Noor of Jordan.


Olivier Dolz Wedding Agency, UAE



About You- Olivier Dolz Wedding Agency is a wedding & event agency based in Dubai since 2007.

Signature Wedding Style- I see myself as a chameleon as I love to explore various styles, but people who know my work say they would find out instantly when a wedding is designed by me the minute they step into a room. I can be classic, modern, and dramatic. I love to explore new trends &  ideas so I will always brainstorm with my clients to reach the best fit. But in the end, no matter how big or how small, there should always be at least ONE centerpiece that draws attention to create a memorable wedding.

Destinations- Have successfully delivered projects in 10 countries, UAE, KSA (Riyadh, Al Ula), India, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Malaysia, France, USA, and Brazil.


Paul Nasr, Lebanon



About You- Established in 2007, Paul Nasr SAL expanded nationally and internationally as a recognized first-class event and wedding planner. The company has risen to a whole new level, where high-end luxury events and weddings are put into extraordinary settings. Through our in-house production, we embrace challenges to transform any location into an unforgettable scenery reflecting our client’s imagination combined with our design.

Signature Wedding Style- There’s no single signature style, as style changes. All our weddings are customized, unique, and distinct from our couples.

Destinations- Lebanon, Italy, Spain, France, Kuwait, KSA, Oman, Dubai, Turkey, and Egypt.

Notable Clients- Royal Family in Dubai.


Robert Hykl, Lebanon



About You- We are a company that combines creativity, service, design, and production, working closely with every client to create high-end, unique events.

Signature Wedding Style- From contemporary to modern and ultra-modern, from avant-garde to futuristic, from conventional and traditional to vintage and rustic, we are a trendsetting event planning firm.

Destinations- Barcelona, Paris, Monaco, London, Turkey, Cyprus, Greece, Qatar, Egypt, Abidjan, the Congo, and Turkish Cyprus.

Notable Clients-  The royal family in Qatar; international football players; celebrities; and bloggers.


Sky Productions, Israel



About You-  With over 20 years of experience, Sky Productions are the industry leader in designing and producing spectacular events and memorable occasions all over the world. Powered by curiosity, and driven by intelligence – we pursue ideas that push the boundaries, without compromising the security of a perfectly planned itinerary.

In order to stay ahead of the competition, constant innovation is crucial. That’s why our event designers focus on the synergy between creativity and precision in performance. At Sky Productions, we believe every event deserves an exceptional standard of production, which is why we always push forward and reach higher.

Signature Wedding Style-  Personally, cultivating our clients’ extravagant dreams into reality. Our style is recognized through our holistic and harmonical productions, where we seamlessly intertwine each of our spectacular elements into one unforgettable experience. Our productions are executed with meticulous attention to detail, which differentiates us in the realm of event planning. Not only executing our clients’ entire events from A-Z but also exceeding all expectations by placing a large emphasis on the holistic guest experience.

Destinations- America, Europe, Asia & Africa.


Trendy Bee Elite Events, Nigeria



About You- Before founding TrendyBEEvents officially in 2013, Bisola worked with NLNG—Oil and Gas ( NYSC ) in the Human Resources department and CDIL—Shipping as an operational officer. While working, she began to help out at weddings and other events. Recognizing the significance of managing outstanding events with great confidence, she established Trendy Bee Elite Events ( TrendyBEEvents ) and applied for an Event Masters’s management course at the wedding Institute in Washington, with the aim of making her brand a signature event outfit producing years later. Now Trendy Bee Elite events have become a brand to identify with in the Event Planning industry worldwide, producing outstanding events with grand style working for top clients and brands from different parts of the world and known for producing unforgettable grand weddings / corporate, brand activations and exclusive parties.

Signature Wedding Style- Known for Creating out-of-the-world wedding productions and grand entrances.

Destinations- Morocco, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Zanzibar, and the UK.

Notable Clients- Governor Okowa’s daughter’s wedding, Banky w & Adesua’s celebrity wedding, Fahlz the Bahd guy celebrity party, etc.


Vivaah Celebrations, UAE



About You- Rahul Kumar is the CEO and Owner of Vivaah Celebrations, a destination wedding planner. Over his 9 years of experience, he has successfully planned, managed, and conceptualized weddings in over 23 countries. Rahul Kumar is a world-renowned, award-winning wedding planner, international speaker, and trainer for hospitality groups.

Signature Wedding Style- Immersive Experiences: I’ve always believed that at a wedding, what lingers is the experience the guests enjoyed. No one will remember the color of your flowers or the shining brass centerpiece. Creating immersive experiences through the fusion of art, music, performances, culinary journeys, and much more. Every wedding shapes up to be different owing to the destination it is being hosted at while reflecting the personality that the couple and families exude.

Destinations- Successfully planned, managed and conceptualized weddings in over 23 countries.

Notable Clients- Shaji Nawab Mulk, Pancholia’s Raj Kirans Daughter, & Sippy’s family.


Vivaah Weddings, UAE



About You- With over 20 years of event planning experience based out of Dubai, UAE, Arun Bablani, owner and founder of Vivaah Weddings is internationally recognized as a luxury wedding planner. Having planned and executed a multitude of weddings, his love is creating something spectacular and helping clients take things to the next level.

A thorough professional with expert knowledge of operations and efficiencies, he has propelled his passion, which is VivaahWeddings to greater heights over the last few years. Arun ensures that each wedding planned by Vivaah Weddings is a paragon of perfection. With his love for travel and appreciation of different cultures, he has helped clients explore new and exciting destinations throughout the world, truly giving them and their guests a unique experience.

Signature Wedding Style- We don’t have any particular style.

Destinations- Turkey, France, Italy, Oman, Bahrain, Switzerland, UAE, Bali, Thailand, Malta, Greece, Ghana, and Kenya, to name a few.

Notable Clients- Samir Salya, Sima Ved, Vikram Shroff, Faridat Achraf, Lal Gangwani, Anand Reddy, & Mikky Jagtiani.


Wedding Concepts, South Africa



About You- German-born Christina Holt is regarded as one of Africa’s leading luxury wedding experts. Having started Southern Africa’s most exclusive weddings and events company, Wedding Concepts, in 2004, she founded sister companies Event Concepts and Travel Concepts to round out her luxury brand the Concepts Collection. Exclusivity and personalization while staying true to her chic signature style are key to her and her team’s work. Christina plans and designs some of the most high-profile nuptials and private celebrations in Southern Africa, counting celebrities, royalty, and VIP clients amongst their local and global clientele. An inspirational and highly practical businesswoman, she’s a respected voice in the global wedding industry and an expert on destination weddings and exclusively tailored celebrations. A multi-award-winning, passionate wedding ambassador for Africa, Christina constantly seeks to elevate the industry with her passion for service excellence—and has recently co-authored a luxurious coffee table book, AFRICA LUXE.

Signature Wedding Style- We love creating multi-day experiences showcasing our beautiful African destinations in style. Classically routed with chic and contemporary creative touches, we create impactful designs with great attention to the smallest details and customized elements. As big fans of logistics we make them feel seamless – and engage highly personally with our clients and all our partners to hand-pick dream wedding teams. Luxury is personal to us—across all facets of the wedding weekends we create.

Destinations- South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Nigeria & Uganda.


White Wedding & Event Planners, Lebanon



About You- I am an event planner with over 20 years of leading industry experience. Starting in Lebanon, I have taken White Wedding & Event Planners global with events spanning Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Switzerland, Mauritius Islands and more. The abstract nature of my designs and my meticulous attention to detail have also landed features in Laha Magazine, MTV, and LBC.

Signature Wedding Style- Trends and tastes are constantly changing, so every wedding has its own style in every way, shape, and form. Personally, I always like to challenge myself with new and creative designs I’ve never seen before.

Destinations- Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Bahrain, Switzerland, Lebanon, UAE, Mauritius & Egypt.


Weddings and Events Co, Bahrain



About You- Aseel Al-Ansari is an award-winning wedding planner from Bahrain. She has designed many royals, celebrities, and HNWIs’ weddings in the Middle East. She is one of the most celebrated planners in the Middle East, specializing in orchestrating unique events.

Signature Wedding Style- Royal weddings and art deco-modern.

Destinations- Qatar, Italy & Saudi.

Notable Clients- H.H. Shaikh Naseer bin Hamad Al Khalifa, son of the King of Bahrain.


Whitechalk, Ghana



About You- I’m an unconventional creative from Ghana, contributing to a change in perception about my country and Africa at large by actively contributing to the creative industry in an unconventional way. I opt to create my own creative box and develop exceptional designs that transform spaces from nothingness to high-end enchantment, giving my client the utmost satisfaction.

Signature Wedding Style- We are known to create daring designs with a unique sense of robustness.

Destinations- Dubai and Nigeria.

Notable Clients- Pawan Aidasani.

Yara Estaphan, Lebanon



About You- We focus on bespoke, custom-made experiences. Whether it’s a wedding, birthday dinner, company gala dinner, or any other event, our mission is to create unique and customized concepts for our clients around the world. We believe in magic!

Signature Wedding Style- Tailor-made, personal, emotional, original, and most of all, an unforgettable experience!

Destinations- Lebanon, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Italy, Spain, and Egypt.


Zapphaire Events, Nigeria



About You- Twenty-one years as a foremost event planner have earned Funke Bucknor-Obruthe a place among Nigeria’s industry leaders. She is the founder and current CEO of the Zapphaire Events Group (comprising Zapphaire Events Limited, The Zapphaire Training Academy, and Decor by Furtullah), pioneering events planning company in Africa that has for many years continued to set the trend for event architecture and design in Nigeria. Funke’s passion for innovation and excellence has built a leading wedding and events brand that has delivered well over 2,500 successful events across the globe and has still remained relevant. Her passion for walking brides through the wedding process led her to publish The Essential Bridal Handbook, a first-of-its-kind wedding resource for the African market. For this reason, she also set up Funke Says, a YouTube series for brides that guides them through their wedding planning process. This avid entrepreneur is also obsessed with sharing industry knowledge and giving others room to bloom. This resulted in the creation of the Zapphaire Training Academy in 2009, which has produced over 500 event professionals.

Signature Wedding Style- Creating bespoke and personalized signature events tailored to the premium market while making memories.

Destinations- Cape Town, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Accra, and London.


Ziad Raphael Nassar, Lebanon



About You- Ziad Raphael Nassar is recognized as one of the finest wedding designers in the Middle East. Always innovative & daring to push boundaries, Ziad is never short of surpassing expectations. His incredible portfolio built over the last fifteen years includes an impressive array of royals & elite clients and his expertise has made him internationally sought after. A master of creation, Ziad made it his mission to understand his clients & manifest reality where there were only dreams, turning every event into a timeless piece of art. Established in the early 2000s in Beirut, and previously known as “Once”, ZiadRaphael Nassar is a holding company encompassing services in the worlds of Wedding Design, Entertainment, Article de Maison, & NFTs. Founded by one of the renowned wedding designers in the Middle East Ziad Raphael Nassar, and with offices based in KSA, UAE, Qatar & Lebanon, his incredible worldwide portfolio built over the last fifteen years and his expertise, have made him internationally sought after. Comprised of Architects, Designers, Production, Technical & Digital specialists, Ziad Raphael Nassar and his team made their mission to understand clients & manifest dreams into reality, turning every project into a timeless piece of art and creating impeccable experiences and unforgettable memories.

Signature Wedding Style- Wouldn’t call it a signature style because it’s always unique to every couple. We always establish a true personal connection with our clients and aim to tap into those ‘uniquely them’ elements so that the wedding is a true reflection of who they are. We want each bride and groom to look back at their weddings 15 and 30 years later and feel that their wedding was timeless and that they would do it exactly the same if they had to redo it. A common link between each wedding, however, would be the seamlessness and refinement of the setup, the attention to detail in design, as well as superior execution, no matter how large the production.

Destinations- Lebanon, KSA, UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Morocco, Turkey, France, Greece, & Spain.


2706 Events, Nigeria



About You- Adeola Okeshola is the Founder and CEO of 2706Events. Alumni of the prestigious Vivian Fowler College, Lagos, and Bellerbys College, Cambridge. She is a trained investment banker and financial advisor who has worked with CitiGroup UK and Chapel Hill Denham in Lagos, Nigeria. Deola is a graduate of The University of Nottingham, UK.

Highly referred to as the events industry magician, Deola sojourned into the business of event planning and initiated a huge turn-around in how events are crafted and executed in Nigeria and across Africa today. Selected as one of the top 20 wedding planners from across Africa and hosted by Dubai Tourism in 2016, 2021, and 2023, she is referred to as one of the top planners from across Africa. She was recognized on the “DWP Power List 2021” as one of the top I00 most influential wedding planners and designers from all over the world. She has a strong appetite for innovation, professionalism, and service, which best addresses how our clients have described her and her work over the years. She is frequently quoted in local and global media from around the world in her capacity as a wedding expert. Deola is the go-to wedding expert for couples living locally and overseas who desire a bespoke, unforgettable experience on that special day!

Signature Wedding Style- Sophisticated elegance.

Destinations- Italy, London, Dubai, Zanzibar, Ghana & Nigeria.


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