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Now it's time to talk a little about us, we like to get to know us beyond the photography stories we tell

I'm José Teixeira, better known as Zé, as I couldn't help but be. I'm on my way to 50 but happy, age doesn't scare me, just the speed at which my two little ones grow up, Maria and Santiago, my true inspirations. 

 I embarked on this adventure in a chance that life brought me, I was out of my professional activity and for too much free time I embarked on some photographic adventures, far from imagining that weddings would be my other passion. Between sessions and challenges I was photographing at friends' weddings and my photographs ended up showing a more natural side that was not so usual. After much research on the work of other photographers, we realized that a whole natural language was possible in the world of weddings and so we fell in love.

The truth is that you need to like what you do day after day because only then can we have passion in looking at a wedding that is not ours. These are unique days and the responsibility on this side is so great and we couldn't be more grateful. We are happy and passionate about what we do.

Hello, I'm Catarina, the speaker and dreamer of this project.

 I have always heard that it is good to have someone who unbalances the natural meaning of life, and so am I. Passionate about life and the gifts that life brings me. I have Santiago and Maria (a daughter of the heart) and I couldn't be more fulfilled, even with the headaches of each age ????

How did I embark on this adventure? I was relaxed in the world of advertising agencies and Zé there was challenging me to help him create and set up scenarios for the sessions. There we went loaded with photographs and inspirational props and so we were differentiated. Our Art Books were a real challenge and sessions a real inspiration, those who made them still remember them fondly ... and believe us too. When we acquired the second camera, I left the support a little and the passion I had for photography made me be side by side with Zé and I learn with him every day. We joined our passions and challenges and here we are telling a little of our story, so that one day we are telling your story.

Life and passion trace our path, we can only grasp it with passion, this was not the path we once dreamed of, but today it is the path we dream of every day.

Thank you is little to thank everyone who believes in us.


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