Whimsical Wedding Inspiration For Brides of 2023

You must never stop being whimsical, isn’t it? Why not this playful nature of yours reflect in your wedding style? A whimsical wedding is one in which you can get all of your heart’s desires and more. You can literally have all your heart’s desires without worrying about the societal norm. This allows you to have a more cheerful time with your loved ones and of course, more freedom.

If you are looking to make a statement, and hate being put in a box, then this might be perfect for you. Combine childhood magic, with rustic vibes and fairy tale charm to create the wedding you have always dreamed of. Allow your personality to shine through every single piece of whimsical wedding décor that you use. The world is your oyster and becomes a blank canvas! All it needs is your imagination!


Whimsical Designs


Pictures Courtesy: @amritphotography / Design, Production, Florals @BirchEventDesign / Planning @tamarindglobalweddings


It’s all about the patterns in 2023 weddings. Playing with mystical elements and creating breathtaking installations is an essential important element in creating an opulent and mystical vibe. If you are a fan of structures, take a page from these gorgeous images’ book and have your wedding designer plan a one that you’d like. With the right whimsical wedding decorations, one foot in your venue, and your guests will be transported into your magical whimsical dream.




Picture Courtesy: @carleyjaynephotography


If your idea of a modern wedding includes a stark, neutral design, then let this new and colorful wedding trend prove you wrong! One of our favorite new trends in a while, modern color-blocking is popping up everywhere from abstract backdrops and tablescapes to flowers, stationery, and cake. Create a more muted pairing with two shades of the same color family or go wilder and try three or four eye-popping hues. Muted brights and abstract shapes combine to create a perfect blend of modernity and romance in this ceremony backdrop.




Picture Courtesy: @sandrayvette.photography


Pampas is a staple of the boho style. If you are a minimalist, this single item may be all you need for a stunning boho archway. Long stalk tufts of tough grass with feathery flowers add effortless texture and volume to your archway.




Pictures Courtesy: @marvin___photography & @pauldoumit_photo


Each piece of your wedding décor should be unique and fun, and so, centerpieces dare not be left out. Your centerpieces are a way to make a statement. Bold or subtle, they will add to the overall look that is your wedding theme. Think beyond traditional for your décor ideas. Consider trees instead of blooms. Mini trees, perhaps bonsais, that can sit, one per table, adding to the ethereal and fairy tale feel of a whimsical wedding. You can also choose to weave dreamy blooms together in long runners that will drape each table from one end to the other. The ideas are limitless.


Bold Fashion


Picture Courtesy: @josiebrooksphotography / Venue: @sydonieweddings / Design: @wovenandrevel / Florals: @baughausshop


Don’t let your venue get all the attention! Create a look for yourself! When it comes to having bold styles in fashion, embracing a free-spirited look in a casual way is the way to go. A whimsical and fashion-forward environment adorned with beautiful flowers designed!

Feature Image Credit: @imagerybyjulesphotography