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Upgrade Your Reception Tables With These Centerpiece Ideas

Almost all weddings feature fresh blooms that add fun colors to your decor in a natural style. And why not? After all, it isn’t every day that you get to dress up your surroundings in vibrant florals. Your wedding is just another reason to style your day with as many flowery elements as possible, be it grand arches and chandeliers or classic bouquets and table decor. If you’re looking for some fun ways to incorporate attractive table centerpieces at your reception party, we might be able to help out a little.


Favour Floating Flowers


floating submerged flowers decor

Pictures Courtesy: @joseph.rogero & @evinphotography


We absolutely love this idea! Something slightly atypical when you think of centerpieces, floating or submerged flowers is a great way to create an impression in the most simple way. And if you’re looking for a little more pizzaz, make use of crystal beads and elevate the opulence level at each table.


Sleek Terrariums


modern wedding flowers table decor

Pictures Courtesy: @vallaridecor


Terrariums are sleek, contemporary elements that exude class for any modern wedding. Whether you’re planning an intimate ceremony or a classy, grand celebration, these minimalistic designs are great additions that effortlessly elevate the romantic atmosphere.


Pampas With Minimalistic Stands


romantic wedding floral centerpieces

Pictures Courtesy: @novamarkina


The recent ongoing trend of pampas at weddings is a unique way of diversifying your floral game and making a statement with your wedding flowers. Elegant and chic, these tall stands are great to hold larger arrangements without utilizing too much space on your tables. In addition, they are visually appealing and are quite different from the classic table setups seen at most weddings.


White & Gold With Romantic Candles


luxury wedding centerpieces candles

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Amp up the romance with delicate white flowers and illuminate the room with glowing candles. These loose flowers scattered at the center of the table give a more natural look and are complimented well with decorative gold candles. This arrangement is perfect for creating an intimate ambiance if you’re looking to host a private ceremony.


Root For The Environment With Potted Plants


wedding centerpieces flowers and plants

Picture Courtesy: @navyblurphotography


Potted plants may not quite be your typical centerpiece when it comes to weddings, but they are especially great for couples who are environment-conscious. And apart from being unique decor elements, they also make for meaningful guest favors! So why not go a different route and opt for these little organic shrubies?


Decorate It With Lights


wedding table decor flowers and lights luxury centerpieces

Pictures Courtesy: @deerpearlflowers & @lukeandcatphoto


Here is something more out-of-the-box for couples that love a bit of dramatic flair. Larger centerpieces like this decorative tree won’t fail to wow your guests. With dangling flowers and mini candle cups, each table will be lit up with magic and whimsy. And if you’re looking for a subtler approach, decorate the vases with glimmering fairy lights! These white tones are also perfect for a winter wedding.


Flower arrangements are great not only for their visual beauty, but they also exude heavenly fragrances, an overall delight to your senses. Plus, they are a natural ode to love and romance, so when it comes to a wedding, you definitely can’t have too many florals!


Feature Image Credit: @rachelrowland