Pride and Prejudice Style Wedding
Pic Courtesy: @wild.emerald.official @the.fourniers

Storybook Wedding Diaries: Inspired By Your Favorite Novels

Today’s Readers Are Tomorrow's Leaders

Today’s readers are tomorrow’s leaders

Literature is not only for bookworms, it’s the goldmine for your ideal romance. Some stories may just resonate with the chapters of your life. You never know when you encounter Heathcliff or Rhett Butler in your real life. Or maybe you were taken aback by the boldness of Scarlet O’Hara when you had first encountered your lady. Some happy plots unfold and others may traverse a tumultuous path. Nevertheless, these stories deserve to be cherished and celebrated. 

In the 21st century, many couples are making these stories as the backdrop of their wedding canvas. Maybe they are not yet ready to come out of the literary world. Would you not like to live your piece of the story? Then there are some fashionable weddings we have weaved together that are inspired from the pages of your favorite novels. Which one would be your pick? 

Pride and Prejudice

Pride and Prejudice Style Wedding

Pride and Prejudice style weddings

Pride and Prejudice style wedding
Pic Courtesy: @wild.emerald.official @the.fourniers

Till this moment, I never knew myself: Elizabeth Bennett

The ballrooms and castles are brought to life by Wild Emerald Bridals and the Fourniers. They captured the essence of beauty and grace with pastel color palettes. The English countryside is infusing the regal era of Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth with the touch of modern romance. Simplicity is the key with lavenders, creams, and touches of gold chosen as the color palettes. 

This will make your guests feel Jane Austin’s romance in a true sense, just like a movie. The stories that have just been slipped out of the chapters of ‘Pride and Prejudice’ to give some definition for your dream wedding stage. The picnic set up in outdoors is the perfect way to capture the chemistry of an intimate romance. 

The Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby Style Wedding

The Great Gatsby Style Wedding

The Gatsby Style Wedding
Pic Courtesy: @silentcapturephoto @jenniferevansevents @nick_x_maria

Can’t repeat the past? Why of course you can: Jay Gatsby

Kimberly and Anthony tied knots in the Great Gatsby style which represents nothing short of luxury and romance. Planned by Jennifer Evans Events, every detail is perfect. The bow tie of the groom and the elaborate wedding dress of the bride is just like a cherry on top. 

The Great Gatsby captures the essence of the roaring twenties with confetti, champagne towers, and prolific jazz and dance. The Gatsby party flair has been envisioned in the 90’s estate along the coast of Long Islands- where the story of Gatsby has been imprinted in the opulence romance. The crystal chandeliers and the dance floor truly brought back the energy in their wedding ceremony. 

Wuthering Heights 

Wuthuring Heights Weddings

Wuthering Heights Wedding

Wuthering Heights Weddings
Pic Courtesy: @sophia_veres_photography @Apple and Bramble Events @midelney_manor

Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same: Catherine Earnshaw

Want to replicate the passion of Heathcliff and Catherine Earnshaw in the misty moors of Wuthering Heights? Well, you are not alone! Apple and Bramble Events have given a complete makeover to the ruins of the Midelney Manor. 

The Calligraphy, the card desk, and the seating areas bring back memories of Emily Bronte’s masterpiece. The dandelions, pearls, and wildflower bouquets give some enchanting effect. I love the way they have arranged the books and candelabras in an old-school way. There is perfection in every imperfect ruins of the place. 

The Twilight Saga

Twilight Saga

Twilight Saga

Twilight Saga
Pic Courtesy: @iluminen

No measure of time with you will be long enough but we will start with forever: Edward Cullen

Like a bit of vampire goth romance of Edward Cullen and Bella Swan? You can opt for forest elopements with hanging ferns and lush green drapes. Mega and Alfred enjoyed every detail of William and Friends. The creepers and white flower arrangements create a magical world.

The classic gowns with lace details are both modern and chic, encapsulating the vampire romance in the forest of Indonesia. The violins playing in the background left the guests touched and overwhelmed at the same time as the couple took their vows before the altar. 

Gone With The Wind 

Gone with the wind Romance

Gone with the wind Romance
Pic courtesy: @itsacharminglife

I have loved you more than I have ever loved any woman and I have waited longer for you than any other woman: Rhett Butler

Do you adore the tumultuous romance between Rhett Butler and Scarlet O’Hara? There is spice, a bit of scandal, and a whole lot of passion that is perfect for any romantic setup. Set in the background of World War, this not-so-ideal romance seems so perfect in the words of Margaret Mitchell. 

As I navigate through the twists and turns of this amazing plot, I love the scene where Scarlett makes an appearance in a red dress, quite scandalous of course during those times, yet ravishingly beautiful to steal the eyes away. Rules are really not meant for her it seems. Do they? Therefore, they can remain to their true self keeping the spark alive. 

Harry Potter

Harry Potter Style Weddings

Harry Potter Themed Wedding celebration

Harry Potter Style Weddings
Pic Courtesy: @wantthatwedding @beckyweirphotography

Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times: Albus Dumbledore

This magical Steve and Bec Wedding got me into Hogwarts again. There were flying keys, golden snitches, and some old books that might be magical too. Who knows you can just learn some magical spell out of it. There were homemade wands, and a broom too to replicate the Oh so famous, Nimbus 2000. The rustic flower bouquet creates a charm.

Becky Weir was a photography wizard who brought the Harry Potter story to life. Want That Wedding left no stone unturned to make this a truly magical piece. 

Lord Of The Rings

Lord of the rings themed weddings

Lord of the Rings style weddings
Pic Courtesy: @loveincmag

I would rather share one lifetime with you rather than face all the ages of this world alone: Arween

Alyssa and Sean exchanged their wedding rings in Tolkien’s magic. Laura Dee Photography captured the intricate details of the day. There were hobbits, bows and arrows, and also, some magical potions to bring the story of The Lord Of The Rings alive. The wooden lanterns and baby’s breath floral decor are bringing back the fantasies of the Elven Realms. The father escorted the bride as Gandalf, the White who looked absolutely adorable, capturing the essence of the father-daughter relationship. 

Alyssa’s two-piece ivory dress, layered skirt, and unique hood has stolen the spotlight. Being a Tolkien enthusiast, she worked with the florist herself to bring perfection to her marriage. 

The Arabian Nights 

Arabian Nights Themed Weddings

The Arabian Nights Weddings

The Arabian Nights
Pic Courtesy: @ramitbatraphotography

I choose you and will always choose you over and over: Princess Jasmine

This colorful love story is inspired by the cities of Baghdad. The colorful decor, the lanterns, and the evergreen love story of Aladdin and Jasmine transport us to the luxurious ambiance of the Arabian Nights. Khulja Simsim!

Amit Batra’s photography drizzled some magic apart from the magical lamp of course. The details of the carpets give a Middle Eastern vibe. Not to forget some kebab platters that can tantalize the taste buds to ecstasy.  

The beauty of literature lies in the capacity to blend fiction and real-life romance. These weddings provide an immersive experience where the guests feel that they have just stepped into the pages of their beloved story. Something personal and comforting. The smell of old books wafting through our nostrils remembering those nights spent in the pages of Bronte and Jane Austin. Some stories never left our minds and others piled up in the back of our memories.