Sparkling Special Effects: Scream Entertainment & Events

Special Effects are incorporated within revelries for an added wow factor. Be it a bridal entrance, cake cutting ceremony or the first dance, Scream Entertainment & Events have a wide range of equipment to make every occasion special. Their SFX systems include confetti blasts, Co2 jets, flame machines, artificial snow, low fog, sparkulars and fireworks. We spoke to Mr. Girish Tirthwani, the Events Director at Scream Entertainment & Events about teaming up with the luxurious DWP Congress, as our special effects partner and the company’s overall journey spanning over 10 years.


Tell us about yourself and your incredible company. Where did it all start?


Born in the incredible city of Jodhpur in India and raised in Dubai, I have worked in many industries like Technology, Advertising, Marketing, Banking & Tourism and always wanted something more challenging and exciting, hence why I decided to start Scream Entertainment in 2008. We initially did corporate events and conferences but ever since then, have planned, executed and delivered more than 1300+ corporate and private events, exhibitions, weddings, nightlife and concerts over a period of 10 years. Not only do we plan and manage events in UAE as well as GCC, we also have an extravagant database and contract with talented performers and entertainers based in Dubai and internationally, in addition to our special effects. Today we pride ourselves in supporting a lot of other event and wedding planners across the region to deliver successful projects together.


Photograph Courtesy: Scream Entertainment & Events


What design styles did you work with for the Destination Wedding Planners Congress?


Each event at DWP Congress had a unique theme. We worked with the pantone colour of the year, ‘Living Coral’ for the welcome reception, the Arabic theme for the Arabian night a crystal fantasy theme for the glittering gala dinner night.


Photograph Courtesy: Blue Eye Picture/@female_photographer_dubai


Where were the magical pyrotechnics (cold sparks, fire effects, low fog, confetti bursts, etc.) imported from?


Our equipment is mostly imported from Europe as we deal with the brand MagicFx, but we also do import our consumables and equipment accessories from China and Hong Kong as well.


Photograph Courtesy: Blue Eye Picture/@female_photographer_dubai


Take us through the different variations of special effects that you incorporated within the overall event.


Welcome Reception: This event was outdoor and represented the commencement for the celebrations to come. There was an amazing live band and to compliment it, we had 4 Co2 Jets on stage to provide a wow factor and add an energetic vibe for the evening.

Conference: Throughout the 2-day conference, there were several speakers, panel discussions and a lot of raffles draws. To welcome the speakers and celebrate the winners, we had installed 4 x sparkulars (also known as Cold Pyro) on the stage to make the conference even more engaging and lively. At the end of the conference, we had a powerful golden confetti blast with 8 x confetti power shots installed on either side of the stage.

Arabic Night: Luckily, this event was outdoor and the weather was in our favor. There was a 6×6 dance floor in the middle of the Arabian themed night and the guests were seated all around it. We had placed 4 x flame machines in all 4 corners of the stage which complemented the talented performers throughout the night.

Gala Dinner: This was one of the most magical nights of DWP 2019. We had 2 x low fog dry ice machines placed on each side of the stage for the artists’ entrance. This was a mesmerizing effect and we usually have this during the couple’s first dance in most of the weddings. We also had 8 x confetti power shots with silver confetti for the closing ceremony of the event with all the winners of the DWP ACE Awards together on one platform.


Photograph Courtesy: Blue Eye Picture/@female_photographer_dubai


What were the colour schemes chosen and what was the significance behind it?


The color scheme for each event was different. White Co2 jets were chosen for the welcome reception as this was a beach event and the theme was living coral, we decided to go with something subtle. The theme for the conference was white and gold, where we had sparkulars for each speaker and golden confetti blast towards the end of the 2nd day as this colour is symbolic of a luxurious celebration. Although, our flame machines can throw different colours of flames (red, green, blue, purple, etc) for the Arabian night, we stuck to yellow flames to complement the theme and for the authenticity. The Gala’s theme was shimmering essence of opulence, so we chose the low fog effect to go with this crystalized concept and had the silver confetti blast to match the theme.


Photograph Courtesy: Blue Eye Picture/@female_photographer_dubai


How did you prepare for the unpredictable weather conditions at the gorgeous Nasimi Beach against the breathtaking skyline of Dubai?


The weather in Dubai is quite unpredictable in certain months and being a part of the events industry, we always have to plan for such circumstances. However, we used only Co2 jets at the welcome reception, which was not too much of a concern for that event and everything went swimmingly well.


Photograph Courtesy: Blue Eye Picture/@female_photographer_dubai


How would you describe your experience of working as a special effects partner for the luxurious Destination Wedding Planners Congress 2019?


To be part of the DWP Congress 2019 was truly an amazing and enriching experience. As a partner, we got a lot of exposure pre and post event, as well as a lot of recognition during the event. We had a chance to meet some of the top planners, designers and professionals within the wedding industry and exchanged a lot of knowledge, experience and joy with each other. Overall, the 6th edition of the DWP Congress was a remarkable experience with a lot of quality networking.



Feature Image Credit: Blue Eye Picture/@female_photographer_dubai