#SoakinLove In This 3-Day Indian Destination Wedding Extravaganza In Thailand

Transitioning seamlessly from a vibrant pre-wedding celebration to a pastel-hued wedding with a gorgeous view, the nuptial of Soniya and Akshay in Angsana Laguna, Phuket, Thailand was breathtaking!

The couple enjoyed the best of natural beauty, entertainment, and relaxation with their intimate wedding getaway to Phuket. A confluence of eclectic themes, riveting couture, nonstop dancing, and unforgettable moments, this incredible 3-day Thailand wedding is sure to leave you dreaming of your own!

Captured stunningly by DWP Premium member Soniya’s own fab team- Camera Crew, check out the blog below and get immersed in the couple’s love story through these beguiling shots.. #soakinlove



Founded in 2010, Camera Crew has grown from a hobby to a team of professional photographers & cinematographers traversing across the globe covering over 500+ weddings. Specializing in destination weddings, they approach wedding photography & filmmaking with their unique approach, creating classic and sophisticated images that stand the test of time. Throughout the wedding celebrations, the team is able to direct couples to achieve magical moments, heartfelt moments and visually arresting portraits, and capture moments of real emotion as time unfolds.

The Haldi took place on the 22nd morning and was Tuscan summer themed with lemons, sunflowers, and green foliage. The Sundowner was black boho,  simple and chic.



Their Love Story:

“Soniya & I met by chance at a bar. We had some mutual friends but we had just moved back to India that year and it was the first time we met. She’s the rock star in this relationship, always bold, always taking the first step on things. She added me on Facebook that first day and proposed to me 4 years later. On our first official date – things hit off from the get-go, the date went on for more than 3 hours. The one quality that made her so likable was how honest and straightforward she was. In this relationship, we are both equals, but that doesn’t mean we don’t depend on each other. We absolutely do depend on each other and sometimes we trust each other more than we trust ourselves. I’m headstrong, and so is she. But it works in our case because when it comes to each other we bend, and we listen to each other.” Shares the groom.

“For us, our families are everything – we both have ideal love stories at home with our parents which makes us believe in love so much more. We love to explore – we share travel lists, and we try every type of food we can. We are not scared of breaking tradition but we also want to cherish what our family and our lives have taught us and that’s precisely how we also planned our wedding. We wanted it to be our own version of what we believe in and what’s important to us. Mostly we both wanted to have a great time with our families celebrating the love we share. And we loved every minute of it!”



Doubling up as a groovy Thai carnival party, the mehndi ceremony on the 23rd allowed everyone to mingle freely as they enjoyed Thai hospitality. Vivid games and floral installations welcomed the guests as they stepped into the alfresco venue. Thai carnival was everything Thai from floral color combination to hospitality to food, everything.

On the same evening, the couple danced the night away in a Bollowood-style sangeet ceremony. Sangeet was simply glam and glitz with colors – green and gold.  From the lush blooms forest decor, disco balls, champagne wall, and glittering chandeliers; and all the intimate moments in between- amplified the glitz and made sure the guests had a gala time before the big day!



The sundowner wedding was a romantic one as the dramatic sunset sky set the mood right for the couple’s union. Soniya and Akshay choose pastel outfits that complimented the sea view outdoor decor. It was a garden-themed wedding with vibrant florals and a simple mandap with two trees. Blooms in red exaggerated the whole ambiance and spread the color of love among everyone present. Festooned with colorful florals against the backdrop of the Indian Ocean, the ceremony was a dreamy setting and we couldn’t help but swoon over the sunset pheras pictures captured splendidly by Camera Crew as the couple said the Indian version of “I do” to each other and promised their forevers to each other. Regal and modern at the same time, the atmosphere was blissful and sublime.

The couple closed the wedding festivities with an intimate night of dinner and dancing. The decor of string lights and an opulent chandelier glamourized the glitzy reception.



Camera Crew’s approach to every wedding is unique!

They approach wedding photography & filmmaking with the intent of making something timeless in a way that the real heartfelt emotions, magic & love are preserved. Their team holds the passion to capture as well as understand the importance of every poignant experience & emotion of the day. Their approach to capturing wedding moments is simple: understand what’s important to the bride and groom and how they would like to look back at their wedding day. They move ahead from photojournalism to storytelling to give you organic photos & videos that you will look back on years after your marriage as a reminder of the love that brought you together on your special day. With the continuously evolving wedding industry where brides and grooms are making their own traditions, they are carefully crafting wedding stories to blend traditional with modern.



“Enjoy your wedding to the fullest. It’s a celebration of your love for one another. Never forget that because, at the end of the day, the happiest couples make the prettiest bride and groom.” Advices the beautiful bride, Soniya, the Founder of Camera Crew.


On your wedding day, the team from Camera Crew becomes part of your family crew! This helps them to capture all the emotions of the day – the serious, the silly, and the poetic. In order to bring the best wedding experience to life, they carefully craft and document your memories, pack them with love and filter it through layers and layers of careful examination.

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Photography & Filming: Camera Crew

Event Planning: Divine Events, Bangkok

Decor: Pavarit & co, Bangkok

Entertainment: DJ Dev

Venue: Angsana Laguna, Phuket

Makeup: @dramaqueenbymarisa 

Music: Dastaan, original track composed by Adarsh Rao 

All outfits:

Haldi – Vridhi Somaani (both) 

Sundowner- Tarun Tahiliani (Bride) Rohit Gandhi & Rahul Khanna (Groom) 

Thai Carnival – BOBO Calcutta (both) 

Sangeet- Dolly J (bride) Govinda Mehta (Groom) 

Wedding- Jade (bride) & Rohit Gandhi & Rahul Khanna (Groom) 

Reception- Cherie D (bride) & Govinda Mehta (groom)