Saying “I Do” Around the Globe – Top Wedding Dates in H1 of 2024: Guest Blog By Rebecca Glen

Congratulations on your engagement and upcoming international wedding! As you begin the exciting journey of planning your dream wedding, choosing the perfect date is a crucial step. With so many options within the first half of 2024, where do you even begin?

Don’t worry, lovebirds, this guide unveils the most popular wedding dates for January to June 2024 across various destinations with insights into their allure and tips for securing your dream day!

In 2024 we are seeing a boom of engagement and a large increase in destination weddings, across the globe. This amplifies the
importance of hiring a wedding planner, to ensure a smooth wedding planning journey.

Apart from the specific seasons more popular in certain locations, there is also a wide range of predicted dates for the 2024 wedding season that are most popular globally based on their significance. These wedding date significances include trends like the below:

  • Full Moon dates that fall on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday
  • Dates with repeating numbers promise good luck and fortune
  • Three-day weekends, which provide more time to celebrate. Memorial Day and Labor Day will be some of the most competitive holiday weekends to book for your big day
  • Astrological dates: Those interested in astrology will gravitate towards lucky dates in the zodiac for their celebration this year
  • Dates that include celebrations that couples love

Here is an overview of specific dates to consider in the first half of the year between January 2024 – June 2024:

  • January 1st (Monday): New Year’s Day is a popular date for couples wanting to celebrate the new year with a new journey
  • January 25th (Thursday): Astrologically a New Moon, on a day of the week that is becoming more popular for weddings (Thursday and Fridays)
  • February 9th (Friday) and 24th (Saturday): These dates hold numerological significance, with repeating digits considered lucky in some cultures
  • February 14th (Wednesday) and 29th (Thursday): Some couples choose dates related to love or commitment, like Valentine’s Day (February 14th) or Leap Day
  • February 24th (Saturday): Astrologically a New Moon, which falls on a weekend
  • March 10th (Sunday): This new moon in Pisces symbolizes fresh starts and is seen as an auspicious occasion for weddings. Daylight Saving Time also starts on this day, when the sun will rise and set an hour later
  • March 15th (Friday): Known for its association with love and fertility, Friday is considered an auspicious day to tie the knot. March 15th, with its alignment of positive celestial energies, is believed to bring prosperity and happiness to the
  • April 2nd (Tuesday), 20th (Saturday), and 24th (Wednesday): April showers bring May flowers, and these spring dates offer pleasant weather and vibrant blooms. The 20 of April also falls on a Saturday and makes a cute wedding date of 4.20.2024
  • May 3rd (Friday), 9th (Thursday), and 31st (Friday): May holds a special romantic charm, with May 3rd mirroring the year (5-3) and May 31st marking the end of a beautiful month. These are considered lucky dates in May
  • May 4th (Saturday): As this day falls on Saturday this year, it will be a very popular date for Star Wars fans. May the fourth be with you!
  • May 23rd (Thursday): Astrologically a New Moon, on a day of the week that is becoming more popular for weddings (Thursday and Fridays)
  • June 6th (Thursday): A new moon in Gemini which symbolises fresh starts and harmonious communication.
  • June 21st (Friday): Astrologically a New Moon, on a day of the week that is becoming more popular for weddings (Thursday and Fridays)
  • June 22nd (Saturday): This Saturday falls on the summer solstice, marking the longest day of the year and offering ample daylight for celebrations. It’s predicted to be the most coveted date of 2024. This particular day falls on a Saturday, which is the most preferred day of the week for tying the knot. Additionally, June is known for its warm and sunny weather, making it an ideal month for outdoor ceremonies and receptions

While these dates hold widespread appeal, remember, your perfect day should reflect your unique love story. This means that when choosing your “I Do” date, you should also be considering your budget, travel, and personal significance.

  • Budget: Popular dates often translate to higher costs. Be flexible and consider off- peak hours or weekdays for better deals
  • Guest Travel: Think about potential travel time and conflicts for your loved ones, especially if considering destination weddings
  • Weather: Choose a season and location that suits your desired atmosphere and ensure guest comfort
  • Personal Significance: Do you have a special date that holds meaning for you and your partner? Don’t be afraid to break the mold and choose a date with personal significance

Remember, your wedding day is about celebrating your love and creating lasting memories. Choose a date that resonates with you as a couple and reflects the joy of your journey together. So, take a deep breath, embrace the planning process, and get ready to say “I do” on your perfectly chosen date!


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