Picnic State Of Weddings With These Ultimate Styles

“Let’s wander where Wi-Fi is weak and it’s just the two of us in a romantic picnic…”


Who doesn’t love a picnic? Sunny days, delicious crusty bread, lazing on the grass it’s the perfect way to spend an afternoon. There is a trend towards more intimate, less formal weddings that is making picnic weddings increasingly popular. Best part? You can make it cozy, personal, intimate or grand. Having picnics feels like the ultimate hybrid between smooth and classy. Whether you are thinking of having an intimate wedding, proposal, or elopement, a luxurious picnic setting is something that you can go by blindly!


A Breath Of Fresh Air In The Mountains


Pictures Courtesy: @genevievereneephoto


Swooning over the pictures from this gorgeous wedding. What better than a picnic-style wedding with a mountain view, yeah?  Picnic style wedding demands a casual setting where guests can relax and have a good time. This couple took it a notch further to enhance the picnic vibes into breathtaking pictures. The elegant set up at the top looks ethereal!


Bohemian Luxe


Picture Courtesy: @joseygrace_ / Planner: @amberandboheme


Picnics are the perfect way to celebrate your elopement and toast to the promises you made to each other without too much fuss or planning needed. A soft blanket or gorgeous throw rug, a few candles, your favorite assortment of foods, and a bottle of champagne are really all you need! (Of course, you could always go more elaborate if that’s your style.)


Santorini’s Charm


Picture Courtesy: @lighthousephotography_gr / Planning: @divineweddingssantorini / Venue: @vallaisvilla


With the exquisite charm of some of the most jaw-dropping views to be found in the Mediterranean, Santorini is a venue that boasts a perfect picnic-style wedding. Consider your color scheme and what style of picnic blanket and how this will fit into the overall theme of your wedding. To capture a bohemian vibe, use layered Persian rugs with Moroccan pouffes.


Garden Style


Picture Courtesy: @kelseylageriphotography


Garden style is extremely trending these days due to the pandemic where people prefer simple and cozy feels in their own backyard. Fill it IP with lots and lots of candles, special seating areas, overall greenery and flowers, the setting and the details of garden weddings are all incredibly whimsical and romantic.


Rustic Theme


Picture Courtesy: @JessicaJonesPhotographs


Imagine how romantic to finish off an elopement with a dinner under the trees. Based on tables and chairs, you can create the table setting just as you like it – with the advantage that you don’t have to find and move a lot of furniture to have somewhere to eat.


Tippi Love


Pictures Courtesy: @bobbybense & @viktoriyabogdanovaphotography


From the geometric wooden + macramé altar to the colorful floor pillows at the picnic area, these amazing sunset wedding pictures give us major #picnincstylewedding goals. It’s pretty simple. Take elements of nature and turns it on its head with modern bohemian touches.


Cushion It Up!


Picture Courtesy: @francesca_hill_photography


If a relaxed bohemian vibe is what you are hoping to create for your wedding then cushions are a must for picnic-styled weddings. Including an eclectic mix of colorful cushions will look super cute and provide a lovely comfy experience for your guests.



Feature Image Credit: @corianephotography / Planner: @tais.garden.parties