Make The Most Out Of Your Wedding Band And Set Them Up For Success With These Expert-Approved Tips

“Music is the strongest form of magic.” -Marilyn Manson
MUSIC- We think, it’s safe to agree that it’s the one thing that can make or break the tone of the wedding. From your emotional walk down the aisle to making the grand entrance to the ceremonial exit, reception, and much more; music plays a crucial role in your wedding. A lot goes into selecting the right fit when it comes to choosing the band that matches the taste of your music. And once you select that, you want to make sure that it is rightly done.

The success of your guests getting entertained is directly proportional to the amount of support you can give prior to the band. It’s a two-way street Of course, DJs and wedding bands provide a certain amount of talent that will help generate a packed dance floor, but there are a few steps you can take as a couple to set them up for success.



We got in touch with Tim Reynolds, Founder of Next Level Music from the UK to find out how you can contribute to the success of your wedding band to make it an unforgettable experience. This award-winning live entertainment company, which made us dance ’til dawn at the DWP Congress Greece, has an ever-growing roster of incredible vocalists, musicians and world-class performers for weddings, corporate events, award ceremonies, sporting events, festivals and more.

From providing them with a green room and time to early check-ins and ensuring comfort, below are expert-approved tips to make the most memorable celebration.

Green Room


Crucially important at any wedding, but especially so for destination weddings – your entertainment team needs somewhere to relax, change their clothes, eat, etc at the venue. They will have had a long trip, often at very anti-social times, leaving their families and heading to an incredibly long day’s work. It’s so important for performers to feel looked after.

A private green room away from guests is an easy way to achieve this – make sure it includes:

  • Plenty of water
  • Snacks
  • Chairs & tables for the entire team, including crew
  • Food for the duration of the time the entertainment team will be on-site.

These things alone make a HUGE difference and are so often overlooked. The bonus of providing these is that you, the planner, won’t be harassed by 10 hungry or thirsty people – they’ll stay out of your way and be ready to perform at their best when they’re needed.


Allow Time For Sound Check



Soundcheck is a crucial part of the performance. Not only does it allow the sound engineer to make the band sound their best for the client to hear, but it allows the performers to get comfortable with their in-ear headphone mixes, allowing them to be confident and perform at their best for the client to enjoy.

Additionally, ask your venue what their sound restrictions are, as wedding venues have one! Does the sound restriction change as the night goes on? Communicate the same with your band so they can set the tone accordingly.

Food & Drinks



As a matter of good hospitality, providing your suppliers with essential F&B is a good practice! Half a sandwich or the leftovers of a buffet is not a meal. Everyone knows this, but performers are often given this or similar to their meal, having traveled hundreds or thousands of miles to perform.

A substantial hot meal is not only nourishment, but it’s also a small gesture of respect towards your performers. If you can make your performers feel valued, they’ll give you a much better performance than if they feel like an afterthought. I’m not saying that you need to prepare a full-on banquet for the performers, but plenty of food & drinks go a long way!





Very underrated, lighting can not only completely transform a space, but it also provides a great party atmosphere for the guests to enjoy and enhances the atmosphere for the performers – giving them that extra 10% boost for their performance. We know it sounds like a pretty obvious question, but yes, it is always good to double-check that they have power available at all the spots that your band needs.


Early Check-In At The Hotel



If your performers are on a red-eye flight it’s key to give them some downtime. Whenever possible, book them early check-in at their hotel – they’ll be eternally grateful and have far more energy to give to their performance, making your event shine much brighter.

So that’s how you make the most out of your wedding band! Who doesn’t want to enjoy good music and dance while sipping their favorite drink, isn’t it?

The Next Level Show Band is the ultimate in party entertainment, this elite party band brings you interactive performances that fill your dance floor with a joyous party vibe for all to enjoy. With Next Level you get supreme wedding swagger as your big day becomes notorious as the best celebration ever.

The musicians, singers and sound crew are London’s finest – this is one heck of a band that turns any reception into an all-out fiesta that will blow your guests away.

“It’s our goal to take events to the Next Level, delivering an unforgettable party experience each & every time. We bring world-class talent and out-of-this-world energy to our performances bringing everyone together and making your night the one everyone talks about for years to come.” Shares Tim.


If you’re looking for the best wedding bands, corporate entertainment, string quartets, and DJ Live acts for an incredible event anywhere in the world – look no further, we’ve got the perfect performers for you to hire.

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