Here’s How To Create Instagram Reels At Your Wedding That Goes Viral

It’s safe to say that weddings have transformed completely since the “Insta-age” took over! Brides are looking for weddings that are ‘Instagrammable,’ and up to such an extent that it has become one of the top trends of 2022 weddings! And now another age has come for the wedding industry that has taken a new spin towards how weddings are captured. It’s Reels! The short-video-creating feature has gained immense popularity among young couples in the last year and we see that it will still continue in the upcoming years.

So how do we create wedding videos on this platform that get viral quickly? We have posted quite a lot of reels on Instagram to analyze what sort of content works on this platform!

Before we give out the types that work well on IG, make sure to follow these basic steps:

  • Make sure the reels that you post are high-quality which means they are not blurry!
  • Keep short captions! Add text on the reel and choose the cover image which gives a quick synopsis of the overall video.
  • Use hashtags in the caption to make it reach the desired audience.

So here are our editor’s top picks for becoming famous overnight!


Funny Is The New Beautiful


In terms of content, there’s no single type that’s guaranteed to go viral. But if you want to raise those odds, being funny and relatable in your posts can definitely help. This is largely thanks to Gen Z and millennials who uses this feature to engage with the audience. This group of users appreciates and finds amusement in ironic, self-deprecating, and sometimes even embarrassing video content. Authenticity and reliability also play an important role in getting good views.





Weddings on top of Mt.Everest, or proposing deep under the Atlantic Ocean or saying “I do” on air as this couple did! We are all in for witnessing some celebrations that we have never seen before! So try going out of your way to have that wedding of your dreams. Even if you are having your celebrations at a chapel or a resort, you still can decorate the venue with unique styles. Pick an unexpected backdrop for your ceremony or put your love story on display. Play some games and capture some crazy moments from them to showcase the fun you had.


Bridal Entry



“Here comes the bride” is not just a statement for reserved for emotional moments. Looks like Instagram is all nuts about this auspicious moment as well. Make a striking entrance on the most monumental day of your life, and make sure to capture it from a reel point of view to inspire other brides-to-be! You can have a traditional entry, an ultra-cool one, or just solo! The choice is absolutely yours!


Emotional Moments



Wedding receptions may be rife with fun and excitement, but it’s the ceremony that serves as the heartbeat of the big day. The first kiss, the reading of the vows, the exchanging of wedding rings, the confetti toss—there’s nothing like these tender moments to evoke all the feels. A wedding spills with emotion and when those emotions are captured unfiltered on camera by a great videographer, what you get is a heartwarming reel!


Out-Of-The-World Decor



Well, it’s safe to say that the 2023 wedding will be big on decor. With ‘Opulent Extavagenza’ being one of the top trends, couples are going big and bold for over-the-top decor. You can’t ignore the marketing power that these wedding decor videos hold, it is almost immeasurable. So make sure to talk to your wedding planner about this. Try combining decor with projection mapping and 3D art techniques that will add a glamorous touch to your celebration and give you that dream ‘IG-loving’ treat to your eye!



Feature Image Credit: @davidbastianoni / Videographer : @andhervisuals / Wedding Planner : @tehiyanarvelevents