A Complete Guide To Booking A Sustainable Wedding Venue, By Rosewood Phuket

There is no greater luxury than sustainability. We are living in times where we have become conscious about how what and where we are spending our time and energy. Our impact on the planet while organizing a wedding- be it – the usage of plastic, confetti, or food waste, has become more essential to filter out the options that do not support sustainability.

Planning an eco-friendly wedding requires a thoughtful approach, especially when it comes to your venue. From solar panels to veggie gardens and on-site accommodation, choosing a venue with green credentials is one of the biggest ways to reduce the carbon footprint of your wedding. Luxury hotels are going the extra mile not only to save the planet but also to tap into a sustainability movement that guests are quickly latching on to.

Not sure where to start? We got in touch with Nor Jaimie Abdullah, Sales & Events Manager of Rosewood Phuket to tell us what to look for when you are sourcing your eco-friendly venue.



A whimsical mix of East and West, eco-consciousness, and complete extravagance, Rosewood Phuket gets the formula just right. Southeast Asia’s first Rosewood hotel is tucked in a tropical hideaway, nestled along a 600-meter beachfront at exquisite Emerald Bay, adding to the sense of exclusivity. The Andaman Sea is always in view from 71 villas and pavilions, each with its own plunge pool and elegant, residential feel.

The hotel’s environmentally sensitive, contemporary architecture style utilizes indigenous materials such as stone and timber throughout and features floor-to-ceiling windows in all private and public areas to offer a fully immersive experience of the hillside forest surroundings. Sustainable design elements include rainwater retention ponds providing the resort’s entire water supply, “landscaped” rooftops for energy conservation and the largest solar renewable energy system of any Phuket hotel.


Why Is Choosing an Eco-Friendly Wedding Venue Important?



For sustainably minded events – choosing a sustainable venue is one of the first important decisions you can make when planning an eco-wedding. From catering to electricity and travel, your venue will be responsible for a big chunk of your wedding’s carbon footprint.

Sustainability aside, your venue is also likely to be your biggest investment! With an estimated 40% of your budget going towards your venue and catering, it makes sense to invest your dollars somewhere that aligns with your eco-friendly values.


What to Look For In an Eco-Friendly Wedding Venue



So, what kind of features should you be looking for in an eco-friendly wedding venue? From catering options to plastic and waste policies, there are a few ways your venue can help you go green. Keep the following features in mind as you begin researching and touring potential venues!


Find Out If They Are Certified



Not all wedding venues are created equal. When researching or touring venues, be sure to ask about what measures they take to be sustainable. Is your venue LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) or Energy Star Certified? These are some of the best ways to know if a building runs sustainably or efficiently.

Rosewood Phuket is one of the first LEED Gold Certified resorts in Thailand and is globally recognized as a symbol of sustainability achievement and leadership in the “green” building of the property.


Waste Management & Recyclability



If you can’t find a venue that is LEED certified, ask if the venue recycles or how they manage their waste to be kind to our planet. Turning trash into treasure is one of the mottos that many 5-star hotels are adopting in order to contribute back to society. Depending upon the volume, resorts generate a ton of waste from food, packaging, paper, toiletries and linens but by implementing an effective recycling program these businesses can improve their social ROI and more importantly their bottom line.

The design at Rosewood Phuket incorporates sustainable practices, including rainwater retention ponds to provide the entire resort water supply, the largest solar renewable energy system for any Phuket hotel and “landscaped” rooftops for energy conservation. Since May 2021, all venues & kitchens inside the resort participate in their compost program.


Energy Conservation



Among the activities that have a major impact on the environment, hotel energy consumption is fundamental. Your wedding venue should be able to save energy and cut down consumption wherever unnecessary.

Sustainability is at its core at Rosewood Phuket. The hotel has impeccable green credentials: it harvests plain water for its water supply and uses a solar renewable-energy system. Landscaped rooftops mean that more than 78% of the interior spaces are exposed to daylight creating a healthier and more pleasant atmosphere, thus reducing the electricity needed for artificial light. Buildings are not painted as this also keeps the temperature in the rooms lower.


Involving & Giving Back To The Local Community



Your big day can make a big impact!  From your registry to your vendors, every step of wedding planning is an opportunity to give back.

Your venue should be able to do so. Reaching out to the local community surrounding your establishment is a great way to engage with sustainability initiatives. It can be anything from providing beach cleaning services to providing food and clothes to an orphanage or old-age homes. Detailing your programs in your marketing materials and keeping a healthy community will ensure guests know you are serious about your sustainability measures.

From donating funds to career guidance, Rosewood Phuket gets CSR creative by providing:

*Covid-19 community support

*Donating funds to Phuket Panyanukul school

*Hosting lunch at Paklok government nursing home

*Giving career guidance at Universities


Locally Sourced Products



A huge part of going green comes from embracing locally-sourced materials. From catering to flowers to decor elements, it’s ethically right to support the local producers.

Rosewood’s “Partners in Provenance” philosophy is a commitment to support area artisanal food suppliers and present diverse, seasonal menus of local fare. Chefs work closely with top-quality local farmers and producers who deliver the finest home-grown ingredients.



“Sustainability lies at the very heart of Rosewood Phuket. It is not only our responsibility to innovate but educate all those we encounter whether it is our associates, our guests, or our networks.”

Discover your own piece of paradise in Thailand at the exquisite multi-award-winning Rosewood Phuket. With a stunning beachfront location, secluded pavilion accommodation and three wonderful restaurants, this luxury resort in Phuket is a great place for your wedding on the Thai island.

43 acres of lush, tropical forest coupled with the privacy and sophistication of a luxury beach estate capture a sense of romance and set the perfect stage for your dream wedding. You have a choice of elegant venues at The Pavilion, their residential-style wedding and events space, which encompasses the Glass House, Courtyard, Garden and Beach Lawn. A dedicated Bridal Room provides a comfortable dressing area to apply the finishing touches before the grand entrance to the ceremonial venue. The venue can host weddings for up to 220 pax.

Lie back and soak up the island sunshine atop a plush sun lounger, or take to the calm waters of the Andaman Sea with your partner as the in-house event planner takes care of every aspect of your planning. Showcasing renowned Thai hospitality and five-star service, a wedding here is a dream come true.



Let’s prioritize the love for our planet and have a celebration that will make Mother Nature proud! Book this eco-friendly resort on DWP Insider now!

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