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Fairytale Wedding Inspiration Straight From The Pages Of Fantasyland

Once Upon a Time, When two hearts Unite

Have you ever wondered if only you had the chance to live your childhood stories again? How about getting hitched in the wedding la-la-land? Sounds like a story isn’t it? This can become a part of your reality with amazing wedding ideas that will imbibe life into your favorite childhood memories. Whether you want to fit into that glass shoe or you are someone who likes to break the glass ceiling, fairytale maestros are redefining their narratives that resonate with a contemporary woman. 

Here, are some amazing suggestions you can look into to live a part of your fairytale that has always been inside you. 

The Magical Invite

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“Mirror Mirror on the Wall,

Who is the prettiest of us All”: 

We came across some of the whimsical invites inspired by tales of Snow White and Cinderella. Some mirrors, Some Castles, and some stories from the fairytales.

Let us know which invites have captured your heart amidst the whimsical best.

 Illuminate Your Love Story

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Let the Flicker of the Candles imbibe some Magic into your wedding decor. When you let your creativity flow, magic is bound to happen. Life is all about keeping the fire alight,

 “Till death do us apart!” 

We are keeping no details unturned to get you the best candlelit dinner setting for your wedding guests. The romantic backdrops, the fairy lights, and the magical lanterns will set an enchanting atmosphere for your perfect day!

Whisking Away To Wonderland

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Weddings are incomplete without the perfect blend of cocktails. Guess what? If that has been served by a bunch of witches and bunnies! At these fairytale-inspired bar counters, every sip will tell you one magical story! How about that? 

“Come, sisters, cheer we up his sprites

And show the best of our delights”

Indulge In The Mystical Potions 

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Tell me your favorite poison and we will have that for you. Liberate your tastebuds and imagination with these mystical cocktails that can transport you to the realms of fantasy and fiction. ‘Pixie Dust Punch’ or ‘Midnight Mystic Martini,’ these mystic cocktails will create magic in your palette. 

The Royal Retreat 

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How is it a fairytale without those magnificent medieval castles? The castles give a regal look and add a pinch of sophistication. Those velvet drapes from the towering windows or the ornate chandeliers recreate the tales of regal splendor. The Knight and Shining armor waiting in the aisle while the bride descends like a princess, painting her love story on every wall of the majestic castle. 

“And we pronounce you as the man and the wife”

Mystical Wedding Stage

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The use of cascading flowers and the incorporation of a white and blue palette has transformed the stage into a glass castle. The intricacies of the ice popsicles and crystal chandeliers can evoke a sense of ethereal romance. The wedding guests will find themselves immersed in poetic imaginations of true beauty and elegance. The artisans have brought the fairytale to life through sheer brilliance. 

Fairytale Dresses

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Did you find your perfect princess dress yet? If not, don’t worry we have got you covered with tons of options. In the world of fairytales, the princess dress is the epitome of elegance, grace, and enchantment. Fairytale or not, a wedding dress always holds a special place in the hearts of the bride. As soon as she slips into this magical gown she experiences the different stages of emotions as she walks through the aisle to meet her Prince Charming who is ever ready to complete her story that will make them ‘one’. 

May your journey be as captivating as the stories of fairytales. Cheers to those magical moments, laughter, and the beauty of living together outside the fantasy world. Let’s paint those realities blended with ethereal beauty, stroking through the regal stories of our memory lanes.