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Bridal Oils For That Flawless Skin Before The Big Day

Although wedding planning can be extremely exciting, it can also be very stressful. Many engaged couples try to mask their worry and anxiety on the outside, and some even feel guilty for having trouble handling stress during what is supposed to be the “favorite moment of their lives.” The reality is that planning a wedding is a monumental effort in and of itself in every way. When you’re also anxious about pulling together your ideal wedding, it’s only natural for your mental health to fall lower on your list of priorities.

It’s important to assess your self-care routines in several ways to make sure you’re taking good care of your mind, body, and spirit. When you’ve made the necessary efforts to look after yourself, you’ll be better able to live your best life. Depending on one’s understanding of what they can handle, practicing self-care can take many different forms, such as retail therapy or mediation.

On our blog, we’ll go through using essential oils as one of the main aspects for keeping the bride relaxed. With your peace of mind coming first, this will enable a smooth wedding planning process.


Lavender Oil


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Lavender is a sacred and ancient flower that is an essential element of daily life for cultures all over the world since it symbolises serenity, purity, calm, and elegance. You are the bride that comes down the aisle donning the regal colours of purple, which represents blessings, royalty, and confidence.

The luscious, hydrating lavender oil is made with a mild combination of nourishing organic oils to leave skin resilient and shining. Pour some wine, turn the lights down, and add a few drops of the essential oil to your bathtub to enjoy the sweet aroma of white lavender, herbaceous rosemary, and bergamot.


Jasmine Oil



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The adage “no perfume without Jasmin” still holds true today. Intense, warm, and charming, Jasmin’s exquisite aroma enfolds the senses and takes you to a dreamy summer evening in Paris. A few drops of jasmine oil added to your moisturizer will give you healthy, radiant skin, and the pleasant aroma will lift your spirits and enhance your well-being.


Rose Oil


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The rose has long been praised for its virtues by poets and lovers, but this flower is more than simply a beautiful arrangement of scented petals. The lush, exotic rose gardens and flowers are like something out of a dream. They are the source of rose oil, which is mostly found in all-natural body care products for use on the skin and hair.

It is time to toss away your conventional skincare products filled with harmful chemicals because the natural beauty industry is on the rise, and with good reason. The bride deserves a wonderful body scrub made of sugar, coconut oil, and a few drops of rose oil to make her skin sparkle, moisturize, and feel smooth. Your mood will be immediately enhanced by the scent of rose oil, and you will be eager for your new beginning.


Sandalwood Oil


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Most brides will remember how, during the hottest part of the summer, their grandmothers suggested they use sandalwood paste to cool down their skin in the heat and even out their skin tone.

The most frequent skin condition that affects women, especially around their weddings, is acne. If you massage some sandalwood oil on your skin, the swelling and redness will go down. This will make your skin glow, heal, and be healthy.


Marjoram Oil


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The body is rejuvenated by using sweet marjoram essential oil. It has been dubbed “Joy of the Mountains” because it was seen by the Greeks and Romans as a representation of happiness.

It is normal to experience a surge of emotions that overwhelms you as your wedding day approaches. Your body and mind will feel incredibly relaxed after using marjoram essential oil to help you reduce stress, as it elicits feelings of joy and helps with anxiety.


Feature Image Courtesy: @augustinusbader