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DWP Insider Picks: 10 Stunning Destination ‘Indian’ Weddings!

Destination weddings are a true amalgamation of cultures, locations, traditions, partners and lots more…but what binds them all is love and the passion to make a couple’s dream come true! Indian weddings are known to be grand and larger than life, and that’s why are popularly referred to as the ‘Big Fat Indian Weddings’. They are a celebration of two souls, their families, friends, cultures and are full of colors and cheerfulness. Be it the pre-wedding ‘Haldi’, ‘Sangeet’ or ‘Mehndi’ ceremony or the actual wedding day, none of the events fall short of energy, colors, fun and a rollercoaster of emotions!

The past few months have seen some incredible Indian weddings happening across the globe, and we at DWP Insider bring to you ten hand-picked weddings from the last few month of last year up until now that capture the essence of the tradition, the location and the never-ending romantic saga of the Indian couple! So let’s get right into it…

Costa Mujares, Mexico

Image Credits: @ptaufiqphotography

This absolutely stunning wedding took place in Costa Mujares, Mexico at the Grand Palladium beach resort. Designed & planned meticulously by JC Castillo Weddings and captured by Pervez Taufiq, this wedding is a testament to breathtaking beach weddings. The sun shining bright and the couple taking their vows amidst the backdrop of pristine waters and white sand, what could be better than this!

Bali, Indonesia

Image Credits: @flipmaxphotography & @munpreeet

This traditional Sikh wedding was a gorgeous vision in white. The decor, the setup the location, the couples’ coordinated outfits they all seemed like a match made in heaven! The Maharani Diaries were the wedding planners and the photography was done by Flip Max Photography, the result of which you can see with this luxurious wedding they curated! And what do we say about the destination Bali is nature’s paradise, lush greenery, authentic Balinese culture and the sea, it is perfect, and the icing on the cake: our host destination for the 8th Annual DWP Congress!

Istanbul, Turkey

Image Credits: @thehousontheclouds

Turkey is one of the most favourite destinations not only for tourism but for weddings as well. This wedding exemplifies class and elegance and takes it a notch higher. Clicked by the famous House On The Clouds and planned by Inside Flowers And Events, we don’t see any reason on why this wedding should not make it to the list! There is just something about the architecture coupled with the flowers that accentuates its beauty, and the beautiful couple adding to its charm, divine!

Lake Como, Italy

Image Credits: @andrewbayda_wed

Thanks to celebrities such as George & Amal Clooney, Ranveer Singh & Deepika Padukone, John Legend & Chrissy Teigen and many others, Lake Como is a popular gem in Italy’s crown. It is quite well-known among Indian couples too who wish to get married here and why not! The destination has it all – lush landscapes, rich culture & heritage, the luxe factor, perfect weather, great hospitality and lots more. No surprises in guessing why this beautiful, intimate, traditional Indian wedding took place here planned & executed by Iles Events and moments captured exceptionally by Andrew Bayda.

Cancun, Mexico

Image Credits: @gdaviesfoto

For Indian couples residing in North America, Mexico serves as a great destination for their dream nuptials. But having said that, there are a lot of travel-loving couples within India too who do not mind taking the long haul flight just to fulfill the dream of a breathtaking wedding! Let’s take this one for example – planned by Eunice Bravo Weddings and photographed by Gareth Davies, this couple’s wedding festivities look nothing less of perfection! Great moments surrounded by blue waters and in the company of family & friends, what could be better!


Image Credits: @dharabhatia

The Middle East has been one of the favorite considerations of Indian couples for their destination weddings. The UAE was hugely popular and still is, but other destinations such as Bahrain, Qatar and Oman are emerging as new trending destinations to get married in with each of them being synonymous to grandeur, opulence and Arab heritage! Take a look at this ‘pleasing to the eyes’ wedding planned by MGM Events and moments captured by Epic Stories…there is something so magnetic about it, isn’t it?

Los Cabos, Mexico

Image Credits: @takeitphoto

Yet another Indian wedding in a Mexican destination…need we say anything more? Los Cabos is a true gem and we know this quite closely because the 5th Annual DWP Congress was hosted in Los Cabos, so we know why couples flock here to get married and start their happily ever after! A traditional Indian wedding in a unique destination, this has and will continue to remain a combination to die for! The example is right in front of you with another gem by JC Castillo Weddings and photography by Take It Photo…take a look!


Image Credits: @majorstudiophotography

Mauritius is on the list of every person who is a beach lover! Pristine sand, crystal clear blue waters, lovely tropical weather, exemplary hospitality and what not! Sounds like a perfect beach wedding destination too doesn’t it! Well it sure is which is why Mauritius hosts a large number of couples year on year for their weddings. And of course, the 2nd Annual DWP Congress was hosted here so we have a special love for the destination! But this wedding is just so quaint and beautiful. Shot gracefully by Major Studios, everything about this wedding gives such a happy vibe!

Phang-nga, Thailand 

Image Credits: @gautamkhullarphotography

Koh Samui and Phuket have been attracting a lot of Indian couples looking to get married in Thailand, but there are some rare, undiscovered islands that are equally unique and amazing. With the distance between India and Thailand not being too much, it is a great option for Indian couples. Taking your vows or ‘pheras’ or having your ‘Nikah’ by the beachside at one of the stunning beach resorts the islands have to offer, gives a surreal feeling. You also have the opportunity to get clicked in the golden hour with the sun shining across your smiling faces! Planned by Mandala Events and photographed by Gautam Khullar, you need to take a look at these lovely pictures to feel the sentiment!

Santorini, Greece

Image Credits: @dreamdiariesindia

Greece is a true destination hotspot! Be it for a trip with friends, to get married or to go on a honeymoon, Greece has lots to offer! And Santorini has been regarded and well-known for its romantic charm, which makes it a significant reasons for couples to get married here. Santorini has calmness, serenity and romance written all over it, and these wedding pictures prove just that! Take a look at the wedding festivities of this beautiful couple executed by DW Events and captured by Dream Diaries India.

Mesmerizing right? Well so were we! We hope you enjoyed this collection of DWP Insider Picks top 10 Destination Weddings of Indian couples! Let us know which one you liked best!

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