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Double the Fun- Here’s How To Have A Combined Bachelor-Bachelorette Party + Ideas On How To Throw One

There are few get-togethers with as squawky and wild a reputation as bachelor and bachelorette parties. The debauchery is meant to be a “last hurrah” in the single life of the engaged couple, when they each party with their respective group of cohorts in separate bacchanalian parties before the wedding day arrives.

Why Couples Are Opting For Joint Bachelor-Bachelorette Party

There are a number of reasons why a joint bachelor and bachelorette party might be a great idea!

You and your partner get to spend more time together: A joint bachelor and bachelorette party could be ideal for you if the majority of your friends are other couples, and the idea of spending the night together as a big group seems like the best way to celebrate this special time!

Break the ice: Having a joint bachelor-bachelorette party gives her a chance to make friends with the other bridesmaids, meet the guy walking with her down the aisle, and spend time with her brother.

Save Money: Share the party, and you can split the costs: save on venue, transportation, and party necessities. You might even qualify for group rates depending on where you choose to have the bachelor-bachelorette party.


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How To Do?

Make It Clear- Be sure to properly specify on your invitation, whether that’s a physical invitation or an e-invite, that this is a combined bachelor and bachelorette party to avoid any confusion.

Let them take charge- Sure you would want to put your input on how you want to plan it, but let your friends take charge. This way both parties can mingle, brainstorm ideas on what everyone would like and create a plan that goes perfectly well with everybody.

Joint Bachelor-Bachelorette Party Ideas

If you’re looking to get all your guys and gals involved in a combined pre-wedding romp, we have some great ideas to make your celebration with friends and your wedding party especially memorable.

Music Festival

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If you and your gang want to start the festivities early, going together to a music festival is the perfect way to kickstart the party! There’s Jazz Fest, SXSW, and Coachella, or loads of smaller events, too. You’ll surely come out with some unforgettable memories all to the tune of your very own shared soundtrack.

Games Night

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Maybe getting crazy at the club isn’t exactly the vibe you or your partner are hoping for with your joint bach party. Luckily, there are lots of activities that don’t require exorbitant amounts of money or all-night festivities to be fun. Your game night can range from the more classic board games like Clue or Monopoly to more involved games like Risk or Catan. Naughtier card games like Cards Against Humanity or more brainy ones like Trivial Pursuit are also fun options that will surely get the whole crew excited and engaged.

Go Camping or Rent A Cabin

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If you and your inner circle are the outdoorsy types, a camping adventure can be another option. If you have a wild tribe, Choose a cabin with a pool, jacuzzi, bonfire pit, game room, or theatre room to enjoy your weekend to the fullest. How about s’mores over the campfire? Whether you choose a tent or a cabin, bonding in the great outdoors is sure to be an antidote to all of your wedding planning stress!

Party On A Yacht

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With the captivating ocean views and amazing sunsets combined with the exclusivity of renting a yacht, your bachelor-bachelorette party is bound to be an unforgettable event. It’s no wonder yacht birthday party invitations are the most coveted of all. They’re luxurious, chic, and exclusive by their very nature. If you’re hosting, it’s an opportunity to show off your taste and style.

Group Wine Tasting

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Who doesn’t like spending time with friends and enjoying a glass (or 10) of fine wine? Visiting a distillery or brewery is a great option for a joint event, provided you don’t have any non-drinkers in the gang. Book an evening with a local winery or hire a professional sommelier for your party.

If you decide to combine your bachelor and bachelorette parties, that’s great! If not, that’s also great! Whatever you do, just remember to have a blast and keep the drama to a minimum. So, let loose and party as if you’re about to get married … because you are!