Dark Castle Elopement With Stunning Design Details

“Love hard, ’til death do us part.”


A gothic-themed wedding is a perfect option for couples who want a mysterious and spooky wedding. The dark, moody and dramatic setup is eyed by many eccentric couples who wish to give a unique spin to their wedding celebrations. This romantic gothic wedding that we’ve featured below radiates eerie vibes in an elegant way and is designed by Destination Wedding Romania, a renowned wedding planning agency from Romania with 14+ years of experience in the tourism and wedding industry that takes care of end-to-end services of everything that you need to make your dream wedding come true.


The Hype Around A Gothic Ceremony


Everyone has a slightly different take on what a gothic-themed wedding looks like. It can be elegant, moody or hauntingly beautiful. Whatever the reason may be, the theme never gets old.  Maybe it’s the buzz of a unique venue, or it’s the thrill of wearing an unconventional dress, or perhaps, it’s the idea of gothic decor that compels couples and planners to have one.





Corrina and Roman’s elopement was that type of very intimate, very personal event. “Being a front-row witness to tying the knot of such a deep and powerful connection between two people left our planning team feeling like mere humble mortals in front of true eternal love. And such a grand love deserved nothing but a grand and unique wedding ceremony.” Shares Elena Neagu, Wedding Planner & Founder of Romania-based wedding planning company- Destination Wedding Romania.

She advocates 5 reasons why there’s such hype for having a gothic ceremony!


Not Any Location, But A Secular Gothic-Style Castle



Book an event space that evokes age-old glamour with a touch of worship. Antique architecture such as a cathedral, castle, or centuries-old manor creates the perfect setting for a goth wedding.

Locations at a gothic wedding are very scrutinously chosen. A venue often has a rich history, mysterious nature and its own life story to tell. During their venue scouting, they came across Corvin Castle, a 15th-century-old masterpiece situated in Transylvania, considered to be one of the “Seven wonders of Romania” and one of the largest castles in Europe. This Renaissance-Gothic-style castle was the perfect fortress to forge an everlasting union.


Not Just A Dress, A Statement



When it comes to choosing a Gothic wedding dress, it’s not necessary to use dark colors. If your heart is set on the traditional white, by all means, go for it as this bride did!

The bride’s own interpretation of a white gothic dress, with sparkling floral details and ample, royal-court style skirt, paired with a stunning red velvet cape was impressive. The groom’s attire balanced the dress perfectly. He opted out for a ceremonial redingote, a black morning tailcoat suit with a beige vest. 


Unique Personality Traits Make For Great Visuals



After pinning down the ideal location, the wedding planner, Elena Neagu, could finally dive into finding out the couple’s unique traits that could then turn into personalized wedding details.

“With most couples, this is usually easier said than done, but with Corrina and Roman it went on so smoothly,” said Elena. “They’ve already envisioned details of their wedding and were feeling strongly about what their story must express, so building the concept of the wedding was effortless. From stationery to table setting, everything was built to seamlessly mirror the couple’s personalities.”


More Than Just Decorating: Transforming Spaces And Transcending Themes



Look for photogenic details such as elaborate fireplaces, chandeliers, pointed spires, and stained wood. Add lush tapestries or fabrics made from lace, satin, and velvet. Don’t forget artisanal touches that match your wedding’s theme and experiment with seasonal flowers.

When dealing with such an imposing, glorious space, you could easily opt for minimalist decor and it would still look impressive. But for a Halloween gothic wedding, transforming the space beyond recognition is a must. The talented florist, Elena Anne-Marie, was excited to take on the challenge. “We could not go for just the classic, overdone, Halloween theme, with pumpkins and spider webs. At the time, I strongly felt inspired by mother nature’s rich and majestic autumn spectacle, so I decided to bring the outside in.” 

The black table setting with royal gothic chairs, guarded by 2 impressive floral pillars, tons of candles and a massive pathway of leaves and pumpkins transformed the castle into an out-of-this-world ceremonial altar. The dark red and purple wedding bouquet, tied with a velvet ribbon, fused in the idea of a deep, meaningful connection.


Taking An Oath For Life



We love when we witness an example of wedding planners turning into couples’ friends going above & beyond to help them with everything that they can to make sure their celebrations go seamlessly. Elena dressed as per the theme of the ceremony to blend in with the overall vibe and officiated the long-awaited ceremony. 

“The vibe was heavy, with a sense of worship, yet elated. It is very rare at a wedding to express your deepest feelings, people feel vulnerable and reluctant to expose themselves. But Corrina and Roman poured their hearts out in the most sensible, intimate wedding vows I’ve ever witnessed.”

When asked about the inspiration, she shares- “When you are faced with an unconventional couple, rejoice in the freedom of breaking down and reinventing yourself to meet a new, upgraded standard of services.”



Destination Wedding Romania is a boutique agency that caters to your dreams and creates an authentic space for your celebrations. They specialize in organizing intimate weddings, and other bespoke events in Romania and abroad. Whether you need help with papers, finding the right venue/provider, or if you want to truly pamper yourself with an all-inclusive experience; they take care of every aspect of your wedding, including travel-related services like flights & accommodation for you and your guest. They believe that excellence is in detail, and are present, right from planning to implementation and post-event services, ensuring that your event is unique and inspiring, completely stress-free and joyful.


So, there it is! The 5 reasons why we fell so hard for gothic weddings and would happily jump into planning another one in the blink of an eye. If this is your style, book this incredible wedding planner right here on DWP Insider and you will be amazed by the results.

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Organizer: Destination Wedding Romania @destinationweddingromania
Wedding Planner: Elena Neagu @elena_neagu_weddingplanner
Floral designer: Elena Anne Marie @elena.annemarie
Photographer: Luciana Varga @lucianavarga
Venue: Corvin Castle @corvincastle