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Celebrity Actress Joey King Weds Director Steven Piet in Mallorca, Spain

In a story that unfolded like a Hollywood romance, actor Joey King, well known for her roles in Kissing Booth and Ramona and Beezus, ties a knot with director Steven Piet and shared their love journey. Their tale of love and commitment began on the set of the Hulu series “The Act,” where a professional collaboration quickly evolved into a deep and genuine friendship.

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As Joey King recalls, “We worked so well together. There was such an immediate ease. I had a very big crush but waited until the wrap party to ask him out. I worked up the courage and took him aside to tell him how I felt. It was the best decision of my life!”

Three years down the road, while commemorating their anniversary with a trip to Joshua Tree, Steven decided it was time to make their bond official with a heartfelt proposal. Joey reflects on the moment, saying, “We went on a walk in the freezing-cold weather, and Steven described the surroundings as ‘perfectly imperfect.’ We stopped to take some photos together, and before I knew it, I was getting a tug on my jacket. I turned around, and Steven was on one knee. He said some of the most beautiful things, and we were both crying. We kept the news to ourselves for one day, just absorbing it together before we shared it with anyone.”

With their engagement sealed, the couple embarked on the exciting journey of wedding planning. Their hearts were set on an overseas celebration, and the location remained a delightful mystery until they discovered La Fortaleza in Mallorca, Spain—a historic fortress-turned-villa dating back to 1628, known for its appearance in the BBC TV series “The Night Manager.”

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Image Courtesy: @LaFortalezaMallorca

Joey elaborates, “It feels like the Spanish version of ‘The Great Gatsby.’ It’s historic without being dated. It felt timeless, the same way we feel about our love for each other. And finding it was all thanks to our wonderful wedding planners, Alison Bryan Destinations – they nailed it and found us the venue of our dreams.”

To complement the grandeur of their chosen venue, Joey envisioned a wedding dress that was both classic and uniquely her own. After an exhaustive search, she found her dream gowns in Oscar de la Renta’s bridal collection, ultimately selecting four different looks for the wedding weekend. As she reflects, “Because it was so windy during the ceremony, we did add a bit of texture.”

Image Courtesy: @normanandblake
Image Courtesy: @normanandblake

The simplicity of her bridal glam allowed her stunning dress to take center stage, with her nails adorned in scalloped detailing to match the gown’s flower-petal paillettes—a perfect blend of elegance and style.

Joey reflects on the emotional ceremony, saying, “Nothing could’ve made this moment better. Also might I add, it was raining heavily right before the ceremony, and somehow the sun shone right as guests arrived. We were truly the luckiest people.”

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The celebration continued with a grand reception held in a palatial party tent pitched next to the main house. The heartfelt and humorous speeches by Joey’s mother, sisters, and Steven’s brother moved the guests to tears. The culinary offerings left a lasting impression on the couple, with signature cocktails like “The Jesse James’s Usual” and delectable dishes such as beef cheeks stealing the spotlight.

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The newlyweds shared their first dance to the enchanting notes of Cat Power’s “Sea of Love.” As Joey describes it, it was a “magical” moment, dancing with her perfect husband to the perfect song—a memory to cherish forever.

From that point on, the celebration reached a fever pitch as guests danced the night away. Joey humorously remarks, “We danced so hard that we looked like we had taken showers because we were so sweaty. The best part was seeing all our friends who didn’t know each other just melting into one another and instantly connecting. We are surrounded by the best people, and seeing them all together was infectiously joyous.


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Just a few days ahead of their wedding, Joey King shared a series of pictures from their Portugal vacation. Her caption read, “Love is cool! Love is grand! Love is kissing in front of the Fonte dos Amores and having too many caipirinhas together.”

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Joey King and Steven Piet’s love story, as shared with Vogue, is a tale of romance and celebration that will undoubtedly inspire couples worldwide.

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