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Celebrate Mother’s Day With These Sweet Ideas To Honor Her On Your Wedding

Happy Mother’s Day! Some parts of the world celebrate this holiday today, on the 21st of March this year. And with many weddings lined up for the coming months, we thought we’d share some ways you can make your mother feel just as special as you at your wedding. After all, it’s a big day for her too! And there’s a good chance she’s just as excited as you are. So if you’re in the midst of planning your wedding, you might want to look at these ideas and see how you can make mom feel your love on the big day.


Something Borrowed From Her Wedding Day


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Carrying something of your mom’s with you down the aisle or wearing her wedding dress is one of the sweetest gestures that the two of you will cherish forever. Whether you decide to alter her dress, borrow her veil, or wrap a part of it to your bouquet, there are plenty of ways to show that you’ll always have her close to you.


Share A First Look


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We know that your mom is probably the only one who can help you with your wedding dress and get you ready to walk down the aisle. But you can make sure to take a moment once you’re dressed up and accessorized to show her the complete look. Grab your photographer (and some tissues) and take the opportunity to share a first look with your mother. To make the moment all the more remarkable, surprise her with a gift, a little token as a way to acknowledge everything she’s done for you.


A Special Photoshoot


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While a first look gives you plenty of opportunities to capture the lovely bond you share, a photo session with mom is a great way to carve some one-on-one time on your wedding day while making sure she feels all the love as mother of the bride. From planning matching outfits to silly poses, pick the best ways to express your love and unique bond so you can fondly look back on the pictures in the years to come.


Have Her Walk You Down The Aisle


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We know that walking you down the aisle is usually a job for dad, but we think mom deserves some recognition here too! Whether you choose to have both your parents on either side walking you down to your beau or have your mom walk you halfway down to meet your dad before he gives you away, getting her involved in this intimate moment is a special way to let her know how much she means to you.


Plan A Mother-Daughter Dance


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Brides often share a dance with their dads while grooms take their mums for a spin on the dance floor. But who says you can’t have a mother-daughter dance? Pick a song the two of you like or one you grew up dancing around the kitchen to, and share a sweet minute being just the two of you.


So to all the mothers out there, the DWP team wishes you a very happy mother’s day!


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