Brides, Consider The White Henna For A Unique Addition To Your Bridal Beauty

Indian brides, this ones for you! We know how extravagant an Indian wedding is. From the jewelry and dress to the festivities, nothing is done small. Same goes for bridal beauty! The Haldi and Mehendi are two pre-wedding ceremonies that are celebrated across the country as part of getting the bride ready for the main event. And while the traditional dark Mehendi inking is strikingly gorgeous, brides opting for a pastel lehenga may prefer a lighter option to blend with the outfit. Enter the new trend of white henna! Often seen on Indonesian brides, this brilliant alternative is perfect for modern brides who love to blend tradition with modern trends.

So what is white henna? Well, it isn’t actually henna. It is a non-toxic white body paint with an adhesive base and started out as a temporary alternative to tattoos. Now, we’re seeing brides rock the same on their wedding day, and we’re absolutely loving it! Perfect for brides with a darker complexion and lighter outfits, here are a few intricate designs to inspire your unique Mehendi.


Beautiful in White


Pictures Courtesy: @deeghose & @hennabydivya


Gourgeous! Need we say more? White mehendi designs are currently trending, and we can clearly see why. Although the rich dark maroons and reds will always look stunning, this alternative is perfect for brides looking for something different. So if you’re not a fan of henna, this is one way to stick to tradition without much actually sticking to tradition!


Bedazzled in Gold


Pictures Courtesy: @nurulhennakendal & @lizainaiaceh


Gold is always a good idea! Especially when it comes to Indian weddings. Your bridal set is bound to having bedazzled embroidery, so mimic the same with your mehendi. The softness of the white color is sure to make the beads stand out and shine with the beauty of your dress.


Stylish Symmetry


Pictures Courtesy: @pinterest


Playing with shapes and symmetry is always fun. And your mehendi is the perfect opportunity to show it off! From simpler patterns to ones with more intricate details, it all just looks like a beautiful painting that draws you in – which, it is!


Delicate Designs


Pictures Courtesy: @pinterest


Not a fan of elaborate patterns? Don’t worry! There are many options for smaller designs like these, all looking equally chic and modern. No matter what your style, there’s always a design for you.


Focus on Floral


Pictures Courtesy: @pinterest


Flowers make anything look pretty. So having those delicate petals painted on your hand? Absolutely stunning! The intricate patterns can be creatively designed to match your bridal outfit as well, so plan out an artwork with your mehendi artist for a striking floral statement.


Feature Image Credit: @siddrishi / @hennabymaziah