Beyond Tradition: Crafting Modern, Timeless Experiences for the Contemporary Couple – Insights from MOD Events

“You may have a vision for ideas like no other, but if your client isn’t happy then you aren’t going to last in this business” -Sanad Ibrahim

Every couple is different, every wedding is different, every vision is different. Yet the one thing that ties them all and brings them all together is creativity. The creativity of the wedding planners & designers brings every couples’ vision to life making their big day the wedding of their dreams. 

Wedding designers and their clients too have evolved with time, they understand each other’s needs and preferences. How they envision their dream wedding to be is personal and unique to each couple. But there are some that like to stick to traditionalism which is classic, elegant and timeless, and there are the contemporary ones who like to venture out and prefer the modern & chic wedding style. This is where experienced wedding professionals come into the picture where they know how to strike the perfect balance between the two. 

We are pleased to introduce you to DWP Premium Members Mohammad Alhouri and Sanad Ibrahim, founders of MOD Design Events in UAE to share their expertise with you. Read on and get inspired…



When we think of traditional Western weddings our minds instantly conjure up visions of prim and proper all-white floral arrangements and classic hotel venues. However, in recent times this specific idea of traditionalism has evolved (for most) but it still retains its roots in excess. Modern weddings also offer a great and bold departure from this idea of traditionalism. These weddings represent the new generation of couples that exemplify the invigorated spirit of the region through a new lens that celebrates the past while looking to the future.

For example, modern Emirati weddings are instantly noticeable by their minimalist approach to design; think colors such as off-white, gray or a single jewel tone that is accented ever so slightly by a complimentary color along with lowered stages, catwalks and subdued floral arrangements. In the traditional styles of yesteryear catwalks and stages would be raised high, floral arrangements would be exorbitantly large and the color tones would be decidedly more vibrant. The venues also decidedly determine the traditional versus the modern, however since we typically revamp the space entirely, this rarely impacts the overall style.



As experts in the industry bridging this gap really comes down to first, understanding the couple’s style and vision and then carefully pairing it with our own interpretation of that vision which is the story.

It is important to understand that clients come to us, as designers, to be able to fully visualize what their special day will look like, and so, when we present our designs to the client we often push the limit of their comfort zone and present them with a way of seeing their venue that they may not have previously considered. ​​For example, clients from Al-Ain & Abu Dhabi typically prefer a traditional touch whereas the brides from Dubai often want to go ultra-modern.

It isn’t so much that we are bridging the gap, so much as we design with a profound respect, thorough understanding and research of the client’s culture and background. When you do this, there is a natural transcendence that occurs within the work itself.  



When it comes to modern couples, they know what they want and are quicker with their decision making but most often the clients with more traditional sensibilities have a greater number of family/friends involved in their design process which can be a bit more complicated.

As expert designers and planners in the field it is up to us in both scenarios to be able to guide the client through the necessary steps with patience and grace. Ultimately both clients want the same result – a truly memorable and one-of-a-kind wedding experience. Delivering to a client’s expectations whether modern or traditional comes down to listening and hearing their ideas and suggesting alternatives or a heightened notion of their ideas that does not impose but rather softly suggests. It’s truly all in the approach.



In our experience designing weddings and events that articulately meld the line between modernity and traditions often lies in understanding the client, their goals, their style, their vision and then taking all those components to create an unforgettable design. Always respect your clients wishes.

Don’t overthink. Sometimes, as designers we get into a headspace where we overthink the task at hand, this almost always results in a haphazard design. Instead, consider the client’s traditional sensibilities and then design as per your vision. Ultimately, the client has chosen you for your point of view, and it’s important to not second guess yourself.

We ensure that what we deliver, while always pushing the boundaries, tells a love story of the client’s heritage, vision and the time we live in.



The Middle Eastern client is always in search of the newest thing, be it an ornamentation or a performance. We see a greater focus on the experience/entertainment within weddings as opposed to the design of the wedding itself. Clients want their weddings to have the right energy as opposed to simply looking good for photographs.

 This may not be what designers want to hear, but while the design will always bear significant importance, client habits continue to evolve with the shifting tide and as designers we have to be ready to ride the next wave in alignment with our own style.



MOD Design Events is a locally owned and operated business founded by Mohammad Alhouri & Sanad Ibrahim. The young firm that started as a flower shop and became a full-fledged event-design business is the go-to for local and international clients looking for designs that offer the signature MOD-style known as Contemporary Heritage.

You can find MOD Design Events right here on DWP Insider or connect with them:

Website: https://www.modevents.ae/ 

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