Actress Celina Jade & Singer Han Geng’s Intimate Wedding in New Zealand

“Just as the night sky wouldn’t be complete without the stars and the moon, my life wouldn’t be complete without you.” –Celina Jade, Bride, Actress

The real-life story of actress Celina Jade and Han Geng is nothing short of a romantic movie story. The bride is known for playing Shado in the American superhero series Arrow. Han Geng is a former member of Super Junior and is best known for his acting, having appeared in productions like A Chinese Odyssey Part Three and The Great Detective. We got in touch with their wedding planner, Nicole Froelich who shared the actress’s journey of the magical day exclusive with DWP Insider. The couple tied the knot on 31st December 2019 in New Zealand.

In her own words, the actress describes “We officially met at an awards ceremony in Mongolia. Han rented a catamaran in Santorini, it was a grey and cold day and he was super bummed about the weather. We were sitting in the cabin in the warmth and he started crying. I was so confused and worried and soon realized he was proposing to me. He was so adorable, as he kept apologizing for the weather which wasn’t bothering me at all. I thought it was so beautiful anyway. After I said yes, we walked out to the deck and a school of dolphins came out of nowhere and swam alongside us, just as this was happening, the clouds broke and the sun came shining through, it was incredible. Our hashtag is #WhenStarMeetsMoon because my Chinese name means Moon and his Chinese name means Star.”



The couple wanted a natural, untouched place to start the new story of their life. Han did not settle until he could imagine a perfect spot for his wedding. He had drones arranged to find the place and with that, they found a town called “Paradise” in New Zealand to tie the knot. And we must admit, the pictures truly take us to “Paradise.”



The theme incorporated was a mix of spiritual, natural, romantic, and mystical elements. Nicole Froelich, a wedding planner from Hong Kong pulled all these strings with precise measurements in delivering an impeccable experience to the couple. “We wanted people to have the true New Zealand Maori experience so we welcomed our guests with the Hakka dance performers. It was magical because we began our day at Paradise by thanking the natives there for letting us borrow their land to celebrate our special day. We enjoyed coming up with positive energy ideas like infusing our drinks with crystals and energy, coming up with games to bridge the language and cultural gap, making a newspaper rundown and teaching guests how to speak English or Chinese, making sure our wedding was environmentally friendly like having edible straws, putting an effort to give back and not create waste by sending the flowers to nearby old peoples’ homes and sending our food waste for composting afterward at nearby farms.” Says the bride.



It was a wedding with true spiritual meaning. The guests were connected and immersed in each moment to bestow love and blessings as the place had no cellphone reception. The Press was also kept aloof to give the ceremony a more intimate touch. Kute Blackson, author of the best-selling book “You are the One” married the couple. As they say, the true value of life is known when you fall in love, Celina and Han realized the magic when the guests came to them and said: “We believe in love again.”



Celina loved the execution of her dream wedding and couldn’t thank enough to her best friend and the wedding planner, Nicole Froelich. She emphasized, “The best decision I took was calling up my dear girlfriend Nicole Froelich to tell her the good news of our wedding to be. She is a Destination Wedding Planner and her wedding in Morocco was the most magical and beautiful wedding I’d ever been to. Nicole has such an incredible taste, she is highly efficient and organized and has grounded energy. While I was freaking out at times, she was always calm, there for me, and creative in her ways of solving problems. She sent me a few questionnaires in the beginning to get a better feel of what we’d like our wedding to be like and started sending me references, photos and planned a beautiful wedding for us. ”





Wedding Planner: @nicolepleaseweddings

Bride: @celinajade

Groom: @realhangeng

Wedding Venue: Secret Location (The Hobbit Movie set) in Paradise, Queenstown, New Zealand

Wedding Dress: @galialahav

Wedding Shoes: @renecaovilla

Jewelry: @chopard

Groom’s Suit @boss

Chinese Wedding Gowns: @guopei

Wedding Party Dress: @barneychengcouture

Officiant: @kuteblackson

MC: @jude1904

Photographer: @heather_liddell

Videographer: @i24frames

Bridesmaid Dress: @catherine_deane

Bridesmaids Jewelry: @diamantipertutti

Bridesmaids Shoes: @ash

Groom Cufflink: @beyonddiamonds

Florist: @flowerroomqueenstown

Live Band Dinner Party: @brownsugarmusic

Live Band Cocktail: @calicoentertainment

Tipi Tents: @gatherandgoldtipis

Catering: @in2foodcateringnz

Alcohol: @perrierjouet

Wedding Cake: @cherryblossomcakes

Stationary: @sanstation_stationery

Eco Straws: @keenlygreenco

Linen: @rusticweddingus

Chair Decor: @psweddingsandevents

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Welcome Cocktail Venue: @redsbarqueenstown

Farewell Dinner Venue: @stoneridgeestate