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A Wedding Without A Wedding Cake?! No Problem, Here Are Some Cool Wedding Cake Alternatives!

What’s a wedding without a wedding cake right? Well not anymore. Today when couples are taking the route less travelled by to make the biggest day of their lives the most memorable one, so why stick to the traditional wedding cakes! There are so many alternatives to wedding cakes out there that are delectable and stunning, and sure to have your guests ‘wow’ed!

If you too would like to stand out and be one of those cool couples who want to give their traditional wedding ceremonies a quirky twist, then take a look at these amazing desserts that can replace the good old plain wedding cakes!

Doughnut Stack

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Who doesn’t love doughnuts, and more so when they can be a super cool wedding cake replacement! You could choose to cut through a delicious stack of doughnuts of your choice – plain old sugar doughnuts, chocolate, boston creme, strawberry or best why not have an array of different doughnuts so you and your guests can savour all the yummy flavours! It is a great alternative that both adults and kids will enjoy…and bonus! You can take them home too to enjoy with your partner late night after the reception dance!

Croquembouche Tower

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Nobody does pastries better than the French, hands down that is the truth! So if you and your partner are self-proclaimed dessert connoisseurs and want to add an element of French elegance to your wedding dessert, then a croquembouche tower will be the perfect choice for you! A croquembouche is a French dessert that consists of a tower of fluffy, creamy and delicately sweetened choux pastries that are stuck together with caramel threads! Our mouths are already salivating just talking about it, so imagine the excitement on the faces of your family and friends when they see this one-of-a-kind wedding cake alternative!

Layers of Millefoglie

Image Credits: @rossiniweddings, @daniela_ferrari_photography & @dolcipassioni_do_elisagjini

From one French dessert to another. Well yes this one’s a cake but not your typical everyday cakes! A millefoglie, popularly known as mille-feuille is another classic French dessert made of puff pastry layered with pastry cream or custard. Those thin layers of the mille-feuille make a visual treat and are oh-so-delicious, that can be devoured in minutes. Just imagine stacking layers of the millefoglie one on top of the other to create a stunning ‘cake’ and you can top that off with any fruits of your choice dusted with icing sugar. Trust us, you are definitely in for a treat on this one!

Rice Krispy Treats

Image Credits: @krisp.treats

For all the cereal lovers out there, if you love rice crispies and want to incorporate it as a sweet part of your big day but don’t know how to then worry not as we have found the perfect solution for you – a rice krispy cake! Yes you read that right. Crispy, crunchy rice flakes combined with buttercream frosting makes a dreamy and indulgent treat. So if you want to recreate memories of you favourite childhood cereal at your wedding, then this is the perfect cake alternative for you. Go on and let the child in you thank you for this!

Brownie Love

Image Credits: @jakesbakes10 & @mourne_brownies

If you do not want to completely eliminate the ‘cakey’ aspect in your wedding dessert but yet don’t want it to be the typical cake we’ve all been seeing, then brownies are here at your service! We like to describe brownies as cakes with texture – depending on what you like they can be fudgey, cakey or somewhere in between depending on how dense you like your brownies to be! And if you’re worried about the indulgent, rich and overpowering taste of the chocolate, then you can always have a mix of milk and dark chocolate, or go for more dark chocolate if your heart desires! Stack them up in tiers, cut it together as newly weds and give a sweet start to the next chapter of your life.

Macaron Tower

Image Credits: @veropatisserie_

Macaron Towers look strikingly beautiful. And if you have this in place of the traditional wedding cake, then all you will get to see are smiles! Multi-coloured cute little cookies of love are sure to make anyone happy and cheerful, and that’s what you want right – for your guests to remember your wedding for something different, and the macaron tower will surely bring in the much needed vibrant edge, all while maintaining the sweetness and aesthetics of a wedding dessert!


This one’s especially for all the non-sweet tooth couples out there who are more on team savoury than team sweet treats!

Pizza Supremacy

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Find us anyone on this planet who despises a pizza. Slices of indulgent goodness, pizzas are no more the party or late night at home movie snacks, they are now taking centre stage at weddings too! There are some quirky couples out there who are advocates of pizza supremacy and believe that sharing a slice of pizza brings greater than joy than a slice of cake, and well why not?! To each its own but if you ask us we LOVE this idea! Ten on ten!

Cheesy Delight

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Another option you could consider are cheesecakes! No we don’t mean the dessert one but we are talking about cakes that have tiers of your favourite cheese! It is more like a cake version of a charcuterie board to say so! You can have your favourite cheese stacked one on top of the other and have berries, figs, crackers, and edible leaves and flowers as decorations that can be easily paired with the cheese. This is the cheesy goodness that you’ve been looking for, and if you are a cheese lover then this is going to be heaven for you!

If your wedding is around the corner and if you too would like to go out of the box and experiment with your wedding cake, then we hope you found this blog fun and got some creative ideas. Do let us know which one you liked best.