2022 Honeymoon Travel Guide For Couples, According To The Experts

2022 is the year of wedding travel. Call it our urge as a human who is consumed by wanderlust or the fact that nature put a pause on world travel via pandemic! With weddings surging up, couples are planning their honeymoon at a faster pace than expected! After all, who knows the future, and of course, YOLO!

Now more than ever, couples that we plan honeymoons for are looking to celebrate their wedding by ticking something huge off their bucket list. Many things can make a honeymoon over the top: special and rare experiences, an exceptional level of luxury, remote far-flung destinations, adrenaline-pumping adventures, mind-blowing food, wine & spa. and the list goes on,

We reached out to experts from around the globe to know the current trends in honeymoon travel along with top destinations and advice on planning a dream honeymoon. From planners to tourism boards to travel agencies and hotels, here’s what they have to say to make your honeymoon travel easier. So get ready to pack your bags, here’s what you need to know!


New Trends In Honeymoon  Traveling For 2022


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From private excursions to wellness-focused getaways, newlyweds are making up for the lost time by going over the budget and increasing the stay time to check off their bucket lists.


Highlighting the exclusivity that couples are looking for, Bruce Russell, CEO of Bruce Russell Events from the UK says- “With international travel back in full swing, couples are eager to venture out for their honeymoon. Villas are extremely popular with our clients. Something exclusive, but will full services. Where couples used to wait to honeymoon at a later date, we feel that a honeymoon directly following the wedding celebrations is increasingly popular.”

With luxury hotels like Four Seasons, Aman, Bvlgari, Adress, One & Only, Fairmont and Sofitel setting a benchmark for exceptional experiences, Bruce continues “I’m also finding couples booking locations based on brands…considering the hotel/resort as a primary choice over the actual destination.”

Unusual locations are another trend that we are seeing rising gradually in 2022. Rahul Kumar, Founder of Vivaah Celebrations from UAE says- “Island Getaways are quite the favorite since the turn of the pandemic. Leisure travelers and Honeymoon couples see it as a safe haven tucked away from the larger busier destinations. With international travel gradually opening up, couples are exploring fresh new destinations regardless of the travel time and flight connectivity. The experience and exclusivity of such destinations more than make up for the effort to get there.”

Heather Jerue & Ioana Burcea from Rendez-vous in Paris (& Rendez-vous inParis Bucharest), France says that couples are looking for a hybrid vacation! “The Hybrid Vacation – a week to explore and a week to relax. Not having been able to travel properly over the past two years, everybody’s thirsty to discover the world around them. The first week is spent getting out of your comfort zone and the second is the perfect relaxing getaway. Couples either take two weeks off and enjoy the two together or they plan the vacations a couple of months apart. One thing’s certain – It’s the best of both worlds!”

“As intimate, and as private/remote as possible. Couples are choosing to travel far but privately (jets, helicopters, private shuttles, private villas). Couples are also picking remote destinations (not the traditional or crowded destinations).” Adds Thelma Molares, Sparks Weddings, Guatemala.


Top 3 Destinations For Couples In 2022


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Half the fun of the honeymoon is choosing where you get to go! Experts collectively rank Bali, Maldives & Italy as top honeymoon destinations in 2022!

Nancy Barkley, Founder of Honeymoon and Get-A-Ways from the USA explains the why!

The Maldives is a luxurious romantic honeymoon paradise. The country is full of gorgeous tropical beaches that offer lavish accommodations, fine dining, exquisite spas, and relaxation and is a scuba diver’s dream. Every resort in the Maldives is nestled on its own private island and features the most exclusive hotel brands in the world. The Maldives is for couples looking for barefoot luxury in a unique setting.

Italy is one of the most romantic places in the world and a dream destination for your honeymoon. From the rich history and culture to the diverse landscapes, an abundance of art, hilltop towns, ancient ruins, picturesque villages, to soaring mountains.

Similar thoughts were shared by Dalia Taha, Founder of by.DaliaTaha from Qatar. She says- “Italy has it all: the lifestyle, food, wine, and offers couples such varied romantic possibilities. So whether you’re looking for a slice of la dolce vita or some adventure, Italy has you covered.

She also expressed that “Bali has become one of Asia’s most desirable destinations for those looking to enjoy a relaxing getaway. The beaches and mountains that make up this island paradise will provide couples with a little bit of everything: from surfing and snorkeling to shopping and sightseeing.

With DWP Congress happening in Bali this year, we couldn’t be more excited!

Sara Alsalman from Royal Weddings by Sara J., Bahrain agrees to that. Maldives and Bali as the top destinations. Maldives: beautiful views, easy access (no visas), relaxing, perfect getaway after planning a wedding Bali: something for everyone, whether you want to relax or love to party, and perfect for foodies.

Continuing the love for Bali, Mariska van der Meer, Owner of Definitely Yes, Netherlands adds- “Bali is the perfect combination between culture and sightseeing and pure luxe, with beautiful beaches and of course the weather.”


How Has Honeymoon Travel Changed Today From Pre-Covid Times?


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With the return to normalcy, people are not afraid to preplan and honeymoons are getting longer and further away. However, the after-effects of the pandemic are there.

Heather Jerue & Ioana Burcea from Rendez-vous in Paris (& Rendez-vous inParis Bucharest) highlight– “2022 honeymooners have one word in mind: SPLURGE! Like never before, couples are more prone to flight upgrades and rooms with impeccable views. They’ve waited so long for this moment that “no” is not an option. Making up for the lost time!

More so, honeymooners are now looking at longer trips, with most of them turning their 9-night stays into a full-fledged two-week vacation. Another trend is “precaution travel”, with couples opting for insurance for their planned honeymoon. From medical insurance to postponement-safe clauses they are willing to spend a little extra just to keep their options open.”

“Before people loved more exotic and very far destinations. Now I notice the distance is shorter. They choose countries with high-level services.” Adds Danila Stella, Founder, Danila Stella Events from Italy.

“Couples are more careful, and at the same time more audacious, wanting lots of parties, joy, fun, and love. everything that fills a void that covid brought but that was left behind. It’s like ‘let’s enjoy’ as revenge for what we couldn’t do before.” Tells Roni Bachega, Z2 Produções, Brazil.


What Are Couples Looking For While Choosing A Honeymoon Destination?


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Overall, private, romantic and personalized experiences are the top preferences of couples when choosing a honeymoon destination.

“With a lot of couples craving romance after COVID-19, there are clear opportunities for hospitality and hotels to rekindle butterflies-inducing moments in their customers’ lives. Bubbles and roses will no longer be the cultural kingpin of romance. A range of options, from nature and retreats to city breaks and civic altruism will allow couples to curate and customize the ways in which they connect with each other, as well as where they do it. These future romance couplings and categories will create new kinds of romance-related breaks. Beautifully explains Piumi Gamanayake, Marketing and Branding Specialist, OV Holidays, Maldives.

Variety is the spice of life. “As per the bookings in our hotels, couples are looking for customization and a choice of options. For example, we organize customized tours for them to discover Albanian cities, culture, and food. There are different preferences, from different couples, they can choose between a calm and relaxing week in our beautiful beachfront resort, pampered in our luxury SPA experiencing unique massages, wellness services & treatments from our specialists, spending the day in our Hamam, or in our indoor & outdoor seawater pools, or combine food tours, cultural tours with relaxation. Shares Nevila Dudaj, General Manager, Adriatik Hotel Premier Collection by Best Western, Albania.

We guess couples in 2022 are taking their ‘something new’ quite seriously!

“Couples are interested in a nice accommodation with views and a private jacuzzi/pool. Unique activities/experiences like cruises, wine tasting, or cooking classes.” Tells Panos Zafiriou, Manager, Kivotos of Aegean Ltd., Greece

To sum it up, Marwan Idris, CEO, Adonis Jordan Travel & Tourism, France advises- “Be creative and add to the stay what the couple can’t buy from the internet.”


Tips For Couples Planning Their Honeymoon Travel In 2022-23


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Here are a few tips from experts to have a seamless experience.

“Avoid travel in high seasons as prices are more and the destination is crowded. Look for a destination that both of you agreed on and have things to do together.” Advices Sarah Almughamis, CEO, Q8 Planner, Kuwait.

Bruce Russell, CEO of Bruce Russell Events from the UK recommends:

– Plan ahead as availability can be challenging!
– Ensure travel bookings are flexible and read the fine print where cancellation and deposits are concerned.
– Use a certified and reputable travel professional.

Sushan Harutyunuan, Wedding Planner, Modd Weddings, Armenia suggests:

1. Plan for the honeymoon in advance
2. Be unique, don’t try to copy anyone else’s honeymoon itinerary
3. Engage a travel agent

To sum it up beautifully Ayeesha Akinboye from 3A Event Solutions, Nigeria advises the couple to do it anyway! “Don’t get discouraged by the world; just go for it. There is no better time to attempt an unforgettable experience than your honeymoon! Combine a resort/beach stay with a city stay to make the most of a destination. Splurge on a view. It would be perfect to wake up to something stunning, other than your new significant other of course.”





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In a nutshell, safety and idiosyncratic experiences are what 2022 honeymoon destinations are all about.

We say “Get your P game on!”

Pre-plan your event

Prefer Privacy over popularity 

Prepare to be flexible

Choose Picturesque locations

Hire a Professional travel agent

Plan your travels safe and in case you are looking for experienced travel planners, go to www.dwpinsider.com to have a wonderful experience!

See you all in Bali for the 8th annual DWP Congress.



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