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Since launching L’Escape in 1997, we’ve worked tirelessly to create utterly exquisite events that perfectly reflect our clients’ vision – right down to the last detail. Expertly styled, seamlessly managed, and professionally planned, these are celebrations with a difference. At L’Escape we know that each unique event requires a unique approach. For us, this means going beyond planning. As a licensed travel agent, event planner and event manager, we offer everything you need to create the perfect celebration. We are pleased to be recognized as a premier event firm with a speciality in destination events. By coupling our expertise in travel hospitality along with event planning we provide a holistic approach to managing events hosted outside of the client's home city. At L'Escape we believe the event experience starts the moment the attendees arrive at the airport. Collectively our executive team alone has travelled to 94 countries. We haven't been everywhere...but its on our list!

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Wedding Weekend in Los Cabos at Grand Velas

L’Escape was a dream to work with, from our first interaction to the wedding weekend itself. We reached out to them via their website over a year before our expected wedding, and Jasprit responded within 24hrs with a phone call. We brought them in from the very beginning and it helped make the wedding planning process so much easier. To start, Jasprit and Raun are SUPER knowledgeable of the Central/South American and Caribbean hotel landscape and narrowed down a list of hotels in line with our idealities and our financial and family needs. They were key in helping us shop around vendors and were crucial in the negotiating of the contracts to ultimately save us money. Throughout the entire process they really had a mentality of our money was their money. Once we got down to the nitty gritty details, I didn’t realize we would find people who were more detail oriented and type A than us. They worked around our crazy schedules to find regular times to chat, even late into Friday evenings sometimes. Having only a limited amount of free time, it was great to be able to just talk to L’Escape and count on them to communicate with our venue and vendors when needed. To confirm that they were listening to our opinions and concerns, Sonia’s monthly wedding planner incorporated any and every small detail that was discussed over the phone/email. To jump to the wedding weekend itself, the check-in process was a breeze! In our community, this time is usually a giant mess and is always a pain point at any wedding. They were able to make it quick, informative, and a great experience to boot. All the events were on time and the entire wedding weekend ran without a hitch. Most importantly, when issues inevitability arose, the team was able to quickly and effectively deal with it. They pulled in the right people from the family and hotel staff to deal with it, without alerting me or my husband. Overall, they are truly good people. They were super pleasant and easy to work with and felt like family by the end of it all. They were able to handle all of the stressful moments with poise and professionalism. They challenged us when we needed it, and served as amazing partners through the process. They brought to life what we wanted from our first conversation and went above and beyond to remind us to live in the moment. Our wedding truly would not have been what it was without L’Escape.

Priya Patel

Reviewed 2020-08-18

Sikh & Christian Wedding in Boca Raton, Florida

It is not an understatement to say that if L’Escape were not our wedding planners, our dream wedding would have not come true! From the moment of our first meeting until the last moments of our wedding, we could have not asked for more. Throughout the year of planning, it became very clear to us that wedding planning is not a career for Jasprit and Raun, but it is a passion for them and any event they put their hand to is treated with the utmost love and care. Over the year, we can say that Jasprit and Raun have become part of our family. The planning process involved many components as we had multiple events and two different wedding ceremonies - Sikh and Catholic/Civil wedding. Jasprit’s ability to organize the logistics of securing venues and vendors was phenomenal, and she was very accessible to communicate with on a frequent, regular basis. We appreciated all of the countless hours spent with us reviewing the various components of planning our special wedding, as we felt that all of our concerns and desires were addressed throughout the process. The day of coordination was phenomenal and a must-have for any couple wanting to ensure that their wedding functions run smoothly. Both Jasprit and Raun ensured that our events ran on schedule and that our vendors were taken care of. Countless times, our guests complimented us on how wonderful Jasprit and Raun were. Having them present throughout our wedding afforded us peace of mind and allowed us to truly enjoy each and every moment of our wedding. We can not thank Jasprit and Raun enough for their dedication to our wedding in making sure that it was carried out seamlessly. We will forever have a special place in our hearts for L’Escape and would highly recommend them to all of our family & friends! - Amandeep & Nigel

Amandeep Takhar

Reviewed 2019-02-01

Vendor Review

I've had the pleasure of working closely with L'Escape on many different occasions around the world as a vendor. They are honestly THE BEST IN THE WORLD at what they do! Being in the industry for over 9+ years I've never come across a team who is filled with so much passion, humility & creativity. They are masters at what they do!

Gurminder Banga

Reviewed 2018-07-14

Multi-Faith Wedding in Riviera Maya, Mexico

I used L'Escape to help plan my destination wedding in Puerto Morelos, Mexico in addition to using them as my travel agent. Having never planned anything like this, I didn't realize how much I would rely on them for all sorts of help and advice. I initially made contact with Jasprit when trying to finalize hotel rates. I was then introduced to Sonia who would help me during the wedding planning process. Jasprit was well organized and a great communicator. She was aggressive in getting the resort to fulfill a benefit missed by their sales team. She was firm but also fair in the entire process. I worked with Sonia closely during the months and weeks leading up to the wedding. Sonia and L'Escape were ready to answer any question I had, while also guiding me on what I should consider as part of a destination wedding. I never felt overwhelmed. I felt on track and with regular reminders, deadlines, and meetings. Sonia and I talked on a regular basis. And she was always quick to respond to my questions. Since I was not having an extravagant wedding, I was really worried about sticking to a budget. Sonia helped break down all finances to help me understand where my costs would be. With L'Escape'e fantastic wedding planner spreadsheet, I was able to have at a glance look at how much everything cost. She communicated with the resort and would get options for me to consider. She recommended vendors and timelines. She reminded me to consider other elements and factors for each event. She helped me find ways to cut costs while still keeping the integrity and feel of the wedding. All the planning and pushing that Sonia encouraged me to think about led to stressful weeks leading up to the wedding. But when I got to the resort, I was not stressed. Everything was done, thanks to Sonia and L'Escape's planning. I felt so fortunate that I was able to enjoy and relax during my wedding weekend. For any bride who has a busy professional life but doesn't want a full-time planner, I highly recommend using L'Escape's planning services. I felt involved and was given steady advice, but never felt like I didn't know what to do or wasn't part of the process. It was the perfect balance. L'Escape helped make me have the most magical wedding weekend! Thank you.

Jigsha Desai

Reviewed 2018-02-04

Cruise Wedding

L'Escape made our dream wedding come true! Where do I start... we got married about one year ago and my husband wanted to raise the stakes on our wedding planning and decided on a cruise wedding! Since there were a million moving parts to make a cruise wedding work, we decided to seek help from the L'escape team. Jasprit and Sonia were miracle workers! Jasprit helped each of our guests easily book their flights and make specific arrangements based on their needs. We were a large group of 50+, and a mixed age group. We wanted both a beach wedding ceremony in Cozumel, Mexico and a wedding reception on the ship. It's always a challenge to plan a wedding in another destination, even more-so when the venue is moving across international waters. They were extremely patient with us and the planners in Mexico and on the cruise. The hard work they put into planning your wedding is beyond the cost you pay for their services. They have many luxurious weddings under their portfolio and ours was merely another wedding to add to their list, however, they didn't treat us based on our wedding budget. No matter how big or small the budgets of their clientele, they try to give the very best with what they can work with. Sonia focussed on every detail of the wedding. Her patience was definitely stretched with dealing with the cruise ship vendors, but the end results were simply perfect! She was very easy to work with which was important to my husband and I, as we both have carefree, easygoing personalities. If I were to get married all over again, I'd choose them over any other company out there. We recommend them to anyone who's looking for the perfect wedding planners! Thank you L'escape! -Arianne & Ahren

Arianne Lucas

Reviewed 2018-05-23

Wedding planning is NOT easy!

Wedding planning is NOT easy. But working with Jasprit at L'Escape made it a breeze! The company helps you plan the perfect destination wedding at no charge! They will meet with you and coordinate as many or as little of the details as you wish. Jasprit took us through the intense process of first selecting a location, then a resort, then the details for the big day. She was extremely knowledgeable with every aspect of the destination wedding industry. As an added perk, the company communicated directly with my guests and helped arrange special travel arrangements (i.e. shorter time-line, different departure city, etc.). They also communicated with the resort on your behalf so everything is ready upon your arrival. I had an amazing experience working with L'Escape and (since I hopefully won't be needing their services again) I would highly recommend L'Escape to anyone thinking of planning a destination wedding.

Jane J.

Reviewed 2019-07-05

Just the BEST!

Jasprit and Raun are just the BEST. We started planning our 4 day Indian destination wedding in Riviera Maya, Mexico approximately one year prior to the date. We had 180 guests flying in from around world, some of our closest friends and family. We also had the vision of our wedding - which was literally the one of our dreams. It felt like the impossible, until we had our first sit down with Raun and Jasprit. It was incredibly important that our guests felt special the moment they landed, and L'Escape delivered. From the moment we signed the contract, they took over responsibility of everything, down to the very nitty gritty details (arranging various decor teams, food for 6 different events, guest transport, guest services, timeline of events, makeup/hair, musical instrumentalists, photography/video coordination). Both my husband and myself are very particular, and they worked until the last minute to get us everything we wanted (and more). It felt like they were invested in our wedding like it was their own. Also, during the actual wedding days, with so many moving parts, it's unbelievable how seamless it appeared to the guests and also to us as the couple. Their experience and attention to detail is what sets them the most apart from other planners. Destination weddings are their own beast and you need someone experienced in group travel, the destination, and planning via email (ie super organized). We interviewed several people in search of a great wedding planner, and they were not only professional but also very caring. My husband and I picked the hotel ourselves (before even starting the planning process) but in retrospect wished Jasprit and Raun were involved in that as well. In particular (in Riviera Maya), we saw first hand the value of their insight and how they made sure we got the most bang for our buck. One year later, we consider Raun and Jasprit to be not only our planners but our friends. We still keep in touch which goes to show what a great relationship we formed over that year. I still look back at our pictures and say "I still don't know how they pulled that off!"

Divya S

Reviewed 2017-02-24

Multi-Faith Wedding in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

I was hesitant about planning my destination wedding - with 80 guests and a complex, multi-faith ceremony, I had no idea if I could pull it off. Luckily, I found L'Escape! Jasprit is patient, detail-oriented, and extremely honest. She worked with us for more than a year in a timely and professional manner. She coordinated 3 days of wedding events, and everything went off without a hitch. I've recommended many friends to L'Escape and I continue to use them to plan other group trips, like an upcoming bachelorette party! This is one of the most important events in your life...chose someone you can trust, like L'Escape!

Nisha Patel

Reviewed 2013-01-24

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