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CHATEAU RWEISS Chnaniir was built in 1907 by the priest Boutros Abi Nasr as a private convent that does not belong to a specific congregation.
It contained both a church and a small school with dorms.

Hence, from the get go, CHATEAU RWEISS has been a family legacy. The heirs of the convent decided to sell the property in the year 1969. The civil war of 1975 diminished the convent to sheer wreckage and made it abandoned.

In 2002, one of the heirs of the convent, named Rafic Abi Nasr, a veteran businessman, decided to bring it back, single handedly, from the man to whom it was sold, to the Rafic Abi Nasr's family.

Rafic Abi Nasr did not stop there, but bought twenty thousand square meters of land surrounding the convent. Therefore, the hill named Rweiss in Arabic lives up to its name, which means the hill that overlooks all other hills.

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Chnaniir. Keserwan, Keserwan, Lebanon

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