UAE’s Ultra-Luxurious Private Island– Zaya Nurai Sums Up The 2021 Weddings In 2 Words – Luxury & Micro!

When the going gets tough, the tough get going! The wedding world has seen a drastic change since the pandemic and for the luxury and destination weddings segment. The year 2021 is providing couples with a unique opportunity to pioneer a whole new style of wedding and become trendsetters. With more money to work with per person and fewer people to please, you will have much more flexibility to do what you want, when you want it, and how you want it. To sum it up, it has been narrowed down to two words- micro weddings!



Let us clarify, micro does not mean small. So coming straight from the UAE’s capital – Abu Dhabi, we’ve got Evelyn Nguyen Van, Head of Sales & Jenny Kanavos, Director of Sales, Zaya Nurai Island to share with us why 2021 is going to be all about luxurious micro weddings.

A world-famous abode of supreme tranquility, Zaya Nurai Island is an exquisite multiple award-winning property that resides on the east coast of the Arabian Gulf. This boutique private island resort features a world-class oceanside spa, five fine and casual food and beverage outlets, a beach club, and a calendar of exceptional activities on land and on the sea. It’s a blissful retreat and is exponentially trending among couples to tie the knot due to its enhanced sense of space, privacy and unmatched luxury!


It’s All About Privacy & Intimacy



With COVID-19 and all the restrictions placed on large gatherings, many brides have had to rethink the idea of a big wedding While the headcount might need to be reduced, there are still plenty of ways to have the big day you always dreamed of. If done right, it can still be a memorable intimate-style wedding that offers all the glamour and luxury you’ve always wanted.



“First and foremost, the reason why micro weddings became more popular in UAE is due to the government regulations. Some couples until now waited since mid-2020 to be able to celebrate this milestone as they always imagined – with all family and friends. This explains why some have decided to postpone their wedding twice. On the other hand, some couples just decided to deal with it and adapt – they still want a glorious and sophisticated celebration, but instead of including everyone they love, couples had to become more selective and the focus shifted on every detail and aspect of the setup, wedding celebration & holiday.” Shares Evelyn.



When it comes to throwing a micro-wedding that you can feel great about, you need a venue that’s going to go above and beyond to deliver the high-class, luxury you want your guests to experience on your big day. With Zaya Nurai Island, the couples love combining their wedding with a friends & family stay, this allows them to spend quality time in a private space, safe and far away from the pandemic and therefore enjoy the extended blissful feeling of essentially having their wedding.



By nature, micro weddings satisfy the recommendations for socially gathering safely so you can know that your guests will feel comfortable. Apart from the buyout option which lets you have the entire property to yourself, at Zaya Nurai Island, the hotel team gets tested once a week and every supplier has to show a valid negative PCR test.



“From my point of view, luxury micro weddings became more popular also because the amount of focus per guest naturally increased and couples don’t have to deal with family members feeling left out (on videos or photos), the setting is luxurious but cozier at the same time, everyone gets to know everyone or everyone pretty much knows everyone and all experiences are shared within the group, which makes the wedding even more memorable. Returning to focus from a banqueting perspective, chefs can also get way more creative preparing magical dishes with breath-taking plating as they are not limited to the pressure of delivering quantity but rather deliver even higher quality with the impressive presentation because the wedding is not for 250 people but 10.” Tells Jenny.



This day is all about you and your wedding day should highlight that! Personalization is one of the top trends suggested by wedding experts in 2021! “The couples usually know everything about each guest, which helps us customize the stay and overall, the experience of every single guest staying on the island. By the time the guests leave, our team and the butler already know each guests’ preferences.” Adds Jenny.



Highlighting the importance of a wedding planner, especially post COVID, Evelyn shares – “Of course, as we are a hotel team, we always match professional wedding planners with our couples. We happily suggest planners that worked with us previously as they feel more confident to assist our clients. We know that the key to enhancing and elevating the entire experience further is a planner that knows our team and the island by heart.”


Secluded and serene, say ‘I do’ standing in the soft white sand, as you hear palm trees swaying in the sea breeze and the gentle lapping of ocean waves in the background.

A short 12-minute boat ride off the shores of Abu Dhabi, discover this award-winning Island Resort – Zaya Nurai Island. A piece of paradise like nowhere else. A boundless blank canvas to realize your most decadent and daring event dreams. Reconsider your understanding of weddings as Zaya Nurai’s vibrant turquoise waters and sugar-white sands come alive as an astonishing backdrop from which to mold memories, enchant, entertain, and excel. 



47 resort villas, discreetly positioned along the sweeping bays of the island, you can have a luxurious micro wedding of your dreams up to 30 pax (with the current restrictions). Each private villa offers a unique vista, private pool and a premium beach-front location that’s a tribute to barefoot luxury. Your wedding guests can also enjoy modern-day comforts with the latest in-room amenities, in-villa dining and dedicated butler service.


If it’s a bespoke wedding on the shore you’ve been dreaming of, Zaya Nurai Island offers breathtakingly beautiful beaches for exclusive private hire. Make this paradise yours for a while. Book them now!

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