Wedding Music 101: Your Guide To Choosing The Right Wedding Music

“Don’t worry about playing a lot of notes. Just find some pretty ones.” – Miles Davis

Great wedding entertainers know exactly how to energize a room – or calm it down if needed. Music speaks to our hearts and has the power to bring our deepest feelings to life. The musical experience you will tailor for your wedding will have a lifetime imprint on the memories you and your guests will save from this very unique celebration. It should be planned with care.

Wedding music can make or break the ceremony. From announcing your grand entrance to managing your exit, it sets the mood, tone, and energy of the entire event.



Jazz Around Midnight is a music agency specializing in live music production and talent booking for luxury events and weddings across the world. Based in Paris, they take care of entertainment for events worldwide with past engagements in the Middle East, Canada, and throughout Europe. As one of the most sought-after music agencies in France, Jazz Around Midnight produces exceptionally talented bands and artists designed to elevate any occasion.



We sat down with Alex Beker, Founding Director of this premier entertainment company to get his insights on wedding music. With more than 17 years of experience in this industry, Alex is an expert in this field who shared with us the nitty-gritty of wedding music. He explained via a step by step guide to selecting your wedding music and more importantly, blunders to avoid. He also recommends the choice of music for different ceremonies during your destination wedding affair. Read on as he simplifies your process of choosing the right wedding music that is sure to create that much needed “jazz.”


Step By Step Guide To Selecting Your Wedding Music



1. Personal taste: First of all, we recommend relying on your personal taste when picking the right bands and artists for your wedding. Do you want a band or a DJ or string quartet? These aren’t your only options but, as you start to define your wedding style, you can choose which type of music will be the best fit.

2. List your special songs: You can rely on specific musical styles you’d prefer to have for your wedding. It’s best to choose something that has meaning for both of you, as this song will trigger memories of this day for the rest of your lives! This is a choice that you should be making together, as a team.

3. Find vendors: The next step is to find a few vendors which are related to your tastes by asking your wedding planner.  An established wedding planner can be a resourceful guide as they have worked with many vendors and know which ones are reliable and will provide a great musical experience. Depending on your needs you’d probably want to book only a band or a music agency to organize several musical acts. The choice is yours.

4. Talk to your music vendor: High-end wedding planners like to keep their hands on everything. The wedding planners, especially for destination weddings are usually in charge of all the technical aspects. It is good that they have firsthand experience of what is suggested by the band or music agency. While I think wedding planners should be in charge of coordinating the music, and technical aspects, the clients should also talk to their music vendors directly to establish their musical tastes and needs. The band or agency will then give some input on the possibilities according to the client’s taste.



Music Blunders To Avoid



You want your day to be perfect, and music sets the scene for your special ceremony and reception.

Rely on trusted sources: Booking your wedding band through a reputable wedding entertainment agency brings with it a host of benefits. Today it is possible to find many talents on Instagram, Youtube, or any other social media. However, we recommend using your wedding planners’ network as they will rely on vendors they have already worked with or which have been recommended to them by other planners. All artists are not fit to perform for weddings, nor will they be professional enough to organize all logistic aspects of performance, hence they cannot be reliable for on the day. Your music agency or band should be recommended at least by one or several professionals. Make sure to check their social media and testimonies online.

Do not go overboard: Be sure not to overwhelm your guests with music, especially during dinner. It is nice to have quieter moments throughout the day.


Suggestions For Different Ceremonies



A typical wedding day can be split into four key areas: the welcome dinner, ceremony, cocktails, dinner reception. We’re not suggesting you need to shell out for a different act for each part of the day! Professional wedding bands are well aware of these key areas, and many of them offer packages to accommodate them.


Pre-Wedding Welcome Dinner



Destination weddings are usually multiple-day weddings. On the pre-wedding day, your guests will discover the location and will enjoy some time together. Pre-wedding dinner will be a good opportunity to use bands with a local flavor. If you are in France, we recommend a gypsy band with an accordionist. Any other background-oriented music can be a good option.




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Do not feel compelled to use classical music, though this can be a very nice option. Your ceremony music should speak to your heart. While we have a few suggestions, it’s worth remembering that it’s your day, and you can ultimately play whatever you want. Our recommendations:

* Classical string ensemble 2 to 4 piece.

* Gospel choir.

* The small pop ensemble which will perform your preferred songs.

Cocktail Reception



Cocktails are usually the time for your guests to bond. Music shouldn’t be too loud, at least not all the time. Strolling bands are a good option, as they will entertain only a few guests at a time and will not bother those who want to be quiet. We also recommend using bands performing lounge, calm music. Our recommendations :

* String quartet. String ensembles offer arrangements of contemporary songs which can be very nice when heading to cocktails.

* Strolling pop band with all vocalists-instrumentists.

* Strolling jazz band.

* Pop band on stage with a nice vocalist.

* Jazz band, instrumental or with vocals on stage. Many different styles are possible, from the 1920s to the great American songbook & more contemporary jazz.

* DJ & live musicians or vocalists for a lounge DJ set. Musicians & vocalists can be on stage and stroll among your guests at some time.




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During the dinner, if you have booked a band or a few artists, we recommend using them with parsimony. The time frame for short performances between servings can be for 5 to 10 minutes, and possibly for a longer set during the desert. A playlist or an instrumental band can perform background music during courses.


Party Dances & Cake Cutting



The musical entertainment you choose for your evening reception will have a significant impact on your guests’ experience. While cake cutting is a formal moment with one of your preferred songs for the occasion, party dances will be the time you will want everyone to get wild on the dance floor. There is nothing like a good party band for this. If you love a boogie, picking a lively and engaging DJ is sure to get your guests dancing. Here is a list of some possible options:

* Party band 6 to 16+ artists.

* DJ + live vocalists & musicians

* Swing Jazz Band

* Latin Band

* Any ethnic band with a dance repertoire (Arabic, Brazilian, Salsa … )



Jazz Around Midnight provides its clients with a bespoke experience, curating the perfect music selection for a one-of-a-kind ambiance. The agency offers an extensive variety of well-established artists, ranging from jazz bands to pop bands, classical ensembles, solo artists, pianists, DJs, and beyond.

Recommended by all Parisian palaces for the quality of its services, Jazz Around Midnight calls on the best musicians of the French jazz, variety, and classical scene and is today recognized as an essential reference for prestigious events.

With their expertise in both logistics and production, they have made their name as a trusted entertainment provider to some of the most renowned names in luxury event planning, hospitality, and fashion. No matter the occasion, Jazz Around Midnight helps clients create an unforgettable atmosphere with a live music experience they’ll always remember.


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