Shorty, You’re My Angel: Cool Hairstyles For Short-Haired Brides

Your wedding day is just around the corner, and you’ve got the perfect dress. That’s great! What’s next? Your hair! Those locks on your head play a crucial role in your appearance, and you want to look your best on your big day. Although, you definitely do not want to be struggling for hours to get it right do you? Women with long hair have almost too many options to make their choice, as compared to those with shorter hair. Don’t you worry ladies, we’ve got you covered.

We are here to take you through some gorgeous yet simple ways you can style your hair and get it wedding-ready. Read on to find a hairdo that’s perfect for you.


Hot Cross Braided Buns


Pictures Courtesy: @loveandbeautymaui & @goldencloudsweddings 


Braids don’t always have to be exclusive to long hair. A simple side braid around the front looks majestic, like an actual crown. If you’re a fan of tied-up hair or fashionable low buns, these styles give you the perfect look, decorated with flowers or a fancy hair brooch for an elegant finish.


Marilyn MonWoah!


Pictures Courtesy: @styles_by_reneemarie 


Fan of the ’50s and ’60s icon Marilyn Monroe? Who isn’t? This look is inspired by the actress’s classic style, redefined for the modern bride. In this hair, you are sure to look like the Hollywood Queen herself.


Simple With A Twist


Pictures Courtesy: @thesilverbullet & @m_k_bridal


These styles are helpful for women with a bob cut. If you’re not one for the fancy and elaborate, you can wear your hair straight or in loose curls. You can also give your preferred twist to a basic, low bun and look glamorous without your hair getting in your face.


Pixie Princess


Pictures Courtesy: @mackenseyalexander & @shorthair_queen


All you daredevil women out there, this sharp haircut allows your face to come into main focus and highlight your facial structure. Whether you decide to wear a headpiece or not, you are going to look like the badass bride that you are, and will surely rock your wedding with your own swag.


Stay In Style


Pictures Courtesy: @annette_updo_artist & @accessmybeauty


For women with extremely short hair, keeping it simple and effective will do the trick. Just add a decorative headband or flowers of your choice and you have elevated your style with minimal effort. With the headpiece adorning your hair, you will look no less than royalty, walking down the aisle.


When you think about it, the ideal woman always seems to have long, thick and silky hair. Perfect to style it any way you like. Shorter hair may not allow you to experiment as much, but it certainly does not limit you to how beautiful you feel on your special day. Give yourself time to experiment with your favorite looks and be the ideal bride you’ve always wanted to be.


Feature Image Credit: @jenniferjanemua