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“An Opulent Melting Pot of East & West”- Here’s What Top Wedding Planners Think About Qatar As A Wedding Destination

Qatar’s potential as a luxury destination wedding is immense! Qatar has been at one of the forefronts in the realm of luxury wedding destinations. With DWP Congress wrapping up last month, we had a thrilling time connecting with the wedding industry. Together, we explore Qatar as an upcoming wedding destination. Being at the center of the world, seamlessly infusing traditions of East and West, stimulated by excellent connectivity through the Qatar Airways network and everything at your fingertip, Qatar amazes everyone from couples to planners to host their big day here!

The DWP Congress helped the wedding planners and suppliers get a lowdown on different aspects of why Qatar is the perfect choice for having a sensational wedding. Hear straight from our esteemed Speakers, Advisory Board members and Planners on what they feel about this destination when they experienced the destination via DWP Congress.

His Excellency Mr. Akbar Al Baker, Chairman of Qatar Tourism and Qatar Airways Group Chief Executive opened this year’s Congress and gave Welcome Remarks on how Qatar is setting the benchmark for hosting high-level events.

The hospitality that the country offers is world-renowned and one of the major reasons why people from around the globe like to visit this exotic nation and recently it is becoming a trending destination for hosting high-end weddings.

“Qatar has established a reputation for exceptional luxury and service. The beauty of the properties provides all of the amenities our discerning couples seek.” Says Sharon Sacks, celebrity wedding Planner & Founder of Sacks Productions from USA.

She also adds- “I truly cherish my association with DWP Congress. I am filled with gratitude to be a part of the experience. DWP has allowed the Sacks Productions team to share their wealth of experiences during keynotes and again at this year’s Master Class. In my opinion, DWP Congress is one of the finest international conferences I have attended.”

“What makes Qatar a global wedding destination, is that Qatar has a high-end luxury service, the same as high-end luxury hotels. Plus, there is the availability of supply of all the materials needed, and they have a very professional governmental service like customs. Moreover, Qatar has visa facilities for most nationalities that make it easy entry for the wedding invited guests, and they have one of the best reputable airlines in the world.” Cites Walid Baz, CEO of Baz Events from Lebanon.

“I have had the pleasure of working many times in Doha,  I usually bring in my key managers, but I find that Qatar has some of the most amazing vendors in the world. I have had the pleasure of speaking at many conferences around the world.  I am certain, this is one of the best.” Adds Preston Bailey, a renowned celebrity wedding planner & designer from the USA. “This is my third DWP event as a speaker, I am always blown away by the amazing events.”

The beauty of Qatar is that there is something for everyone, from chic city venues to grand, opulent resorts, eye-catching beachfront hotels, and more.

Funke Bucknor-Obruthe, CEO, Zapphaire Events from Nigeria says- “It’s in the center of the world I dare say, it’s a melting point and a meeting point. Also very multicultural and diverse.” Our Advisory Board member also tells- “It feels like I’m part of a bigger dream changing and impacting the global world with Africa in view.”

Jordan-based top wedding planner Majeda Bisharat, Founder of MY Event Design adds- “Qatar is becoming a popular global wedding destination because of its stunning venues, luxurious accommodations, and rich cultural heritage. Qatar has a variety of unique and beautiful wedding venues, from desert landscapes to beachfront resorts, as well as world-class hotels and restaurants. Additionally, Qatar has a long history of hospitality and welcoming visitors from all over the world, making it a perfect location for a destination wedding.

I am proud to be associated with the DWP Congress as it is a leading event in the wedding industry, bringing together top professionals and experts to share their knowledge and insights. It’s an honor to be able to provide information and assistance to those attending and participating in the event.”

Qatar’s exotic appeal and excellent connectivity can lure you to this luxurious Arab location.

“A lot of people discovered the potential of Qatar through the world cup, the door is now open it is now our job to suggest it to our global clients. First of all, as an Advisory Board Member, I feel blessed as I consider DWP as a family and it means a lot to me to be part of this one. Then it’s, of course, a recognition of many years of involvement in the industry so I simply feel proud and I definitely let the world know. It takes 20 years to be recognized in one night. After 48 hrs in Doha, I am convinced that Doha will be one of the trendiest destinations for my clients.” Highlights Fabrice Orlando, Founder of Cocoon Events from Morocco.

“It’s been a wonderful experience being here at the DWP. Congress. It’s nice that there is a fraternity of planners and designers that is coming together so that we work together as an industry. We understand each one of us, what our strengths are, and where we can help each other in terms of understanding how the world is becoming more global. And the destination wedding market is exploring areas and countries and spaces which have never before been explored, like, for example, Qatar. We understood how the city is gearing up to welcome new experiences and the incredible potential it has. So thanks to DWP Congress for organizing this and thanks for having us here. We are very happy that we got listed in the Powerlist. And it’s the confidence and the exposure of recognition which makes us go beyond and do better.” Shares India-based wedding planners Divya & Vithika.

“I have been working in Doha for 22 years. It was an honor to be with DWP and I have been joining them for the last 5 years. I did the Gala Night this year. The inspiration behind tonight’s design was to show Qatar as a destination as there are a lot of people coming for the 1st time in Doha, especially after the World Cup. We did the theme of new Doha with old culture. Everything was taken from the dunes of the desert; the colors and flowers showcase the vivid culture of Qatar.” Says Firas Issa, a top wedding planner from Qatar.

Qatar is a central wedding location in the whole world. It has so much to offer and it is certainly a place where almost anything is possible. Its location makes it easy for travelers from all over the world to fly directly there and attend a destination wedding. It has amazing resources and provides opportunities to create and design unique and spectacular weddings on any scale from small and intimate to grand royal weddings.

“I had not been to Doha until now for 19 years until now and everything that you have organized is flawless. It’s a wonderful advancement for Qatar. I have connected with many people.” Says Johnny Roxburgh, a renowned wedding designer from UK.

Dalia Taha,
the event partner for this year’s Welcome Night

“Through DWP, planners got to know Qatar and what it has to offer, how lovely it is, and its immense potential to host luxury weddings.”

After experiencing DWP and Qatar, Mohomed Morani, Founder of Cineyug Celebrations and Advisory Board Member from India tells- “What an amazing destination! Being with DWP is a habit for me. Meeting people has been a globally enriching experience for me.”

DWP Advisory Board member Aseel Al Ansari says- “Qatar is my home and I am sure it will be yours too. Have the beautiful experience of visiting the venues, food, and culture. You are going to get something different when you decide to host the event here.”

Bhavnesh Sawhney, Founder of FB Celebrations from India concludes- “DWP has been part of our lives for the last 9 years. I had a great association. Doha has been fantastic. They welcomed us right at the airport, with immigration. I came here last year, and i was so pleasantly surprised. The kind of hotels, venues, and partners we have here is fantastic. It’s very easy to travel. Everybody in India wants a new destination and Qatar is at the top of that list.”

“This has been my 3rd year with DWP Congress and it’s a truly meaningful experience on a professional and personal level. I have never been to Doha before and I have been experiencing all of the luxury from this part of the world which I think is really important to open your mind and creativity with everything that they have to offer. The quality of service is unbelievable and I am really amazed with this country’s hospitality.” Tells Ilse Diamant, Founder of Diamant Events from Mexico.