Hairstyles For The Bridal Shower To Bring Out Your Inner Diva

The tradition of bridal showers is said to have originated in 16th-century Holland when a young girl’s father refused to give a dowry to a wedding he disapproved of. To help the bride build her home without the dowry money, the town joined together and offered small gifts. Nowadays, loved ones of newlyweds often give the couple meaningful gifts at bridal showers, which have grown to be very popular.

Brides need to have more than one beauty look because there are so many festivities leading up to the big day, including their favorite bridal showers with their best friends. You should put finding the ideal hairdo for the bridal shower on your to-do list because it will be a memorable day when you will be dancing, celebrating your best moments with your loved ones, and receiving all the limelight.

There are so many options for bridal shower hairstyles, from extravagant to simple, classic to dazzling, and there are no boundaries when it comes to dressing up as you want and being yourself. You can choose to wear your hair in simple waves or in a ponytail with a ribbon, but why not make a statement? Then make sure to don a head-turning accessory. Whatever you decide to wear, make sure the style feels like you! This blog features bridal shower hairstyles that will keep you beautiful and showcase your unique personality.


Half-Up, Half-Down


hair up and down

Pictures Courtesy: @alexlasota_ & @meiliautumnbeauty


Half-up, half-down wedding hairstyles are among the best bridal hairstyle ideas you can find on Instagram. These beauty looks are timeless because they are romantic, contemporary, and unbelievably gorgeous. Most of you wear your hair down on a daily basis, so getting a full, glamorous look for your celebration can push you outside of your comfort zone. However, you want to feel like the best version of yourself. So, half-up, half-down hairstyles are a fantastic deal for when you want your hair to be lush and flowy around your face and shoulders but still want some of the main portions out of the way so you don’t have to struggle with it all day.

Who says a half-up do can’t have fringe? A half-up, half-down bridal shower hairdo is given even more depth by sweeping side bangs. The exquisite headpiece the bride wore for her bridal shower was the perfect finishing touch for her romantic, bohemian look.


Sleek Ponytail


Pictures Courtesy: @julia.elizabeth.photo & @rebeccayale


An effortless yet elegant low bridal ponytail can let you channel your inner Greek goddess. The end look will be polished, whether you draw back smooth, straightened locks or curled hair. What could be more appropriate than a glam ponytail to complete the appearance if you are wearing a stunning deep V-back gown, especially one that is gracefully flowy? Add pearly pins to your ponytail to finish the style and create a beautifully put-together, gorgeous appearance.


Flawless Updo


Pictures Courtesy: @juliakaptelova_photography & @miafarahbeautique 


By having your stylist add some volume to the crown before smoothing and putting the hair back in a bun, a simple updo can turn out to be the best choice for your celebration that appears flawless and elegant. To add your own flair to the style, play with hairpins, scrunchies, and fresh flowers. The coif has an incredible texture, but the vivid highlights and beaded embellishments give it even more charm. When wearing a higher neckline, piling hair into this style of top-do also elongates the neck and widens the face.


Romantic Blowout



Pictures Courtesy: @robertafacchiniphotography 


To give your bridal shower a romantic, classy feel, visit your favorite hair salon for some pampering and leave with a stylish blowout. Ask your stylist for a big, voluminous blowout that is finished with a strong-hold hairspray so that your magnificent hairstyle will stay all day. It’s time to give the ends a tiny flip, which will give the appearance of many layers and a lot of bounce. The ideal pairing of bouncy, long hair with a dramatic dress will give your look a chic and glam vibe.


Pretty Braids



Pictures Courtesy: @kohnur & @rubyfinchsalon 


All hair types, whether straight, wavy, curly, or naturally curly, look fantastic when styled in braids. Since this time-honored hairstyle has gained popularity once again in recent years, it is now being re-created in a variety of ways, from delicate and romantic to classic bridal shower hairstyles with a contemporary twist.

You can add a little bit of nostalgic sweetness to a contemporary shower bridal look by adding face-framing tendrils and a hair accessory that molds to one side of the head to the simple fishtail. We see you, bohemian bride! Soft, very long hair cascades whimsically and is adorned with a veil made of several braids. A night of dancing barefoot at your favorite place with the love of your life could not be more perfect for the crown, which is gathered into three tiny, parallel braids.


Feature Image Courtesy: @kaitybrawely