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Curvy Couture: Embracing The Elegance Of Plus Size Bridals

Accentuate Your Curves With Plus-Size Bridal Fashion

The glamour of the fashion world has always consumed the zero-size models. But with the revolution in the wedding industry, curvy beauties are making a comeback, celebrating every body type. One size cannot fit all. Plus-size fashion is a practical take that can capture the spotlight on the red carpet. After all, women need options in their wardrobe irrespective of their shapes and sizes. Here, you do not need to shrink to fit into those cultural expectations, you don’t need to run that extra mile. You can just be yourself. This can be the most liberating thought you can gift yourself in this wedding season. 

Celebrity Fashion Designers like Ese Azenabor, Sabyasachi, and Christian Siriano are embracing the curves in their fashion creativity. Plus, it is the fastest-growing market. According to the report of Allied Market Research, the plus-size clothing is projected to reach $696.71 billion by 2027. Thanks to the role of social media and the shift of change in the patterns of consumer behavior. Those hourglasses, pears, and apples have come together to arrange the bricks of this fashion revolution. Can you resist a casual scroll or would you be ogling at every one of them? Let’s dive into the tapestry of designers who have become a part of this empowering trend. 

Ese Azenabor

Ese Azenabor Plus size fashion
Pic Courtesy: @eseazenabor

Ese Azenabor is unapologetically fabulous. Every stitch of hers can make a statement. From a self-taught designer, she became the most sought-after couturier with her impeccable sense of fashion. When it comes to plus-size beauties, she can turn the catwalk into a fashionable dream. Accentuate every curve that can induce confidence in every bride. The silver details and the ruffles in the bridal attire is evoking the charm in their wedding attires in Jamaica and Italy. We love the gold detailing that is stealing the spotlight. 

Christian Siriano

Christian Siriano Plus size Fashion Brides
Pic Courtesy: @csiriano

Christian Siriano is all into fashion inclusivity. His fashion can turn every woman into a supermodel. From Alex Newell at the Met Gala event to your wedding altar, this fashion designer has the power to revamp your wardrobe with his immaculate taste in fashion. From dressing A-lists celebrities to fashionistas, his creation reflects individuality, confidence, and fashionable couture. 


Sabyasachi Plus Size brides
Pic Courtesy: @bridesofsabyasachi

Sabyasachi Mukherjee, the grand maestro of Indian couture has also ventured out to plus-size fashion. He is celebrating the long-lost Indian beauties of Indian mythos who are seen flaunting their curves. From the maharani lehengas to the simple saree, Sabyasachi is the epitome of beauty and grace. The intricacies of the motifs are dipped in luxury and decadence. His sense of fashion beautifully blends traditions with contemporary sensibilities. These voluptuous goddesses are now set to create the allure in the world of wedding couture, giving way to showcase his visionary artistry. 


Plus Size brides by young
Pic Courtesy: @bridesbyyoung

Young has curated a fashion boutique for all the plus-size brides. Brides by Young was born from the idea every woman is celebrated regardless of their body type. Their bridal samples are not limited to sizes 10-12. They give choices to the woman beauties without compromising on their fashion statements. The lace details and the embellished silhouettes are meticulously curated to capture the essence of contemporary romance. With the diverse array of options, you can express your unique love story. 

Evgenia Shimanov 

Studio Levana Plus size brides
Pic Courtesy: @studiolevana

Starting from a humble background of a rented apartment, Evgenia Shimanov became a prominent fashion house, Studio Levana that gained recognition worldwide. Her creations transport the bride-to-be in their dreamscape where the worlds of fantasy and fashion intertwine with each other. As an avant-garde designer, she celebrates beauty with diversity in every female form. She has transformed every curve into a canvas. Her creations are more than clothing. It’s an expression of self-love that can inspire and empower. 

Tarun Tahiliani

Tarun Tahiliani Plus size novels
Pic Courtesy: @taruntahiliani

Tarun Tahiliani’s philosophy of fashion revolves around freedom of choice for women seeking confidence and style. The Instagram feed caught the momentum with the amazing lehenga of Tarun Tahiliani enveloped beautifully into the curves of Sakshi Sindwani. This piece of art reflects the beauty that fits into the diverse cosmopolitan lifestyle. It celebrates love woven into the intricacies of Indian culture with a tinge of madness smeared in the color of haldi. 


Eloquii's plus size brides
Pic Courtesy: @eloquii

Eloquii has been resurrected the brand with the plus size fashion line. There are many dreamy gowns that can flatter your curves. Elloqui’s collections can transform into a fabulous wedding wardrobe. From engagement parties to bridal showers, you can be a fashionista for every occasion. Elloqui has risen up to become the leading fashion brand for the plus size market redefining the standards of the fashion industry. The brand focuses on fit, style, and inclusivity garnering some loyal following. 

Andrea Pitter

Pandora's plus size brides
Pic Courtesy: @pantorabridal

Andrea Pitter is disrupting the fashion industry by making magic for clients of all sizes. She celebrated unique beauty through dedicated fashion. From her dreamy collection to tempered glass, she has built a legacy of innovative fashion with Pantora Fashion House. Those ruffle blooms and starlit gown is a work of perfection. This is what we call a picture-perfect bride with those Pantora gowns. The texture, fabrics, and dreamy silhouettes add a sophisticated dimension and character to her wedding fashion.

Every curve is a celebrated story and every gown is a love letter to your individuality. Cheers to the designers who are writing a fashionable history. Love and fashion never adhered to traditional boundaries. So, why should we squeeze it to fit into a size zero reality? Let the brides fly. Let them be fabulous without the restraints of society.  Let them say, ‘I Do’ in confidence and smile. Let them embrace their unique style.