Craving For Cabo: Why Los Cabos Should be Your First Choice For Destination Weddings

It’s no secret that by now, we’re all itching to travel again. After a very long period of downtime, packing your bags and jumping on a plane will be the perfect remedy for a difficult year. The million-dollar question now is – Where to travel first? Short answer – It’s Los Cabos, baby!

3 years ago, we hosted the DWP Congress 2018 in one of the most modern, sophisticated and luxurious capes in Mexico– Los Cabos. In the 7th episode of the DWP Biz Edge Series that took place on November 3rd, 2020 focused on the Americas, we had the honor of having Rodrigo Esponda Cascajare, the Managing Director of the Los Cabos Tourism Board as the keynote speaker who shared insights on how this bewitching location is prepping to attract wedding tourism in the new normal. “It was a true milestone for Los Cabos to host the DWP Congress.” Says Rodrigo.



“It’s a place where meetings, romance, and special celebration play a key role,” said Rodrigo. Nestled in the southernmost tip of Baja California, with utter privacy and a sense of pure luxury, Los Cabos has earned its reputation as one of the most ethereal weddings and honeymoon destinations in the world.  The Pacific Ocean meets the Sea of Cortez in a little slice of paradise that combines endless stretches of picturesque beaches along with miles and miles of untouched desert landscape with the largest species of Cactus in the world, prominently spotted all across the land.

Spoilt for choices with the most idyllic surroundings, the tale of towns of Cabo San Lucas and San Jose Del Cabo is of a modern-day renaissance, transforming themselves from sleepy colonial villages to the modern cultural haven that attracts celebrities and aristocrat visitors, all year long.


Even Paradise Has Rules


With COVID-19, Los Cabos has implemented new rules to ensure the safety of its visitors. Check out how they are prepping to welcome tourists in the new reality.



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What Makes Los Cabos Special?



Good weather – Cabo is warm and sunny for nearly the entire year. Take the worry of rain showers on your wedding day out of the equation, in Los Cabos you are almost guaranteed an ideal climate for your special day. With dry, sunny days and balmy sunsets, Cabo offers picture-perfect weather year-round.

Exceptional views- Los Cabos has been blessed with great geography as it is located on the edge of the Baja peninsula. You can see the desert, mountain, sea all at once. Imagine your personal vision, intertwined with the desert and the ocean, as your skin is kissed by the sun in paradise and sharing this moment with the love of your life, your family, and your friends.

Great connectivity – In 2019 Los Cabos had around 500 flights on average per week. The San Jose del Cabos airport received 2.8 million passengers: 75% from international markets. After the pandemic, they are gradually recovering the connectivity. Currently, there are 13 international and 7 national routes operating.

Protocols – Health and wellbeing of travelers, their loved ones, and the community is their top priority. To ensure the safety of visitors, Los Cabos has developed standards that facilitate a safer travel environment for all. Currently, the destination is working at 50% capacity.



Ten Ways Los Cabos Is Ready For Weddings In The New Normal!


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1. High-quality services – Los Cabos boasts a plethora of qualified and experienced event planners who exist to make your wedding planning experience stress-free and easy. These talented coordinators know the ropes, can make calls on your behalf, negotiate rates, suggest creative ideas, and help you avoid unnecessary hurdles.

2. Sense of space – There is nothing higher than 6 floors up. There is a restriction in terms of area density. They restrict advertising so there’s nothing obstructing the view when you take sunset pics.

3. Accommodation – Small and medium hotels with 220 rooms average.

4. Secluded experience in the destination – On top of every romantic bucket list is an intimate sail to the iconic El Arco or a visit to Cabo Pulmo National Park for its unmatched snorkeling and diving facilities.

5. Outdoor activities – Los Cabos is an ideal choice because your guests will discover countless ways to get out and experience the local highlights, from watersports and fishing to adrenaline-pumping zipline tours and art galleries like San Jose del Cabo Gallery District.


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6. Luxury is in their DNA – There are many options and services to cater to the lux segment. From 5-star resorts to top-notch wedding planners to Michelin star restaurants, rest assured, it will be a luxe affair.

7. Wellness Programs – Perfect combination with wellness programs that can be partnered with weddings. Imagine waking up to doing yoga while watching the sunrise from the beach; yes, a perfect way to get rid of the wedding cold feet.

8. The reputation of hosting celebrities – Celebrities like Keith Richards, Adam Levine, and Jeff Leatham have chosen this stunning location for their respective weddings.

9. Great connectivity – Close to main markets within 3 hours of 22 main cities in the US.

10. Balanced accommodation portfolio – From quaint boutique hotels that give guests a feeling of Old Mexico to the meticulously designed five-diamond resorts for the high-end affair, Cabo can give you exactly what you want. It has villas, condos, hotels, etc. to accommodate all kinds of requests.


Legal Requirements


Location: @sunsetmonalisa

Most of the resorts and hotels help clients with necessary paperwork and notarization. You can also talk with your wedding planner in advance to get this sorted beforehand.

* Valid Passport

* Tourist Card

* Birth Certificate

* Marriage application from a local registry

* Blood test results (done in Mexico no more than 14 days before the application date)

* Four witnesses

Market Changes



Trends: In the post-pandemic world, we have seen micro weddings as an emerging trend across the globe. With that, due to restrictions in traveling, hybrid weddings where guests who cannot attend the ceremony physically, can attend the wedding virtually are increasingly on demand. Couples are also flying on a private plane to have an intimate celebration with their loved ones in Los Cabos.


Destination Drivers


Design: @delcaboeventdesign

Los Cabos has developed a clear cut strategy to facilitate changes in how they conduct weddings in the post-pandemic world. They have developed a manual on how to conduct weddings that have 73 criteria listed by Health & Ministry that need to be strictly complied with. For detailed information click here.

Channels: Alliance with top wedding planners, partners, industry events, webinars, media.

Tools: A wedding planner’s guide is in place to execute the technical know-how along with support from the local suppliers.

Strategy: Los Cabos has truly an aspirational strategy where they want to deliver nothing but the best to everyone who wants to visit this breathtaking location.

Undoubtedly, Los Cabos is the ultimate choice for wedding photos that stand out big time. With towering cliffs, crashing waves, dunes, and desert, you will find your special place in Los Cabos. For more detailed information, contact them at


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