“Azure Bliss” From ADegrees: A Royal Wedding Aura In The Bride’s Backyard In Jordan

Who said that a backyard can’t be converted into a dreamy wedding setup? The inspiration we bring to you today is a story of the breathtaking transformation of the bride’s backyard into a beautiful space consisting of gorgeous flowers and whimsical elements that took place in the summer of 2022.

An immaculate royal wedding setup planned by ADegrees who is one of the pioneers in architectural design, interior design and event design from Jordan. ADegrees is a boutique design company focusing extensively on blending architectural, interior, and event design. ADegrees is a practice that was established in 2018 that seeks beauty in life’s simplest forms. They are nostalgic in spirit and futuristic in energy to represent top-notch design solutions.





We got in touch with Abdullah Assi, Founder & Principal Designer, ADegrees Boutique Designers to know his inspiration behind this royal setup.


He is an architect with a great passion to design and build event setups around the world. Hence, it is evident that architectural detailing is an integral part of their event design process.

“As an event planner & designer, seeing it all put together touches me the most. In the preparation and design stages, a designer is basically living in a parallel universe of imagination and an intangible world of sketches and drawings. Getting to bring this parallel universe into the physical world is such a blissful moment that I always look forward to.”








There’s something about a simple affair held in the privacy of one’s yard that is nothing but charming. Check out this real wedding setup by ADegrees that will set you in awe.




The wedding was held in an open-air grass field at a private residence where the guests arrived at the religious wedding ceremony followed by an official wedding dinner. The wedding ceremony had rustic furniture complemented by lavish white florals, in addition to floral scattered arrangements made as an installation to frame the backdrop of the ceremony.


We love how they utilized the natural setting as an inspiration and seamlessly blended the decor with personal touches. The table setup focused on customizing 100% pure linen tablecloths and customized napkins that added visual depth with their nautical tones and had the bride and groom’s initials in Arabic.




The team from ADegrees built customized French balconies from scratch that go with the challenging topography and slopes of the site.


“The main design challenge was the topography of the site as it had inconsistent slopes that made accommodating the guest number a design challenge. Hence, we created customized balconies decorated with french inspired fences to seat the people on different platforms. The fences were also decorated with lush flowers and crystal chandeliers for a touch of luxury,” shares Abdullah.





Light fixtures like lamps, candles and adornments added to the sophisticated environment. The centerpiece was the delft vases (white and blue ceramic vases) that complemented the classical theme, and the same patterns were passed on to customized pillows on lounges.


The dinner theme was classical and elegant with shades of white, blue, and navy. Later at night, the whole setup lit up giving a romantic glow that blended with the scenery. This is what is needed to create a dreamy scene of garden romance.






When asked about his inspiration behind their different event, he shares-  “It’s a two-way street. First I get to know the client’s personality on a deeper level, understand their aesthetic preferences, their character, and the story behind the event. Second is my curious nature as an event designer to seek beauty and inspiration in life’s simplest forms. Sometimes my biggest inspiration could be a storefront display while strolling down the streets, a random musical piece, or a scene from a movie I’m watching. The magic happens when these two streams of thinking collide to produce an eccentric event that reflects the story and character of the client.”

There is more to Event planning than mere styling! It is Event Design and Architecture that ADegrees can seamlessly do. Specializing in royal weddings, celebrity weddings and destination weddings, they can transform the venue into your dream vision. Book them on DWP Insider now!


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