8 Ideas To Wow Your Wedding Guests By Personalised Wedding Stationery

“Art is chaos taking shape.”


Personalized wedding favors are a great way to thank your guests and help them remember your special day forever. After all, your wedding should be unique to the guests as well as it is to you.


We have Mubarrah Khan, Owner of Pixies Dust Studio from India to share tips on how you can personalize and add your own unique spin to the wedding stationery! Her artistic creations are the result of continuous support from her parents- Dr. Ishtiaq Ahmed Khan & Mrs. Uzma Jan and her husband- Dr. Gybreal Salman.

“We realize the importance of first impressions and the excitement guests would feel upon opening an invitation.”

They help clients get some beautiful, unique wedding invites and wedding stationery they need to awe their guests and give them a luxurious feel.⁣ Today, their work is shipped to over 30+ countries worldwide, bringing effortless style as a beautiful introduction to their client’s weddings.


Wedding Invites – (Digital E-Invite & Printed Invites)



Surprise your guests with stunning wedding invitations. Add a personal touch with your own photos and make your wedding invitation cards truly special. Mubarrah advices personalizing wedding invites from scratch depending on the client’s requirements which can be based on the overall wedding theme, color palette, etc. It’s also important to check and take feedback from clients before bulk printing to ensure the look and feel is what their heart desires.


Gift Bags



The couples and their families continue customizing the stationeries after their e-invite and printed invites are processed. One of the main stationeries is personalized gift bags. Most clients go with the same design as their wedding invites with the couple’s wedding logo on the bag to maintain the theme. However, you can choose a completely different design too! Whether you’re curating something personalized for a destination ceremony or gifting your bridal party some self-care tools, gift bags are a great idea!


Gift Boxes



Oh! The joy you get when you see a gift box for yourself! It’s a wonderful feeling indeed! So if you do not want to opt for bags, you can go with boxes. A lot of people opt for personalized gift boxes which again match the wedding invites and the theme. They use these to place their gifts, that then go into the gift bags. You can customize it with the choice of your gift items such as wine glasses, flowers, edibles, jewelry, etc.





Make your wedding invitations extra special with matching printed envelopes. Impress your guests with gorgeous printed envelopes, decorated with a design that complements your cards. It’s a great way to save time and get a perfect, neat look for each invite! Mubarrah says that many clients customize it as per the theme and use it mainly for shagun at Indian weddings.


Hotel Stationery



Creating bespoke hotel stationery is becoming quite a trend. From the moment the guest’s check-ins at the hotel, you want to make them feel the vibe of your wedding. Enter Hotel Stationeries! From welcome cards placed in each room to room keys and luggage tags, it’s a great way to induce your personality and make them feel taken care of!


Trossoue Packing



According to the theme and color scheme of a wedding nowadays, the trousseau is done in a very classy manner. One can choose the blend of indo-western style, platters of trousseau packing in different sizes, colors and patterns adorned with flowers, broaches and other pretty things. It has deeply traditional roots, both sentimental and prudent ones, not only fun to look at but gives you a feeling of it being a superlative gift to yourself. If gifts of the bride or groom are presented in a striking way, it surely makes a difference. Make sure to customize this element!


Return Gifts



Wedding return gift ideas are one of the important tasks of wedding planning. So, it is important to decide on the return gifts for all the guests beforehand. And having their individual names on the gifts makes the return gifts much more special. Mubarrah suggests customizing chocolates on the color or the wedding theme!

 Wax Seals



Planning a royal wedding or a country-styled one? Wax seals are sure to add a touch of elegance to your wedding style. You can choose your initials or write the name of the guest on each one. You can put it on wedding invitations, envelopes, place cards, table numbers, favors and even programs!


With a strong belief that comparison destroys personality, she goes on saying that- “If your work is getting copied, don’t get upset, you are getting famous,” Pixies Dust Studio offers a feeling of belongingness and brings a unique style that speaks to your heart. Their love for creating beautiful stationery has transformed the art of inviting globally.

Sparkle some PIXIE DUST to your wedding stationery!



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